Senate Still Awaits Letter of Recall, Proclamation

The Capitol Building, the Seat of the Legislature

Since its November 4, 2019 communication requesting the return of the Legislature for extraordinary session, authoritative reports from the Senate say that body is still awaiting President George Weah’s proclamation that will legitimize such return.

Besides the proclamation, the Senate source told this newspaper that the President needs to write another letter that will outline reasons necessitating the lawmakers return for the extraordinary sitting; and that the letter will have to be accompanied by a proclamation, which the Legislature will use to inform the citizens as reason for their return.

The source told the Daily Observer on Wednesday, November 27 at the Capitol Building that a good number of senators are willing to attend an extraordinary session, but they argued that the question still remains on what is so urgent that constitutes reason for emergency to warrant the return of Legislators for their intervention.

The secretariat of the Senate confirmed that since the first letter from the Executive Mansion, efforts are being made to work along with the Executive for “the proper procedure,” and that a communication has already been forwarded to the Executive branch of the government.

While at the Capitol Building yesterday, our reporter also noticed the presence of Lofa County Senator George Tamba Tengbeh, chairman of the Senate Committee on Lands, Mines, Energy and Environment, and House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, both of whom had reportedly held separate closed door meetings with President Pro Tempore Albert T. Chie.

Even though the lawmakers are yet to receive both the letter and proclamation, the Senate secretariat remains optimistic of the return of the lawmakers for the “extraordinary session,” which among other issues, will ensure the confirmation hearings on the new Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Executive Governor-designate, and the printing of the new banknotes.

“We hope the team of Legal Advisors will get to work by crafting the necessary documents that will be convincing for the senators return,” the Capitol Building source said.

Pro Temppre Chie, last week told this newspaper that the senate leadership was in receipt of the President’s letter, but was waiting his return to issue the proclamation.


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