Senate Split over Ja’neh’s Impeachment

(From left) Senators Oscar Cooper, Conmany B. Wesseh, H. Varney Sherman and Prince Y. Johnson

-Wesseh, Sando Johnson subjected to investigation

The impeachment of former Associate Justice Kabineh Mohammed Ja’neh has reportedly brought split among the senators of the 54th Legislature, leaving its leadership to subject River Gee County Senator Conmany Wesseh and Bomi County Senator Sando D. Johnson to investigation over remarks allegedly made both in and out of chambers.

Ja’neh’s impeachment on Friday, March 29, 2019, on count one of four (the road fund) has reportedly left members of the senate raging in war of words with each other, thus leaving the entire body expressing divided opinions.

Both Johnson and Wesseh described Ja’neh’s impeachment as illegal and that it grossly violated the Liberian Constitution. They are of the belief that the Executive is reportedly influenced entire process, with an undisclosed sum of money allegedly dished to some of senators, who voted to remove Justice Ja’neh.

However, the two senators have openly accused the Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie of tampering with ballots during the voting process at the end of the impeachment trial.

Wesseh and Johnson believe that the results announced to remove Justice Ja’neh from the Supreme Court Bench were not commensurate with the senators ballots cast, thus challenging them to publicly display the total votes, which has not happened since the impeachment was done.

In a communication to plenary on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, River Cess County Senator, Dallas A.V. Gueh, complained to Senate leadership that Sen. Wesseh’s recent pronouncements in the chambers, and also on media outlets, have the “proclivity to undermine the integrity, and sanctity of the Senate.”

Senator Gueh, in his official complaint to the august body, said Wesseh has accused the Senate of “being lawless, and also making denigrating remarks with the aim of bringing the senators to public disrepute, as well buy public sentiment.

“I will therefore ask the decision of the plenary to mandate the committee on Judiciary and Human Rights to investigate these claims, which we stand ready to provide all relevant evidences to establish all the facts,” Gueh’s communication said.

Senate Pro-Tempore Albert T. Chie in a separate communication on Thursday, April 4, wrote plenary of the Senate requesting it to investigate Sen. Johnson on the issues of behavioral pattern.

Chie’s complaint said Sen. Johnson had accused the Senate of receiving bribe to impeach former Supreme Court Justice Kabineh Ja’neh. The communication was read in plenary, and turned over to the Senate committee on judiciary to investigate the lawmaker, and report upon return from the Esther break.

In a related development, Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper, like Senators Wesseh and Johnson, said his colleague, Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ) of Nimba County, as well as other senators, who reportedly received “credible information” about the purported plan ahead of the impeachment of former Justice Ja’neh, but failed to testify during the impeachment proceedings, should be summoned by law and “prosecuted,” relative to their action.

Cooper accused senators who voted for the impeachment of Ja’neh, believing that they received bribes and therefore should be subjected to investigation. He named Senator Prince Y. Johnson, Nimba County, and several other lawmakers from the House of Representatives, whom he described as “enemies of the country’s Constitution.”

He said he and his colleagues will make sure there is a recount of the ballots cast in the impeachment trial of Ja’neh. Based on the findings from that exercise, he said he will prove the majority of the House of Senate wrong, after which he will then file an appeal to overturn the impeachment decision, which will be filed at the level of the Supreme Court.


  1. Following elections in most democracies the ballots are safely secured and preserved for any subsequent scrutiny, audit, inspection or investigation in the event of a protest or disagreement over the election result, just as is unfolding in this impeachment scenario.

    And were there nothing to fear or hide about this impeachment discord, it should be a breeze lasting no more than 30 minutes to an hour, to audit 29 or less ballots to resolve this rigmarole.

    Any honest, sincere and guiltless administrators of any election process with nothing to hide, would be eager and willing to cooperate with the associated audit process, in order to ascertain the integrity and non-compromise of the process.

    But “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” we are told. Thus the description of how the voting was conducted in the past impeachment hearing smacks of trickery, fraud, dishonesty and outright cheating. That is, unless the senate pro-temp can prove to his colleagues and all of us, even including the international community that the voting in question of less than 26 ballots was free, fair and transparent, representing the true will of the participants without any cheating.

    If the pro-temp or the Liberian senate as a whole, that body of oversight officials serving as a chamber of the ears, eyes and spokespersons for the people cannot convince us that it fairly conducted a voting process involving less than 27 individuals, then for heaven’s sake, where or to whom do we turn in the event of in any future election malpractice or discrepancy?

    This is why it is important that the pro-temp and fellow senators demonstrate transparency and honesty about this process. Prove your accusers wrong Mr. pro-temp. Better yet, prove that you are an honest and principled person who did not compromise the sanctity of this impeachment process.

    • Go to bed, the new Justice taking seat next week, a sound more experienced Justice. Let Janneh go ECOWAS since he think Liberia da ECOWAS pekin,we are Africa oldest democracy and our Senate is the oldest sSenate in Africa, dont try it…

  2. This reminds me when Edwin Snowe accused lawmakers of being bride by President in his removal in 3007, he had no proof and was published for lying and bringing plenary to disrepute. I see Sen Johnson and Wesseh going down this road. They talk of justice but no proof they just tarnished our Senate reputation if no proof suspend them without pay for three months. Sando burned CH Dewey is arson, an infamous crime . Let them shut up.

  3. Liberia is just a sick country.. Too much secrets causing the country to where it is.. These kind of elections are not secret but public. Wherein the world a Pro Temp will carry bolat to his house and keep it for the night. So saddened for our country.

  4. Liberians are always asking for evidence, even in bribery cases; notwithstanding, when there are reasons to believe decisions taken in such cases show the possible cause to believe bribes were infused. Looking at it closely, why do international reports described us negatively.

  5. “proclivity to undermine the integrity, and sanctity of the Senate.” Are you kidding me. it’s already UNDERMINED by the illegal impeachment proceedings.

    • This Rivercess Senator must be smoking something. Does he really believe most of those dumb ass bribe taking Senators have integrity? Some day Liberians will get the right government that will make these good for nothing Senator pay for their crimes. Who is this spineless Rivercess Senator anyway?

  6. Move on with the people’s work and leave your drama behind…Ja’neh had no business denying the nation taxes stipulated by the Legislature for the development of roads. Who pocketed that fund ? Who got bribed with that fund? And who is going to restitute the funds? The public good was denied by his prohibition…His prohibition did not meet the constitutionality test. Do you think in these United States Supreme Court Justice will impose prohibition on the TEA fund(transportation Fund) because the sellers of petroleum products petition him? Hell on! An imply agreement. Let him take his obstructionist behavior to our constitution some where. Good bye. The is a difference between obstruction of the law by the First Branch and constitutionality. That was not in his purview! Let him take his hijacking of the constitution somewhere. Finally, it seem that some of our Senators do not know their job, responsibly and the scope ! The power of the purse lies with the First Branch and constitutionality dose not work there…Do not waste our time. This is a teachable lesson to Justice per constitutionality when comes to the three branches of government.

    • If you do not know what you are talking about, just shut up. The gas tax was not stipulated by the legislature as required by was the executive that stipulated the gas this was the constitutional question Justice Ja’neh wanted the full court to look into but the case was withdraw by the litigants and the full court approved of it….Justice Ja’neh made a judicial decision that is protected by the constitution so the impeachment was totally illegal.

      CDC wanted Justice Ja’neh out for his decision during the last elections so they did everything even illegal impeachment to get him out from the court so they can’t have in there for the next elections when we have any irregularities in the elections.

  7. Alias Flomo Smith (Journalist-cum-commenter), if you want amens to all your positions, go mount a pulpit; why tell Mr. Ben Nmah (with the decency of using his real name) to “just shut up”? I have belabored Senator Patrick Daniel Moynihan’s quote “You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts”, yet it’s apt here again.

    For many of us, the facts of the cases in which he was charged didn’t show that Justice Janeh demonstrated “good moral character” and convicting senators were right to say that “misconduct” was proved regarding the road tax. But it would seem that an anti-government press and partisan detractors – with no responsibilities to constituents – cannot see anything beyond their own agenda of ensuring failure for the ruling party.

    Senator Sherman and other opposition parties’ senators have put country before parochial interest, they deserve to be commended, not condemned. Let’s move on, we aren’t going to analyze Justice Janeh’s self-imposed predicament forever.


    All members of “right-to-be ananimous” must respond to the issue, not attack me; after all, courtesy is a requirement in high school persuasive essays.

    • …And courtesy just happens to be deserved or merited, Mr. Baghdad Moses. Not some egalitarian estimation loosely applied to everybody including even social reprobates, scoundrels and rascals like you.

      Also, assuming your frivolous claim that, “Senator Sherman and other opposition parties’ senators have put country before parochial interest, they deserve to be commended, not condemned” is true, then why not exhibit the evidence to that claim by displaying or availing the ballots cast in that process to scrutiny, even if by a select group of citizens be it journalists, religious persons, market women, civil society organizations, etc.?

      What could be so prohibitive or atypical about such expectation? And we are talking just 26 freaking ballots! Something which will not cost any extra penny anywhere. Don’t you find something wonky or amiss with that picture? It smacks of a cover up or something shrouded. Too unconvincing for a people who purportedly “put country before parochial interest.” Don’t you think so?

    • Can you please state the ” misconduct” or the not “good moral character” Justice Ja’neh did exhibit by his decision to bring a constitutional question about which branch is required by law to impose taxes to the full bench?? So what was the misconduct or bad moral character???


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