Senate Secretary Singbeh: ‘I Paid US$20K ‘Unpaid Rent’ to Girlfriends of the Deceased’


Rubbishes court’s contempt claim

For the first time the secretary of the Senate, J. Nanborlor Singbeh has reacted to charges that he owes US$20,000 in unpaid rent to Mrs. Larwoe covering a four-year period. Mr. Singbeh  told Daily Observer court reporter Abednego Davies that as per the instructions of the late James Larwoe, he paid the money to several women who he claimed were girlfriends of the deceased.

A complaint was filed against Singbeh in the Probate Court of Margibi County by the widow of the late James Larwoe, Madame Gartee Larwoe. The Court had previously granted her a Letter of Administration to superintend the properties of her late husband, James Larwoe.

In her complaint to the Court she claimed that Singbeh owed her and her children an amount of 20,000 in unpaid rental fees covering a period of four years, for 50 acres of undeveloped farm land containing large deposits of rocks (granite) around the Leiyea Mountain, situated at Seekie Town, District#4, Margibi County.

The widow of James Lorwoe and two of her four children

When contacted via mobile phone by the Daily Observer on the matter, Singbeh denied being indebted to Mrs. Lorwoe, arguing that he does not owe any US$20,000 as alleged.

“The late Lorwoe had many girlfriends and he at one point instructed me to pay the remaining US$20,000 to them, which I obeyed,” Singbeh claimed.

Responding to claims allegedly made by Margibi County attorney Saul that he faced a contempt charge for failing to appear before him for a hearing into the matter, Singbeh  said “the matter is not a criminal case for the county solicitor to handle, and so, there is no way that I will ever appear before him for any hearing, and would not honor any contempt charge from him. If Lorwoe believes that I owed her, then, she should sue me to a higher court,” Singbeh told this newspaper.


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