Senate Receives US$50M Annual Budget Proposal for Pavements of Highways, Freeways

Senator Armah JallahFINAL.jpg

The Liberian Senate on its last day sitting before the Easter Break, yesterday received a letter from Senate Pro Tempore Emeritus Arma Zolu Jallah seeking the Senate’s approval on an annual basis, US$50 million appropriation in the national budget over a period of fifteen (15) consecutive years for roads.

According to the Gbarpolu County Senator, who now chairs the Senate Committee on Public Works, the purpose of the budget is for the pavement of highway systems, freeways, major and minor highways and primary streets, among others.

Senator Jallah, who regularly assists his kinsmen in the operation of yellow machines on his county’s feeder roads, recalled that “This road finance and trust fund proposal was made during my early years as President Pro Tempore of the Senate, but was never considered by this honorable body.”

Notwithstanding the facts that roads make a critical contribution to the economic development and growth of a nation and result in important social benefits, Senator Jallah noted that it has “made it a compelling need for me to resubmit this proposal. ”

The approval of the proposal, Senator Jallah’s letter, dated March 20, 2018, concluded, will attract and precipitate the migration of people to new environments “and will certainly boost local economies and facilitate infrastructure development. ”

A motion by Senator Conmany B. Wesseh was passed to send the letter to the committees on Public Works, and Ways, Means, Finance, and Budget.


  1. Great idea! The proposed $50M available within the national budget, especially cutting salaries, special allowances, local/domestic/international allowances, gas/fuel allowances, and media/press allowances from the three branches of government budgets. The money is available and don’t look elsewhere for funding for this brilliant idea. GET TO WORK, DRAFT THE LEGISLATION, SEEK CO-SPONSORS, MEET IN COMMITTEE ROOM, BRING IT ON THE FLOOR, AND TEST ITS PASSAGE FOR THE PRESIDENT TO SIGN INTO LAW!!!

  2. $50 million dollars can only pave about 50 miles of road or less. Somalia drive cost $50 million dollars and it’s about 20 miles or less. It’s a joke.

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