Senate Pro Tempore Ramps War of Words with Senator Cooper

(From left): Senate Pro Tempore Albert T. Chie and Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper

Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie has threatened to campaign against Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper to unseat him in the special Senatorial election expected to be held in October this year, thus sparking up a war of words between the two Senators.

Senator Chie, an executive member of the ruling CDC, on Wednesday afternoon wrote in an email: “I will campaign for my party’s candidate in Margibi County or any other candidate who will be supported by my Party.”

In a counter-response, Senator Cooper said: “I consider his statement childish because I was not voted by him… I was voted by the people of Margibi County. And the county needs people like us with integrity and conscience to be in the Senate.”  Senator Cooper further said, “I am seeking reelection and, by the grace of God, I will be elected to serve.”

Since his earlier removal as chairman on the Senate’s Public Works Committee under the leadership of former President Pro-Tempore Armah Jallah, Senator Cooper has not ‘headed’ any committee up to now. Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wrote President Pro Tempore Jallah, complaining Senator Cooper about his ‘radical and unnecessarily oversight’ over the then Public Works Minister Gyude Moore.

Pundits said the communication from then President Sirleaf aided the ousting of Senator Cooper, who was also a staunch critic of the her administration.

As he was in the previous administration, so Senator Cooper remains, now a critic of the George M. Weah Administration.

In Daily Observer’s Wednesday publication, Senator Cooper bluntly said that the Weah Administration has too many incompetent people especially in the Executive Branch of Government and that he needs to institute some stringent measures that will seek the interest of the State rather than an individual.

He argued that the unfortunate prevailing situations — economic hardships, political instability and liquidity — that have hit the country are repercussions of some grave mistakes President Weah had made from the onset of his administration, especially the appointment of several incompetent Liberians who do not have the face and integrity to do the Liberian people’s work.

Senator Cooper revealed that the four collaborating parties, Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress and the All Liberia Party — are considering fielding at least 10 senatorial aspirants with integrity and conscience in the 2020 midterm elections.

He added that a steering committee has been appointed to write-out the framework to scout candidates for the 2020 elections. He pointed out that incumbent Senators who are members of the collaborating parties are given preference; including him, Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, Senator Darius Dillon and Senator Sando Johnson.

Concerning the political competition in Margibi, Senator Cooper could neither deny nor confirm rumors that the CDC would put up a candidate in Margibi County, but rather support the candidacy of former Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay who currently serves as the Director-General for the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA).  However, he believes that the dynamic of politics can change and therefore he expects anything to happen.

A source close to Nuquay, who begged for anonymity, confirmed to the Daily Observer that he Atty. Nuquay will be contesting the 2020 Senatorial seat for Margibi, but on the People’s Unification Party’s ticket.

“As far as we are concerned, we are still collaborating with the Unity Party; it is not to our knowledge that we have shifted to the ruling Party,” the source said.



    • No sound minded resident of Monrovia will expect that Mr. Dillon is responsible for peace in Monrovia. Mr. Dillon was elected as a lawmaker in the upper house and not a peace maker for Monrovia. Please get your facts right. Besides, Mr. Dillon exhibited integrity, honesty and accountability as a lawmaker since he as elected and the sound-minded people of Montsurado County know this very well.

  2. Considering what are have read and known about senator senator cooper about his leadership, he is the kind of individual we need in the Liberian senate or leadership because of his critical views about the real issues and not just being another “Yes man” to push around. We need people like him that will say no to the executive when necessary to make our democracy works for God sake.

    On the other hand, people like Albert Chie think Liberia belong to them and they can do or say anything because they are part of the ruling inner circle. These are the kind of individual that president Weah need to flush out because they keep undermining our rules of law without any repercussions. How can the court come to arrest someone for violating our laws and you Albert Chie block the arrest of such individual, handling over your call card to the arresting officer with a written hand writing on the back of the call card to be taking the sitting Judge that had order the arrest. That was an insult to the Judge but most of all, mockery to our Judicial system.

    I blame the Judge for slapping you on the risk with peanuts of $200.00 U.S fin. I strongly think, a fin of 2 months of your salary plus jail term or total dismissal from your position was necessary to deter others from doing the same. What you did was total disrespect to every Liberians, place yourself above our laws that governed all and most of all, undermining our constitution as a nation.

  3. Albert Chei is one of the major criminals looting the resources of the Nation under dubious dealings at the Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry, where he successfully planted his surrogates as officials of that ministry. This con-artist now parading as Liberian Senate Pro-Temp has been engaged in criminal activities since Sirleaf’s administration, for which he was dismissed from the Ministry of Lands, Mines, and Energy by President Sirleaf. Liberians cannot wait for a responsible leadership with integrity to begin the process of prosecuting these common criminals parading as leaders. TWT and Liberia will rise.

  4. The sooner Liberians can come together and realize that the financial improprieties that have existed for more than a century in Liberia is beyond individuals but rather systematic the sooner we will be on the right path.

    Calling individuals that are serving in government names is in no way going to solve the SYSTEM OLD problems Liberia have. One can argue that Albert Chie is a con artist and others can also argue that Ellen is the mother of all con artists and nothing will be achieve while we remain in the same circle, with the same disappointments and talking the same thing over and over and waiting for this savior that might not show up. I think waiting 172 years is a long time to change grown adults behavior rather than fixing the system and setting serious examples on those that will try to bypass it while prosecuting all those that have committed robbery from the Liberian economy. The system is beyond rotten and those the Liberian people believed were qualify and educated with the technical know how to fix the problem were voted into office only to come in, steal and failed them by strengthening the already rotten system.

  5. So why is it that the temp want to canvas against Mr.Cooper for,is it that he provided actions that had and continue to impede our nation by those we employed to represent us adequately.

    • My brother Yormie,
      That’s a good question for Sen.Chie to answer. I believed Sen. Cooper made his assertions based on the fact that the Liberian people, this generation is not going to sit by and allow bad governance to continue, they are wary of it and want the system fixed. Sen. Cooper knows by getting the right people in the legislature, Liberia will start to get on the right track, there won’t be so much focus on the executive or the President.

      For me personally, I find it comical when a member or members of the senate will use tax payers money and go through the whole process of check and balance with a confirmation hearing, Confirm an individual that was nominated by the President only to say later that the person or persons are incompetent.

      Before I go to the President to ask him to terminate the services of the incompetent official, I will first question who confirm this official of government ? I have come to the conclusion that it takes an incompetent individual to confirm another, therefore if the changes start from the check and balance system with not only qualified individuals but men and women of Integrity and good moral character, we will be on our way to a better Liberia. It’s just my lil one cent, I’m a nobody in Liberian politics.

  6. My goodness! Very rarely does one hear about something positive happening in Liberia or something good, good coming out of Liberia. Unemployment is high, politicians and judges are corrupt, teachers and police officers receive bribes, taxi and bus drivers jam passengers up, major roads are covered with potholes, market houses are dirty and infested with blue flies and rodents, electricity comes and goes, hospitals are shut on medication, sexual promiscuity is rampant, little girls are being impregnated by young man and older guys, gasoline is sold in bottles, currency is badly mutilated and guess what? You name the rest!

    After all, it’s our country. We have to fix it. It cannot be neglected. Let’s get work to and get our country taken care of. We can.


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