Senate Pro-Tempore ‘Insulted’ The Court’s Jurisdiction

Senate Pro Tempore, Albert T. Chie

— Magistrate Victoria Duncan

Magistrate Victoria Worlobah Duncan of the Kakata, Margibi County Magisterial Court, has described as “an insult to the Judiciary Branch of the Government,” the recent alleged refusal of the President Pro-Tempore, Senator Abert T. Chie, to allow court Sheriff and officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) arresting the Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh.

The Court Sheriff, accompanied by two LNP officers, recently went to the Capitol Building to carry out the arrest of Singbeh as ordered by the City Court at the Temple of Justice, but were reportedly prevented by Senator Chie, in whose office Singbeh sought refuge.

Magistrate Duncan presides over the Kakata Magisterial Court, where Singbeh and several others of the senior management team of a Czech-owned company, MHM Eko-Liberia Incorporated, are accused of illegal sale of heavy duty earth-moving equipment (caterpillars) and heavy duty trucks worth about US$650,000.

On Thursday, September 19, 2019, Magistrate Duncan expressed displeasure over Senator Chie’s action at the contempt hearing of Singbeh and wondered about the relationship between the House of Senate and the Judiciary.

Singbeh, who was in court on Thursday with his lawyer, Wiefueh Sayeh, begged Magistrate Duncan to purge his imprisonment.

Magistrate Victoria Duncan of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court, Kakata, Margibi County

“What kind of marriage is this for another branch of government to interfere or obstruct the function of another branch of government that is performing its legitimate responsibility,” Magistrate Duncan asked. “It is indeed very saddening and deeply regrettable, the distressing and unfortunate action of Singbeh,” she said in court.

In the first place, Magistrate Ducan said, she felt insulted because, according to her, “the writ was a court proceeding intended for Singbeh to appear before me when Senator Chie reportedly reversed the order and disappointingly, to write on the back of his call card that he sent to me.”

Unfortunately, she said that the Sheriff returned with a call card from Senate Pro-Tempore Chie.

“Look, the Honorable President Pro-Tempore wrote on the back of the call card demanding that the sheriff should present it to me,” Duncan said.

The message on Senator Chie’s call card, dated September 12, 2019, which Duncan displayed in court, reads: “Your Honor, Victoria Worlobah Duncan, I confirm that the Secretary of the Senate has been served the writ and will appear.”

There is no date nor time that the Senator will turn Singbeh over to the court, Magistrate Duncan observed.

Chie’s action, Duncan said, is only intended to insinuate that the law favors certain personalities.

“The law does not favor anyone individual, whether black or white, and or Liberian or foreigners,” Duncan said in reaction to Chie’s interference.

“Senator Chie has brought the court under public disrepute and its credibility, which we have tried to restore over the past years, but this court felt insulted,” Magistrate Duncan said.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Duncan purged the contempt charge against Singbeh, and subsequently fined him US$200, contrary to the prosecution’s insistence that Singbeh be jailed.

Protest against the Secretary of the Senate, Nanborlor Singbeh, at the Kakata Magisterial Court

Also, Thursday’s hearing saw the presence of some employees of the MHM Eko Company staging a protest in the Court against Singbeh for unpaid salaries.

The trucks and equipment under litigation were purchased and shipped by the 70 percent majority shareholders, Czech brothers Martin and Pavel Miloschewsky, but with an agreement of reimbursement when the company produced and sold crushed rocks, the court’s record claims.

Since the establishment of MHM Eko-Liberia Inc. in Seeke-Ta, Weala Township, Margibi County, in 2013 up to present, Singbeh has not produced or sold a single truckload of crushed rocks.

Singbeh is the president and chairman of the board of directors of the MHM Eko-Liberia Inc, where he also holds a 30 percent share.

The case was brought by the Miloschewsky brothers through their Attorney-In-Fact, Hans Armstrong, a British national, against Singbeh.


  1. You so-called Magistrate Victoria Duncan, or the Pro-Temp Mr. Chie, who is more insulting to the judiciary branch in this case than the other? You claim your court’s authority was disregarded and trounced by te Pro-Temp on behalf of Singbeh, and yet, you still went ahead to grant him reprieve by wrist-slapping him with a $200 fine, instead of sending his azz to jail for contempt of court? You were supposed to be seeking some redress at a higher level to bring Chie to book for his abuse of power, not cowing in to that nonsense. So shame on you, Magistrate Duncan. In that case you were just supposed to keep your fake noise about this o yourself and not get us riled up and felling sorry for you.

  2. Magistrate Duncan! Mr. Chie insulted you and you gladly accepted it. Why are you complaining to the public for? This is where you should have excercise the law against Mr. Chie by fining him 2 to 3 months of his salary for interfering with your duties and seek some higher grounds suspension if necessary for abuse of power or being power drunk but instead, you did nothing to discourage this type of behaviour from public officials and most of all, insulted your very self by slapping Singbeh on his risk with a $200 dollars fine. What a shame and disgrace you have exhibited as a sitting judge considering your actions. What’s the message or lessons learned here from your action to counteract Mr. Chie abuse of power? The lesson learned here is, just keep on insulting Judges and undermining the judiciary system of our country. You were hired to do a job so why let Mr. Chie tell you how to do your Job? I think they should seriously be considering weather you are fit to be a judge because you have shown serious weakness to perform as a sitting judge. J. Ark

  3. This so-called Judge is a national disgrace. You were abused by the bleached and ugly monkey Pro-Temp, yet you did not but come to the public to complain. Now I know why Liberia is a damn useless place where rules and laws are not respected. Now I know why Liberia is referred to by Donald Trump as a shit-hole country.

  4. The actions of Mr. Chie follow the same pattern as those of Mr. Tweah’s, the bombastic minister of finance. Chie, like Tweah, has the tendency of flouting the law and challenging the judicial and legislative branches with impunity.

    These men feel that their tribal associations and their personal affinity to Weah shield them from the flagrant abuse of the law. Chie’s disdain for duly constituted authority became clear to the public, when an article on Frontpageafrica revealed a few months ago that he was involved in a scandal of conflict of interest concerning the buying of shares in a gold mine shaded deal in the Southeast. And just like this case, he thwarted all efforts to have an ethics probe conducted against him.

    Similarly, Tweah has become notorious for his outright refusals to attend senate hearings. These occurrences do give credence to the speculations that the Weah’s presidency is tribal and imperialistic.
    Quite recently, Sirleaf, Dorbor, Weeks and others have been arrested, incarcerated, released, and re-arrested on charges of economic sabotage. Nevertheless, Tweah has been left to go virtually free for the commission of the same act.

    In the eyes of the public, these events certainly create a perception of double standards in the dispensation of justice by the Weah’s administration.

    How free then can judges be to do their jobs without undue interference under a presidency that has the knacks for being tribal, imperialistic, usurping, and brutal?

  5. Someone needs to tell Mr. Chie that’s not above the law. He is a disgrace to Liberia and must be removed the position. He manifests dictatorial tendencies and lacks sound judgment.


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