‘Senate More Peaceful and Effective’ – Pro Temp Jallah


The Senate, in accordance with the 1986 Constitution, returns to the Capitol Building on January 11, the second working Monday, to resume Legislative duties following almost three months of ‘Constituency Break.’

The President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Armah Zolu Jallah, recently told the Daily Observer that the task ahead will be very challenging especially when elections for both the Lower House and the Presidency come up in October 2017. He has, however, assured that the Senate, under his leadership, is now more peaceful and effective to assume leadership control of the first branch of government during the busy months leading to the polls.

For the first time in the country’s recent history, Pro Temp Jallah said that Liberians are expected to experience a democratic transition in leadership, and that the Senate, which is considered the House of Elders of the Legislature, will be wearing that elderly cap by making laws that will make that transition smoother, while at the same time concurring with their Lower House counterparts in that regard.

On the eve of their return, the Gbarpolu Lawmaker has cautioned his colleagues to put the interest of the country first by effecting the needed positive changes that will economically transform the lives of Liberians.

As elders, Pro Temp Jallah said the Senate has the power to address the plights and conditions of Liberians and help shape their destiny for a brighter future.

Putting the country first and foremost, Jallah emphasized, breeds trust and confidence among the citizens. “In all we do as Senators, our works will be appreciated if we put the country’s interest first before ours; and to achieve that common good of society, we need to work together as a body,” he added.

Pro Temp Jallah recalled that when he assumed the leadership position of the Senate, he was able to mitigate the division that engulfed the Upper House, which was prompted by the outcome of the Pro Temp’s election, and the appointment of heads of some ‘very important’ committees, “and in that regard, the house of elders is now more peaceful and effective.”

Indicating that immense progress has been made under his stewardship, evidenced by the huge number of legislations that were passed, Jallah said he was conducting a case study of the national budget aimed at evaluating and measuring fiscal allocations and their impacts so as to find proper financial remedies for the next allocations in the budget.


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