Senate May Return November, Not Now

Senate in session prior to taking this year's Agriculture Break.

-Secretariat reportedly prepares certificate

An authoritative source within the leadership of the Senate has hinted the Daily Observer of a possible return of the Senators to the Capitol Building in November.

In that regard, our source disclosed that a certificate is already being prepared by the Senate’s Secretariat that will eventually give President George Weah the constitutional power to issue a proclamation for the return of the lawmakers, who are currently enjoying their annual break up to January.

The source, who spoke to our reporter on Capitol Hill yesterday, October 11, did not state the date for the lawmakers’ return or duration of their special extraordinary session, but was obliged to confirm that even though the special session is going to be solely their making, some unspecified pecuniary benefits will be paid to them.

The near confirmation of the lawmakers’ imminent return comes few days following several more nominations by President Weah, most of whom will need confirmation proceedings before the Senate.

Meanwhile, our reporter, who visited the offices of the Senate President Pro tempore yesterday, observed that some members of the leadership were in a closed door meeting. But moments later, the Assistant Secretary of the Senate later followed.

It can be recalled that it was only on Friday, October 5, when the President Pro tempore Albert Chie clarified to reporters that the Senate is yet to receive a proclamation from President Weah, requesting the Legislature to return to the Capitol Building for extraordinary session.

“I don’t know about any communication from the Lower House, but there is no communication from the Senate; our return from the break can only be effected through an issuance of a proclamation from the President and such is yet to happen,” Senator Chie said.

That clarification was prompted by unauthenticated media reports of an imminent return of the Legislature to the Capitol Building in the wake of the “missing” and “not missing” billions of Liberian dollars from the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL). The CBL prints local currency based on the constitutional authorization of of the Legislature.

As late as last week, there were persistent reports that the House of Representatives was all but set to return from break, and that there was alluring pecuniary benefits of over a million United States dollar for returning lawmakers.

On the issue of the reported missing money, Senator Chie said everyone is awaiting results from the team put together to investigate the saga. “I don’t know about the veracity of the information as to whether money is missing or money is not missing; the investigation will tell, because I am not really bothered or worried.”

The issue of the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Associate Justice Kabineh J’aneh to be presided over by the Senate and the ratification of some important legislation may form part of the agenda items, should the Senate reconvene.


  1. In another development: It appears to be stupid that some schools in Liberia are demanding U.S. currency payment on fees and tuition for students. It is also a shame when Liberian perishable products are the basis for survival of teachers who need to consume Liberian foods to tutor Liberian students. If schools make such demands, local markets will demand exchange of United States Dollars before purchase of their Liberian consumption or pay only in Liberian dollars to eat Liberian cooked food in restaurants and cook shops. As a matter of fact, I will no longer deposit in American dollars in local banks until this issue is resolved. Local banks will only get Liberian money from me. My children will only receive Liberian currency from me to go to schools that accept Liberian money. The United States currency will soon begin to trade in exchange for Liberian currency and buy Liberian goods in Liberian currency. Foreign aids and loans from the United States of America will soon be paid in Liberian dollars only now. We must begin to accept our own values or face the outcome of learned plus unlearned goods and services not beneficiary to our economic status. Let the people be educated with what given. Do not answer me.
    Gone to silent majority.

  2. The Librarian Daily Observer was our source of accurate new, but under this new management, it has become a photocopy of Frontpage Africa. For example; “Sources close to the Daily Observer, our inside sources”. This Frontpage Africa style of reporting that is now being copied by the Daily Observer is mostly based on rumor and lies.
    Hon. Best needs to come out of retirement.

  3. Isaac, yes I agree that some journalist just write stories and cite inside sources, but all journalism do. You have to protect your source or else you will not get any additional information from them anymore. Read the Newsweek, Times, Washington Post, etc.; they all state sources, inside sources, someone close to the investigation; that is how journalism goes. Kenneth Best coming out of retirement will not help the situation. In fact during his time, they said the same thing.


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