Senate May Invite 3 Ministers, UL President

Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah, Jr.

-To explain sustainable strategy on “free tuition program”

The Senate Committees on Education and Ways, Means and Finance have been mandated, if necessary, to conduct hearing on a sustainability strategy by government for the “free tuition program” for state-run universities and all public colleges.

The Senate plenary’s unanimous vote on Thursday, January 24, 2019, was prompted by a communication submitted to that body by Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, seeking its indulgence to invite the ministers of Education, Finance and Development Planning, and President of the University of Liberia (UL), to explain pertinent issues regarding President George Weah’s recent pronouncement of “free tuition.”

“Given the fact that there is no provision in the national budget to support the President’s free tuition policy, I am kindly seeking the indulgence of plenary to invite the ministers of Finance and Education and the President of the University of Liberia to present a free education plan and explain to us the sustainability strategy for this ‘free tuition program,” Sen. Lawrence’s communication said.

It can be recalled that following his pronouncement of the free tuition for UL and all public colleges sometime last year, President Weah said that his government will work out the modalities for the actualization of the pledge. His pronouncement, however did not go down well with some members of the public who called it a knee-jerk reaction to UL student agitation on a number of campus related issues as well as issues of national concern particularly the case of the “missing money”. This situation has thus left the public wondering just how the government intends to actualize the pronouncement when there is no budgetary allocation in the current national budget.

Meanwhile, based on the importance of the communication, many Senators had hoped that a motion would have been proffered to allow few minutes of debate before sending it to committee which turned out not to be the case.

“I thought so too, but since the committees are expected to conduct hearing, we’ll wait and see,” Sen. Lawrence said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Senate committee on Education River Cess County Senator Dallas A. V. Gueh, has been requested to report to plenary in two weeks.


  1. But why must the Senate do this by calling the three Ministers and the university of Liberia ? One thing that comes to mind is, the Senate does not really want to see a confrontation between the students and their law enforcement officers for the idea made by the Anointed One, if such idea was not sustainable economically for the long haul. For right now, students have their hopes up high for the free tuition. Give the Senate a standing ovation too for their proactive approach to the uncertainty surrounding about where the fundings will come from. The Anointed and Ordained One has a very good plan. But his failure to consult the legislative body the sustainability of that plan shows a kind of disrespect to the lawmakers at the Senate . The President Dr. Weah, the Anointed and Ordained One going around and promising chicken soup for every pot just to make the soup sweet for political purposes, this does not seems to go well with the Senators, especially when students and their education are involved. The Senate is very well informed and are aware of past violence between students and their law enforcement officers that should be protecting them. Thanks for this proactive approach. You are up on top of your jobs on this one. But one thing though , do not allow the fast talker Minister of Finance to make a fool of you all in the eyes of the public. He feels very secured in his relationship with the President and Pastor Dr. Weah, the Anointed One.

  2. I wish the Senate had investigated the sustainability of very high salaries and allowances. A $120 per student per year is too much to invest in the youth.

  3. James Davis, by sarcastically referring to GMW as the “Anointed and Ordained One”, a honor reserved for Christ, the anointed of God, I guess you’re still possessed by that unbridled ethnic hatred which made you went berserk on Minister Eugene Nagbe in 2017. However, I’m embarrassed for you to repeat the ethnic slur thrown at him then.

    Please, contact me to forward a July 5, 1852 speech by anti-Slavery activist Frederick Douglas entitled “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July” in which he mentioned the love of liberty and freedom of that Liberian tribe you hate, because their forbears didn’t willingly turn backsides for yours to whip at will. Self-entitled and self-absorbed angry guys like you are just nostalgic about a past when scholarships to schools and colleges abroad were reserved for a privileged few.

    If public school education is a mess today, attribute it to that boneheaded selfishness and don’t impugn untoward motives to those trying to ensure that children of less privileged parents have a shot at higher education. You wear your anti-Government biases like a badge of honor, and were ethnic prejudices not added to the mix, frankly, I wouldn’t bother to waste time reading malicious rubbish.

    • Mr. Moses when we talk about this administration, Weah’s administration, let us not talk about it in terms of ethnicity. The fact is that Liberia is made up of one ethnic group of people but with with different tribes. If, indeed, you are talking in terms of tribe, it is quite obvious that the Weah Government does not represent the Kru people. Just do a little research and without much difficulty you will find out the tribal composition of the political appointees of the present Weah government.

      In this particular case, “no baby-sitter will eat the baby’s rice and just rub the palmoil on the baby’s mouth”, just to put it squarely in Liberian parlance. What goes on in the weah Government is purely and solely the making of Weah. He is charting his own course and is solely responsible for his personal appointees who are his close advisors. This is unlike the Doe Government when it was quite clear and palpable to see his tribal people all around him in strategic government positions.

      This government is a bit reminiscent of the Ellen Government where the Kru/Golah/German people also did not have any significant say or advice in her government. It was all Ellen’s way or no way. This is also all Weah’s way or no way. Trust me!

      Please move ethnicity (or, rightly so, tribalism) out of it.

      • The man got no adequate respond to the issue raised by the Senate concerning the bogus announcement of free tuition by George Weah but no budgetary allotment…how is Weah going to pay for his free tuition…this rabid Weah supporter got no answer so the only thing he got is to bring tribalism to the discussion.

        • Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses was director of NSA under Doe and he was as loyal to Doe as he is to Weah. He worships authoritarianism and despots. disctators are his God and Weah is the Anointed One from God. you will never see him criticize any of Doe’s policies or that of Weah. His real name is
          SYLVESTER “I KISS WEAH’S ASS” GBAYAHFORH MOSES. i will give you $100 if her criticizes his GOD

    • I read Mr. James Davis’ comment more than once and did not see any reference to anything abut the ethnicity of George Weah, as alleged by Mr. Sylvester Moses. Amazing how “projection,”- a form of preemptive “psychological defense mechanism in which one attributes his/her thoughts, feelings, and ideas which are perceived as undesirable to someone else.” The most practical example being what Donald Trump said of Hilary Clinton during the past election: “her administration will be the subject of continuous investigations from start to finish;” “the election will be rigged by the Dems if I don’t win;” “no collusion,” “fake news,” etc., etc. So it appears Mr. Moses defense of this moribund Weah authoritarian rulership is therefore solely out of tribalistic consideration and nothing else. How else, for a guy who spent sleepless nights here critiquing and condemning every action and programs of the Ellen administration, in the name of democracy, good governance and rule of law. Yes, this same Sylvester Moses! There are now calls and insinuations from petrifying quarters to change our constitution to extend “the Anointed one’s” term in office, yet Mr. Moses, that vociferous democratic-minded advocate has not utter a word all thirds time, pertaining to how dangerous and counterproductive such myopic thinking portend for an emerging democracy. Nearly three weeks now since that horrifying suggestion by Prince Johnson, and Mr. Moses has been mute. Oh, how few pieces of silver can define and drive some of these “advocacies.”

  4. It’s about time Weah appoints Slyvester Moses to a cabinet post.The guy is a loyal soldier. Everything Weah does is PERFECT with him, even when the CDC Government tried to sell all the Natural resources in the country to China for peanuts.

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