Senate Defers Police Confirmation Hearings

LNP Inspector General, Patrick Sudue

-Warns EPS boss to establish security measures for the “Popular President.”

Due to ongoing student protests at the University of the Liberia, the Senate has deferred the confirmation hearings of the Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), which were previously scheduled for yesterday, Monday, February 5.

The protest is provoked by the reported denial of about 8,000 students who have not completed their registration processes.

The two top LNP officers’ confirmation hearings were meanwhile tentatively rescheduled to Wednesday, February 7.

As a result of an alleged recent secret confrontation between the Inspector General-designate, Patrick Sudue, and Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee, Chairman on the Senate Committee on Security, Veteran Affairs and National Defense, the later unequivocally announced the hearings’ deferment.

“The 15-man Committee has resolved to postpone your confirmation until the protest of the UL students on the main road on Capitol Hill is resolved,” Sen. Grupee said.

Before the announcement of the abrupt postponement, the former Senate chairman on Security, Veteran Affairs and National Defense, Senator. Steve Zargo, told the already seated nominees that the hearings were postponed because of protocol.

However, yesterday’s protest of UL students on the main campus marked the second day.

It may be recalled that on Friday, school activities at both campuses of the university were disrupted by protesting students.

EPS Director-designate Trokon Roberts

In their protest at Fendal campus, the student group set roadblocks preventing vehicles from plying the highway from Kakata to Monrovia.

Meanwhile, the Senate Committee on Security, Veteran Affairs and National Defense has called on the Director-designate of the Executive Protective Service, Trokon Roberts, to establish security measures for the protection of President George Weah, who they termed as a “Popular President.”



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