Senate Decides Fate of Cllr. Nwabudike Next Thursday

The embattled Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike

The plenary of the Liberian Senate through a unanimous hand count vote, yesterday requested its leadership to submit reports of findings contained in a delayed committee report on the controversial confirmation hearing on Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike to the post of chairman of the National Elections Commission.

The Senate’s decision followed a request from Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon to the Leadership of the Senate to report to plenary on findings of the alleged forged nationality documents of the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission head.

In his motion followed by almost an hour of debate, Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay, requested that the Leadership of the Liberian Senate be made to report findings of the matter based on a report presented to the Senate Pro-Tempore yesterday by the chairman of the Committee on Autonomous Commission and Agencies, Senator J. Milton Teahjay.

During the debate, Senator Dillon recalled that when the embattled LACC boss filed a petition for declaratory judgment before the courts after the issue of his citizenship was raised, “The Minister of Justice of Liberia filed a return on behalf of the government of Liberia, challenging Nwabudike’s claims of being a citizen, meaning that the Executive is aware that the man is not a citizen.”

But in a brief reaction to Senator Dillon’s assertion, Pro-Temp Albert Chie described his statement as unfortunate for him (Dillon) to claim that the Senate Leadership neglected its responsibility;  “The Liberian Senate Leadership does not move by emotions; this is a very legal matter that needs to be studied carefully.”

“Therefore, the Senate’s leadership is still looking into the matter, and will revert to plenary on the issue when it had been determined,” said Pro-Temp Chie. For his part, Gbarpolu County Senator, Daniel Naatehn, intimated that the failure of the Senate committee on Autonomous Commissions and Agencies to inform plenary on the outcome of the confirmation hearing on Nwabudike’s nomination to head the National Elections Commission; “I think it is to undermine the decision of the Senate; if the confirmation report has been done, and Nwabudike rejected, that would have been the reason stated in that report. But because they did not want plenary to take decision on the matter, Senate Leadership told the committee not to make a report.”

Displaying a countenance of disappointment, River Gee County Senator Jonathan Boye Charles Sogbie, declared: “Quite honestly it is very disheartening, in my opinion, to continue to hear this issue of Nwabudike in Liberia; I hear the Pro-Temp saying that there are legal implications. If the Attorney General of this country can stand to say that this man is not qualified, why are we attaching legality to this matter? We should not be wasting our time and the Liberian people’s time on this one issue of Nwabudike. Let plenary make a decision and remove this man from this position, simple as that.”

The chairman who conducted the confirmation hearing on Nwabudike, Senator Teahjay, asserted that the issue surrounding him is reaching a level where it could lynch so many of them (Senators); “And I think the political fallout, the damage is enough; we should not allow this issue to go beyond where it has gone.”

Senator Teahjay recalled that under oath, Cllr. Nwabudike produced three birth dates, which caused the abrupt disruption of the hearing and wondered what are they, Senators, waiting for, disagreeing with what he described as legal technicalities, when the person in charge of prosecuting our laws, the Attorney General, came publicly and said Nwabudike is not a citizen; with the courts presenting a report that they could not find citizenship documents of Nwabudike and, in their judgment, he was not a citizen of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Senate Leadership is mandated to make a final report on the documents submitted by the committee on Autonomous Commissions and Agencies next Thursday.


  1. Boye Charles, another guy I will always love representing me in the senate!

    Why make matter out of something already judged? To please honorary Dr. Dr. Dr. Weah? Look, if Weah took some money from Mr. Nwabudike for this job, or is indebted to him morally, find something else for him preso.

    Nwabudike cannot embody financial probity in Liberia. He has a dubious citizenship, and so he is a de facto corruptor. How then can he moralize public office?

    Big brother Boye Charles, get ready to roar alongside Dillion to hush this matter. You have many burning issues to procrastinate precious time on judged matter.

  2. You little rude boy, instead of displaying your rudeness by rudely and foolishly believing your insult can have any negativity on the persona of President Weah, you should go and tell that notorious filthy gay butt boy Alexander Benedict Cummings to repent for siphoning funds from Coca Cola to establish and fund his Cummings butt boy gay foundation…an act and way of life the Liberian people detest

    • Gees, you’re really unenlightened and unsophisticated. Using gay slurs like “butt boy” and words like that suggest you lack social grace. Your prejudices are immoral. I don’t know Mr. Cummings, but it’s disheartening when I hear fellow Liberians using racial and other slurs to malign other Liberians instead of engaging in meaningful debate. Such distasteful language has no place in a civilized discourse. Please have some class…

      • James, John, or what really your name is, you are just one ignorant, narrow minded, and absolutely unimportant unaware, whose “disheartening hearing“ about what or whichever, does not matter, and whether you know Cummings or you are one of his lovers, is indeed extremely irrelevant though actually sickening.

        And not to dignify your bewildered stupidity, I simply leave you with this breaking news below on the sodomy of that butt boy and gay rapist Alexander Cummings way of life absolutely unacceptable by Liberian culture and society. Unless actually necessary, do not expect me to respond to the inconsequential nonentity you are.

        Breaking News
        Cummings Takes Gay Life To Another Level- Sexually Harasses School Boy As He Receives 100,000 USD To Support Gay Activities In Liberia.

        A male senior student studying Environemntal Science At Catholic run Stella Maries polytechnic in Liberia alleges Liberian Politician Alexander Cummings asked him for anal sex after their scholarship meeting at Royal Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia.

        The student who audio is in our possession says he was promised a graduate scholarship at the Northern Illinois University, where he Cummings earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. The student escaped and has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening to harm him if he discusses what transpired at the hotel. Our Reporter called Mr. Cummings for his side of the story but he declined to make any comment.

        It can be recalled that In January 2020, Local businessman man in the USA Sandy Edwards extended a $100,000 grant to the Liberian based Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund, a collective giving and endowment initiative of Foundation For the LGBT communities in West Africa. The Fund which was founded by ANC political leaders Alexander Cummings addresses the historic under-funding of nonprofit organizations that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

        “I lived in Liberia for 30 years before the first civil war and I am still in love with the country. I wanted to encourage Liberians in the diaspora and at home to contribute to the Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund and thought of no better way than to show it by example,” said Edwards. “I believe the overall success of our community is dependent on promoting understanding and inclusion.

        The Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund moves us toward this goal by funding organizations and programs which support lesbian and gay individuals and their families in the Liberia and other parts of West Africa,” he added. Since its inception, the Fund has provided over $462,500 in operating and community connections grants to local nonprofit organizations across West Africa. The fund is administered by a Cummings Africa Foundation advisory board and 100 percent of donations are distributed as grants.

        The Fund recently awarded its 2017 grants to the following organizations: Lofa County Gays Union LRD, Montserrado Hope for LGBT LRD, Gays Men Chorus of Ganta, Campus Pride at University of Liberia and LGBT Friends.

        Liberia has an anti-LGBT laws that frame same-sex conduct as a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison. In a recent interview with Liberian Confidential, Mr Alexander B Cummings Jr who is the chairman of the foundation has defended the LGBT community in Liberia. “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime. History teaches us that the erosion of anyone’s or any group’s basic rights means our own rights are in jeopardy. That’s why ordinary Liberians should care. If we stand by and allow others to be harassed and persecuted for being born the way they are, then our silence is complicity,” he added.
        Report By Edward Pewee Jr.
        breaking News Desk!

    • Hney – You should be condemning Matilda Witherspoon’s bigotry for using gay slurs against Mr. Cummings, instead of welcoming her. We should be debating ideas, not attacking a person’s gender, sexual orientation, or racial makeup. I’ve heard people calling Henry Costa, a Portuguese this and that. That is wrong. He is a bonified Liberian, though one of his parents may be an immigrant. There is nothing wrong with that, we’re all native born Liberians. The same bull crap with tribalism that helped destroyed the country. It was all about bigotry against one tribe or the other. It’s all wrong.

      • Thank you, Mr. Hney. Happy Happy New Year in return! Truly, I have been away for some time now. And that may be that way in most times, except that when necessity demands I put some people (like little rude Petarus Dolo, etc.) in their rightful place or places whenever they dare take the rude and unintellectual paths of preferring insults to critique. Happy New Year once again.

        • They say if you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones. You called Mr. Cummings “butt boy.” Is that not rude and in poor taste? I called you out because what you said was totally inappropriate.

  3. THE HEADLINE OF THIS STORY is a very SILLY POSTURING or in fact YELLOW JOURNALISM, considering the reality of the PRESIDENTIAL PLEASURE POWER OF THE LIBERIAN CONSTITUTION and the rights and powers of the Supreme Court of Liberia as ligated to the constitutional mechanisms of presidential nominations and senatorial confirmations spelled out in the Liberian Constitution.

    Stupid and ignorant Dillon only comes up with these stupidities to tactfully insult the intelligence of those who have not xrayed his stupidity and political criminality.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    It does not matters what the legal ramifications are or his citizenship, Mr. Pro-temp. The nominee was rejected by the Senate. That’s it !
    If the Senate did not wish to take a vote on the nominee, the Senate leadership could had postponed the vote on the nominee, until such time the Presidency can think on its next course of action. That is short of the Presidency withdrawn the nominee. But instead the nominee was rejected by the Senate.
    This the kind of dictatorial leadership that the Presidency has over the Senate.
    Remember the diplomatic incident by the Presidency to commission the Liberian Ambassador to the US without confirmation by the Senate, which then demanded that the Presidency recalled the Ambassador immediately ? And now for the second time the Presidency is ignoring the constitutional duty of the Senate to confirm.
    This idea that article 56 is only recognized by the Presidency of its appointing power over that the Senate’s constitutional duty to confirm is this the dictatorial power that has the Senate kind of political worried and troubled.
    Best what the Senate can do, short of defunding the Commission, is to hold the Commissioner in contempt of the Senate for perjury or lying to the Senate about his citizenship while under oath. This is not an emotional issue as described by the Senate Pro-temp. But more so embarrassing the the Presidency will disgraced the Senate publicly by undermining its authority.
    Regardless of whatever political cloud exists over the nomination of the nominee, HE WAS REJECTED BY THE SENATE. PERIOD !
    So who is in charged of the Senate, the Presidency of the Executive Branch ?
    The Senate started this by playing softball with the Presidency. But the Presidency is playing much more hardball with the Senate.
    Some that is known all over that God Forsaken Country that the Senators are a bunch of useless fools. Not knowing their constitutional role. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Hold the Commissioner in contempt and send him to jail. Then again, not on the watch of George, not going to happen. Not going to hornor that request from the Senate that he George controls .
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Of course there are some like Mr. True or False Nationalist that the Commissioner never lied about his Liberian citizenship. He just can not find the damned thing !
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  5. James Davis, the stupidity (or the abuse of senatorial rights been abused by that high school drop out Dillon) is only been entertained because it is his senatorial right to bring up concerns he personally deems necessary no matter how silly such concerns are to others.

    But if he knew better he would not waste the Senate’s time, since whether one is a bona fide citizen or not a bona fide citizen is within the rights and powers of the Executive Branch, and to some extent (where statutory or constitutional interpretation may be needed), the Judiciary Branch the Supreme Court.

    So, get it clear that that stupidity been displayed by that high school drop out Dillon is not about any confirmation or rejection of Cllr. Nwabudike to the position of NEC Head. Not it is absolutely not!

    Dillon’s is simply an abuse of his rights to advance his concerns on the Senate’s floor. And of course, the newspapers hunting to increase their sales via yellow journalism have happily embraced the dissemination of such senatorial stupidity on the part of the high school drop out Dillon to the embarrassment of the senate.

    Secondly, under the Liberian Constitution , the President and the Senate share the power to make appointments to high-level positions in ministries, agencies, boards, and commissions.

    Generally, the President nominates individuals to these positions, and the Senate must confirm them before he can appoint them to office.

    However, the Constitution also provides an exception to this process. And that exception is when the Senate is in recess, the President may make a temporary appointment, called A RECESS APPOINTMENT to any such position without Senate’s approval.

    So, your rant about “diplomatic incident and dictatorial leadership that the Presidency has over the Senate“ is simply another display of your chronic limitations.

    And this saddening limitation on your part is made evident viz the fact that you do not even know that Cllr. Nwabudike has years ago been nominated by the President, CONFIRMED by the Liberian Senate, AND APPOINTED as the Chair of the LACC BY THE LIBERIAN PRESIDENT.

    Hence, that high school drop out Dillon’s stupidity is not about any confirmation nor rejection, or nomination. Its simply an obvious legislative idiocy displayed by a high school drop out very surprisingly finding himself been a senator instead of being some office assistant or office boy…the position of a high school drop out.

    • You’re one of the dumbest assholes running the country who talks a lot of bullshit but can’t deliver crap. Talk is cheap! If you’re so smart, why don’t you help dumbass George Weah fix the terrible economy? You can’t because you guys don’t know shit about governing a country. You guys are failing like jackasses. You can’t take someone from America who had a low level job, with zero leadership experience and make them Minister and expect that person to produce good results. It’s impossible. The Liberian people will soon kick your asses out. The gravy train is slowly coming to an end starting with CDC loses in the last election.

  6. Really, is this the same James who hours ago we heard telling another about the need to “engaging in meaningful debate instead of distasteful language which has no place in a civilized discourse“?

    But when one comes out with the very “meaningful debate“ (eg. key principles and provisions of the Liberian Constitutions, separations of powers and the system of checks and balances) which he James suggests, he James says and implies that because the one engaging in a meaningful debate is “too or so smart“, he James responds with such profanities as “kick you asses out, dumbest assholes, dumbass, jackasses, bullshit, you guys don’t know shit“, etc. etc.? WHAT A “SOCIAL GRACE“ AND “CLASS“ ON THE PART OF JAMES!

    James, what brand of demonstration of “class“, or “social grace“ utterances are you suggesting for your proposed “meaningful debate“?

    James, one would have thought you would have fired a rebuttal on such phenomena as the exception of RECESS APPOINTMENT, CHECKS AND BALACES, THE SEPARATION OF POWERS, ARTICLE 56 OF THE LIBERIAN CONSTITUTION, ETC.ETC. as they relate to the headline, details, and subject matter of this story!

    AND NOT SUCH UNINTELLECTUAL UNACADEMIC, AND APOLITICAL, UTTERANCES AS “GRAVY TRAIN, AND THE BARRAGE OF PROFANITIES AS “kick you asses out, dumbest assholes, dumbass, jackasses, bullshit, you guys don’t know shit“, etc. etc. FROM YOU, ETC. ETC.

  7. Yes, I am bewildered. There’s someone who poses as a James. I know of James Citizen and James Davis. I think there’s a third James out there who masquerades like James Citizen and James Davis.


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