Senate C’ttee, Political Parties Dabate NEC Appointments

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

The Senate Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions yesterday held open door consultative discussions with national opposition political parties regarding some individuals recently nominated to the National Elections Commission.

The meeting held in the Joint Chambers of the Legislature, was attended by representatives of several opposition parties, among them Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress, All Liberia Party, the True Whig Party and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

Allotting 25 minutes to each party to present reasons against the Senate’s confirmation of three of the six nominees, the parties referenced their earlier communication under the signature of twelve (12) opposition parties to the Senate Committee, especially against the NEC chairman-designate, Cllr. Nwabudike.

However, speaking in defense of the President’s nominations, the Chairman of CDC, Mr. Mulbah Morlu, maintained that the Chairman-designate was not only very qualified for the post, but that he was legally a Liberian.

Mr. Morlu then plunged into the historicity of Nigerians who have held prominent posts in the country since its founding, including the Presidency; he was specific with the election of E. J. Roye as President in 1871, under the ticket of the True Whig Party.

Representative Acarous Gray, like chairman Morlu, emphasized that the CDC sees no issues with the nominations, and that the party was willing to accept anyone that is confirmed at NEC.

But in counter-argument, Liberty Party Senator Abraham Darius Dillon clarified that the Senate Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions was in no error in judgment to invite the political parties, “because these political parties represent the views and opinions of the people; CDC should learn that.”

Continuing his presentation on behalf of his party, Senator Dillon noted: “CDC’s outbursts that in 1871, True Whig Party elected a Nigerian, so in 2020 we should do the same. Dear CDC, the 1847 Constitution of Liberia was abrogated and replaced by the 1986 Constitution. Under the 1847 Constitution, the criteria to become citizen and President of Liberia is different from the 1986 Constitution Under which we are operating.”

Meanwhile, the confirmation hearing of Cllr Nwabudike will continue at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon in the Joint Chambers.


  1. Using past mistakes as justification for making more mistakes in this day and age is foolish on the part of Morlu and Gray. Plain and Simple.

    In fact, this defense means that Morlu, Gray, and George Weah clearly knew that this man was a Nigerian national but they wanted him to head NEC because in the past, other Nigerians have serve in the Liberian government.

    They have just proved to the Liberian people that they are Unpatriotic Hypocrites..!

    Wow, Wow, Wow…!

  2. Benefit of the doubt will go to Representative Gray for his conciliatory statement to the Senate Committee. That CDC sees no issue with the nomination or ( perhaps the nominee) that the party was willing to accept any one that is confirmed at the National Elections Commission. This can be seen that Representative Gray has his doubts about the Chairman designate for the Commission, and finds it too difficult to continue to battle for his confirmation. But will rather see that other nominees be accepted for the position at NEC. But did Representative Gray throw the Chairman designate under the bus just to see that other nominees are given the chance to serve their country ? Or was he responding to the red light signal coming from all directions of the country against the Nigerian naturalized citizen of Liberia ? What exactly it is , the conciliatory tone from the lawmaker is good for the unity of the country. Which has politically divided the country against the confirmation of the Chairman designate. The lawmaker must have saved George from a political fight and embarrassment with the general public who are against the nomination of the Nigerian born naturalized citizen of Liberia. Something which George was surely going to lose in the public domain. While governing over a divided nation in the face of the Coronavirus. The divided opinions from both members of the ruling party said it all . That the party was not united and prepared to take a political fight with the general public, especially prominent citizens of the Republic that have expressed their displeasure and opposition to the Chairman designate. This conciliatory statement to the Committee Chairman by the lawmaker must be seen that the regime has given up the political fight for the designate. And that the Senate Committee can confirmed other nominees as they see fit to do. As that will be acceptable to the regime. Cooler head has prevailed and won the day . After this faceoff, the lawmakers on both sides must restructured that Commission by decreasing the political influence of the presidency. Instead of taking unnecessary time off to travel the world over with pay. While there are constitutional provisions that needs to be reviewed to meet present days reality. And clearly , the provision concerning the Elections Commission needs fixing. So why do we have the governance Commission for ? Work along with them and find solutions.

  3. I am really developing GREAT love for this senator called Abraham Darius Dillion. If he were a high graduate as people claim, then he would have presided over the Liberian Political and Constitutional Think Tank Group were he a college graduate.
    Thank God to have him in the house!

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      He also try to falsely present himself on this forum as the official spokesman of the ANC .

      We will be engaging Civitas Maxima and other international organizations to document the oral testimonials.
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  4. While some pundits are developing great love, I on the contrary have developed a great disinterest in Dillon and his colleagues in the Liberian Senate. First of all, I must give the Liberian Senate their flowers. The Liberian Senate and their Lower House colleagues are more experienced, educated and wealthier than their predecessors of the past 20-30 years. It’s all good!

    On the downside, Dillon and his Senate colleagues have hypocritically opened the confirmation of Nwabudike and his appointed NEC colleagues to a public relations charade. As a body of people who are educated and experienced, one would think that the Senate confirmation committee would have deliberated without the involvement of political opposition parties. For instance, the opposition Alternative National Congress, (ANC) as well as other opposition political parties have been invited by the confirmation committee to participate in the deliberative process. An invitation of opposition political parties is a nonsensical public relations charade.

    What’s the danger?

    Answer: A negative precedent has been set. In the future, opposition political parties will be invited to participate in the confirmation of appointed individuals. Secondly, “Nothing will be achieved” by inviting Weah’s political enemies to participate in the confirmation of Nwabudike and his appointed NEC colleagues. Also, the confirmation process will be politicized. For instance, instead of being focused on Nwabudike and his NEC colleagues, the Representatives of the opposition political parties will hurl pot shots at Weah rather than dealing with the nominees. Dillon and his colleagues should rethink over what they’ve done. Instead of saying what Dillon and his colleagues have done stinks, I prefer to say it’s political. Frankly, political games are an anethema to the development process of Liberia.

    As always, peace.

  5. ANC…… Why single out the ANC among the opposition parties? Anyway, I have come to know that whenever you make headlines, it means you embody significance and meaningfulness.

    Indeed, it must be recorded in the history of our country that no confirmation hearing has ever raised so many eyebrows as this one. It should sound a loud warning bell in the ears of the ruling party and its apologists and surrogates.

    Both houses portray the views and protect the interests of all Liberians. Given the controversy surrounding the integrity and morality of the designated judge of a major upcoming referendum coupled with a midterm election and other major elections to come, the best and wisest thing to have been done was for our lawmakers to evidently consult the people they represent before voting.
    There is no foul play here, for once, my people!

    • Shut up rapist and child molester Petarus Dolo while meaning Liberians discuss their political future.

      Your world in the Ivory coast will be turn upside down and Ivory Coast will not be a safe haven for you.

  6. To Whom It May Concern

    As the confirmation process of Nwabudike and his NEC colleagues heats up, it would be naively preposterous for our eyes to be taken away from the main focus. Confirm or Reject!

    A major error has been committed by the Senate confirmation committee by inviting a slew of opposition political parties. The badly defeated ANC party as well as the old True Whip party and other newly formed political parties including Unity, All Liberia, Liberty and many more parties are present and accounted for at the confirmation hearing.

    Reminder: The Invitation of The Opposition Political Parties Is A Mistake!

    Main Error:
    The ANC partisans and the True Whig Party partisans have different viewpoints. The All Liberia Party partisans do not have the same political viewpoints as partisans of the ANC as well as the rest of the opposition political parties. For instance, the ANC party representatives who are some of the invitees, may conclude that partisans of Unity or All Liberia are weak, unreliable and unpatriotic. In response to the ANC partisans, partisans of Unity or All Liberia may condemn or label ANC as a party of “out of touch” dreamers.

    Trouble: Political Violence Escalates. Sad. Not good for Liberia

    Bottom Line:
    The opposition political parties of Liberia do not speak with one voice. The party leaders are in a tug of war with one another. The opposition political partisans fight amongst themselves. By being the way they are, the burden of national development rests on no one but rather on the shoulders of the Liberian people. Also, it doesn’t get easier on the Senate confirmation committee either.

    Questions that may be asked:
    (1) Why did the Senate confirmation committee invite the defeated opposition political parties?

    (2). Have the opposition political parties, including ANC and their types conducted a confirmation hearing in Liberia or elsewhere?

    (3). Why do some Liberians maintain the view that the ANC and other opposition political parties are “fair game” parties?

    Conclusion from outside sources:
    Dear Senate confirmation committee:
    If you feel that Mr. Nwabudike and his NEC colleagues are ineligible to be hired as Commissioners, be firm and tell them immediately. You have the right to confirm or reject.

    We the people await your prompt action!

    As always, peace

  7. Mr Hney! I agree with you at some point but also disagree about opposition parties being invited to the senate for confirmation hearing. This is exactly what should have happened, getting all the registered political parties involved to declare a nominee for the NEC, which will be presented to the senate for confirmation rather allowing the president alone doing so at his will. All registered political parties should have been invited to declare a nominee before even getting to the senate. So for the senate to invite the opposition and others was the right things to do since the president totally forgot to understand the dynamics of leadership and most of all, the appointees are relating to our elections in Liberia. If the oppositions are not part of the nominees process, the president will be player in the game and single handling who the referees are.


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