Senate Confirms Mayor Koijee

Koijee is now Mayor of Monrovia.

The Mayor-designate of Monrovia, Jefferson T. Koijee, has been confirmed by the Liberian Senate, making him Mayor of Monrovia.

He succeeds Clara Doe-Mvogo, who served for nearly five years after Mary Broh.

Koijee is the first mayor to be confirmed by the Liberian Senate since the end of the 14-year civil war.

His confirmation followed an articulate presentation before the Senate’s Committee on Internal Affairs and Good Governance on Friday, February 9.

At the hearing, Koijee, the powerful influential Youth Wing leader of the ruling CDC, promised to run a participatory system at the Monrovia City Corporation.

He told the Senators that “Every citizen, regardless of his or her political, religious or tribal differences, will be involved in the transformation and governance of the city, especially in maintaining its beautification.”

”Teamwork, inclusive of the involvement of the people living on the margins of society, is the surest way to improve and impact a developing Monrovia,” he said.

Chief among Mayor Koijee’s promises is the launch of his “180 days clean and green city campaign” with support from the government and partners. This, he noted, will help maintain a clean Monrovia and provide job opportunities for young people, who will be recruited from communities and universities.

The project will be implemented in every community in Monrovia and its environs, especially the densely populated commercial hub of Duala, he said.

With respect to keeping central Monrovia clean, Mayor Koijee said he will work with members of the legislature to revisit city laws to make sure they conform to current realities.

The youthful mayor concluded that he will work with relevant agencies and authorities, including the Ministry of Public Works, to protect zoning laws and partner with the Liberia National Police to protect lives and properties in the city.


  1. Good beginning Lord Mayor, you are young and have the energy to do those things you have eloquently promised, but always be focus on your plans consult Hon. Mary Broh. She is one of the finest public servants we have had since the end of the civil war. She achieves a lots because she is principle minded, she stick to the plan, though sometimes interrupted by legislative gurus who want to be lords unto themselves she is still standing firm and winning respect among us that mean good for our country. Therefore, follow the yardstick of your job descriptions and implement them without fear, favor or intimidation, by this you will bring pride to those thousands of youths out there that believed in you. Leaders make good speeches but implementation is their weakness. Congrats and I look up to following your leadership as it progress. May God gives you wisdom to bring light and sanity to our Capital City, Monrovia.


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