Senate ‘Celebrates’ Weah, Taylor Victory

Members of the Senate, including President Pro Tempore Armah Jallah pose with President-elect and Vice President-elect Sen. George M. Weah of Montserrado County and Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor of Bong County

The Senate in its 80th Day Sitting on Friday, December 29, 2017, warmly congratulated two of its members, Senators George M. Weah of Montserrado County and Jewel Howard-Taylor of Bong County for winning the December 26 runoff election as President-elect and Vice President-elect, respectively.

Four Senators among 23 candidates contested the presidential elections, including Senators George M. Weah, Jewel Howard-Taylor, Prince Y. Johnson and Oscar Cooper. The president of the Senate, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai also contested the presidential elections, but lost.

In the first round, 19 of the 30 Senators pledged their supports to Boakai, who is the President of the Senate, and first partisan of the ruling Unity Party, while in the runoff, six Senators added to the list of those who earlier pledged their support to him, totaling 25 Senators. The remaining five Senators supported Senators Weah and Taylor of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC).

In the emotional session, which marked the end of the ‘Daily Session’ of the 53rd Legislature as well as an exit of the two from their ‘county seats’ as Senators, despite the political differences, the Senators celebrated Senators Weah and Taylor for their historic ascendancy with standing ovation, thunderous cheers and photos taking.

Members of the Senate, in a rather sorrowful gestures also, shouted in unison “ohhhhhhh!” to express early exit of their two colleagues as well as reveled their respective success story.

According to records of the secretary of the Senate, there has never been any sitting Senator to be elected as president or vice president since 1847.

“The election of the two sitting Senators is a history made in the 53rd Legislature,” the clerk said.

President William V.S. Tubman served as Senator for Montserrado County and then as Associate Justice before being elected as President. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was elected Senator, during the regime of the late President Samuel K. Doe, though she refused to take her seat.

At the occasion, President Pro Tempore, Armah Z. Jallah said, “On behalf of the Senate, we want to congratulate Sen. Weah of Montserrado County and Sen. Taylor of Bong County for their election as President and Vice President respectively of Liberia. I think this is an historic achievement for the Senate.”

“By working in the Senate for three years, six years or and 12 years, you understand the challenges the country faces. Our hope is you ought to bring these problems on your tables and help our country overcome those challenges. Liberian people have huge expectations, they believe that your team can help this nation to make the progress and make it comparable to other nations,” Jallah said.

Jewel Howard Taylor, outgoing Bong County Senator and Vice President-elect, said, “I want to thank the Almighty God for the special blessings bestowed upon us and the grace given us to win this very difficult race. We promised to do do our very best with God being our helper. Thank you very much. I look forward to cordial working relationship with all of you.”

Mrs. Taylor, wife of former President Charles Taylor, replaced Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of Lofa County as the Vice President and President of the Senate, where she had served for 12 years representing the people of Bong County. She will be the first former First Lady to become a vice president and the first female president of the Liberian Senate.

At the Senate, she served on various committees, including Chairman on Education, and member on the committees on Judiciary and Ways, Means, Finance and Budget.

The President-elect, George M. Weah, said, “Campaign is over, we are colleagues, we are Liberians, it is time for us to work together to move the country forward. We gave our campaign speeches, some were good, some were not good, but it is all about Liberia now, so we hope that we work together in the interest of the Liberian people, everybody won, even the Vice President won, …. because we will give him leverage to interact with the government to bring his expertise on board, thank you very much. I am glad to be here to close this session with you people.”

President-elect Weah has been with the Senate since 2014. He was the chairman on the Committee on Youth and Sports; members on the Committees on Lands, Mines and Energy and Concession.

He is the 1995 FIFA World Player, who also played for AC Milan, Chelsea, Manchester City, PSG, AS Monaco, etc.


  1. It still puzzles me as to why George Weah chose Jewel Howard Taylor, the former first lady and former wife of Liberian warlord Charles Taylor as his vice president? Jewel Howard Taylor stood by for many years, enjoying the ill-gotten wealth of her former husband, Charles Taylor, and did nothing when her husband carried out his mayhem on his fellow Liberians. Where was Jewel Howard Taylor when her dictatorial and murderous husband plunged Liberia into his killing field?

    Is there a subliminal (hidden) message as to why Jewel Howard Taylor was selected as George Weah’s now vice president? Was her selection just to get more votes from Charles Taylor’s young supporters or what? If this woman, Jewel Howard Taylor, were to become president in case the president-elect George Weah is unable to carry on as President, will Liberians be witnessing a reincarnation of Charles Taylor’s rule under his ex-wife, Jewel Howard Taylor, who is now vice president under the President-elect, George Weah’s?

    Why did George Weah die-hard fans, who voted for him, disregard Jewel Howard Taylor close association with her deposed former husband Charles Taylor? Many Liberians focused solely on the last two Presidential candidates (Joe Boakai & George Weah) without seriously scrutinizing their vice presidential candidates left in the run-off. The vice president is the second person in line to the presidency in case the president becomes incapacitated, impeached or resigned the presidency.

    In case Joe Boakai had won the presidency and became incapacitated, impeached or resigned the presidency then, Nuquay would had become the president without proper scrutiny. However, this is no longer the case since Boakai didn’t win.

    The vice president position is very vital because this person is one step away from becoming the president of Liberia. We can attest to what happened when Tubman died in London hospital in 1971. His vice president, William Tolbert, was immediately sworn in as President. This was also the case when Charles Taylor was forced to abdicate (relinquish) his post as President. His vice president Moses Blah was sworn in as President of Liberia.

    If for some unknown reason George Weah is unable to finish his term as president, Liberians will be stuck with his vice president, Jewel Howard Taylor, as the new President of Liberia to complete Weah’s term until a new election is held. This is a constitutional fact of Liberia’s transfer of power.

    If this were the case where Jewel Howard Taylor were to ascend to the presidency will Liberians be witnessing a reincarnation of Charles Taylor’s notorious rule where freedom of the press was suppressed; freedom of speech was not tolerated; and last but not all; opposition was not tolerated.

    It is not a hidden secret that the President-elect George Weah does not have the political and academic acumen as a seasoned politician and academia: but his sheer love for Liberia and his love for the people of Liberia give us the conviction that he will do the right thing for his country. However his success is possible if he does not become complacent like typical Liberian politicians do after winning a promised filled election.

    George Weah should not get caught up on fake adulation from political parasites. He needs to humble himself and refrain from the typical Liberian showmanship. Nation building is an enormous task especially a war-torn country like Liberia. He should focus on his reconstruction goals and surround himself with the right people who will help him implement the right policies towards improving the standard of living for many impoverished Liberians.

    This is his opportunity he has long for so many years: to help the unemployed; to help the uneducated; to help the homeless, to help unify the country; to help curtail corruption; and last but not all; to help many Liberians living below the poverty level.

    Good Luck President-elect George Weah but Jewel Howard Taylor is still a mysterious lady who will be only one step away from the presidency!!!!!


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