Sen. Yallah Submits Bill to Create ‘Bong Range’ County

Sen Yallah: "Reconciliation will be smooth among the Kpelleh people."

Says the ‘Kpelle are decent people’

Bong County Senator Henry W. Yallah has clarified that the creation and/or the establishment of the proposed Bong Range County will not cause conflict among members of the dominant Kpelle tribe.

“The Kpelle are decent people, our conflict doesn’t last because we understand each other very well; our issue is not dividing us, and there is no seed of conflict except for us [politicians] who want to use that land and population in one bulk for power. In fact, reconciliation will be moving smoothly,” Yallah said prior to the submission of the bill.

Sen. Yallah, who chairs the Bong Legislative Caucus, spoke when he addressed legislative reporters in his new Senate Wing Annex on Tuesday, September 12.

He said that the creation of the new county is not intended to import different tribes from other counties to occupy Lower Bong, and maintained that there are only slight differences in the Kpelle dialects.

Yallah said that the journey that is nearing realization started as far back as the regime of now jailed former President Charles Taylor, and paid special tribute to late former Representative of Bong, Martin Kerkulah, and some Paramount chiefs in the county.

According to the bill, the geographic area commonly known as Lower Bong and soon to be known as Bong Range County, is comprising Yellequelleh, Sanoyea, Salala, and Fuamah Districts; five Chiefdom, 20 Clans, and has approximately 200,000 inhabitants, and a land space of 3,920 square miles.

The boundary description contained in the bill shows that the imminent Bong Range County will be separated and bounded on the South by Nyanfur River, running down stream and bordering Margibi County, running on the Southeast with the existing boundary with Gbarpolu County, and on the East and Northeast with Grand Bassa County, and on the North with the original Bong County.

Meanwhile, the bill, following its reading, was sent to the Senate Committees on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims and Petitions, and Internal Affairs, Reconciliation and Good Governance, to report to plenary in January 2019.


  1. If this senator can convince us with evidence of the progress and development the other newly created counties have made since their excisement from their mother counties, then this proposal could be worth considering. Until then, people senator should be seen as dangerous to the unity and peaceful existence of his people and therefore not qualified to be their senator anymore. Senator as spokesman of this agenda should be seen as divisive and working towards undermining the peace and tranquility of the citizens of Bong, which will have negative consequences on the county’s development. Imagine the people living in the region under consideration for secession now believing and acting with hostility toward anything in the interest of Bong County, and because they feel they don’t belong to that county any longer. How will that be promotive and conducive of development? This is nothing but another scheme to misdirect scarce resources to few self-centered people and at the expense of the people of Bong County.

  2. Mr. Senator please show us the present development status of Bong County in general that gives you the ground for a separation of the county. The people are still living in mud shacks calling them house with no fitting roads, electricity, toilets, pipe borne water as well as other essentials. I think you should be thinking about how to build a six lane super high ways and farms to market roads that will serve the people rather than coming up with division among the people you represent. Sir, for your information, peace and reconciliation is not division of the people. If the creation of Bong Range is not division, Sir, what will you call it? Reconciliation? Do not take me out of context Sir, I think you should abandon this decisionu

  3. Our country (Liberia) is economically striving to meet up with the busy needs and wants of its citizens. In my opinion, the creation of additional county will do us no good but rather to intensify hardship, additional money eaters at the country parliament, division among the peace loving Kpelleh tribe, addition in the country’s national budget etc. I will advise that the various committees charged with the responsible to review such proposal should reject said looking at the current political, traditional, economical & social ramifications of our nation.

  4. Dear Mr. Senator, I want commend you for your bill submitted to your colleagues on-behalf of the people of Bong County. I want to inform you that such bill will not help our nation. I think you should presenting bills that will increase the salaries and incentives of Classrooms Teachers, health workers & civil servants in our country.
    We elected you guys to make laws that will be in the interest of our nation but not to make laws that will make you guys to gain political relevance, divide the Liberian people and hamper our national economy.

  5. What will the rest of Bong County be called? Jor River County? How will Jor River County (Jorquellie) flag look like? How will the design of Bong Range County look like? Just asking. Not part of your Bong County. Tell the Liberian people. Not me.


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