Throwing Weight behind Boakai, Wotorson Decries ‘Politics of Patronage’

Senator Wortorson "The endorsement of a rational, unflappable leadership for the mantle of the future national stewardship is not only a national imperative but equally a humanistic duty to our people..." (Photo: Omari Jackson)

The former President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Cletus Segbe Wotorson, has warned Liberian electorates not to make what he called “the mortal error of gambling on a future leader by supporting some friendly, but desperately inexperienced person who will delude you with a bundle of promises that he or she knows will not see the light of day — politics of patronage.”

Wotorson, a former Senator of Grand Kru County who honorably retired in 2014, frowned on “political messiahs who always wait for these periodic six years to discover the redemptive charisma of their leadership deliverables in promising everything from the Mount Wologizi to Lake Sheppard.”

Mr. Wotorson made the statement on Friday at his Congo Town office when he endorsed Vice President Joseph N. Boakai for the presidency in the October 10, 2017 elections.

He wondered if election season is the only time of divine inspiration when “the good God only seeks them alone for national leadership. Why do we fill the aspirations of our youthful population with uncontrollable expectations that we very well know we cannot unravel?”

Wotorson said though a great number of Liberians may not be educated, “but they can recognize the difference between the tomfoolery of spineless political rhetoric and the biting compassion of truth,” and added a quote from Rev Dr. David Daniels that “Joe Boakai kept in his lane; never crossed it to get in his boss’s lane.”

Vice President Boakai, former Senator Wotorson continued, “was a good understudy. From being a good and loyal Vice President he learned and learned a lot like William R. Tolbert did. He learned the hard lesson of navigating an uncharted terrain; that is what a good and loyal Vice President does, respect for constituted authority.”

Wotorson, also a renowned Liberian geophysicist pointed out that “in retrospect, one can recognize that nearly all of the cadres of political dreamers possess the academic comfort of a college piece of paper, but are being dogged by the protrusive absence of public performance, underpinned with the concrete of maturity, the scaffold of competence to write home about. Confoundedly, our competitors hail from among the perceived crux of the nation’s respected and best personalities our nation has to offer at this time, but I am concerned about their administrative and political capacities.”

Describing Vice President Boakai as the ‘Special One,’ Senator Wotorson said he recognized “the defiant and bold actions of those members of the 53rd National Legislature, who eschewed the conspiratory whispers of Liberian politics and paradoxes and did the right thing and endorsed the ‘Special One’.”

He said as an elder statesman and someone who brings a wealth of forethought embalmed by his tenure of 60 years working for mother Liberia, Mr. Boakai “should not be a Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon sitting by, while our country is yearning for direction, wisdom and honest thoughts, and political guidance at this critical time of our political transformation.”

Senator Wotorson said the country’s transformation begs for integrity, humility and reconciliatory values, involving a national call and a duty for posterity. Having been acquainted with Ambassador Boakai for more than 25 years, including nine years serving with him as the Pro Tempore of the Senate, “I’m not only convinced, but believe that Ambassador Boakai is a calm, calculative, sober and smart and obtrusively religious man of interest and has the political gravitas, appropriately adorned by his bone-deep love of mother Liberia, the dense cold blooded armament of consummate maturity to lead the country!”

He described Ambassador Boakai as “a witness of a time-tested veteran of political sojourn, the sobriety of apostolate internship, a reclusive and yet reflective mind, a Rene Descartes disciple vented by his coinsurance of humility.”

Senator Wotorson said 2017 is a fateful year, and while Liberia is at a crossroads, “We must eschew emotional lunaticism and must soberly and maturely engage our best faculties in decision thinking and making. For either we enjoy the sweet juices of progress triangulated or we take the mortal risk of placing our undeterminable future in the hands of untested, inexperienced political competitors whose dedicated purpose appears to be the ultimate power for the sake of maybe revenge and to even scores.”

“As a mature, elderly and experienced statesman, I am compelled to indisputably, unabashedly, unmistakably validate Ambassador Boakai’s decision to be the president of our dear country,” he said.


  1. Senator Woodson is absolutely right. Some of the Presidential Candidates are making empty promises they/we know that they can not DELIVER. It’s mostly about about how; not what they are promising. Talk is cheap. Show me/us the MONEY.

  2. Wise words Senator! Hope our people read between the lines and make the right choice. Our politicians only become oppositions when elections are approaching…we need experienced and matured leadership not those patronage group of irresponsible men and women who are going around promising heaven and earth.

  3. You are a total mass man with no understanding. You are also a earth devil who want millions of people die in poverty.

  4. The So-called Geologist Wotorson has nothing tangible to offer this country so he will be supporting a failed vice President bokai who both has kept this country backward. But we are going to make sure that this unity party government doesn’t continue with their corrupt empire for another six years to keep our people in continue abject poverty. Bokai and his corrupt Unity party will vehemently be rejected at the ballot box on October 10,2017. We are tire of a vision-less , sitting supinely and corrupt leader like Bokai . Liberia need a forward-thinking and visionary leader to transform this country for the BETTER. And CHANGE is the only answer at the ballot box during these elections.

  5. If Mr. Wortoson decries false-promise making politicians,then why is he backing VP Boakai,what has the the administration he has and is part of done for him to elected as president?What a joke! Lord God,please help the poor Liberian people

    • J.V; for the most part, J.Nyumah Boakai have only been a substitute player. He’s been observing the game. Just like a good VP, JNB was not the key policies maker. When elected, JNB will make an Excellent President of the Republic of Liberia. You and the opposition will be H A P P YYYYYY. Very Happyyyyy! Vote JNB; FOR A BETTER LIBERIA.

  6. He’s out now and condemning everyone else who is in. We should praise a man for being spineless for twelve years. Tolbert was a weak VP. And so he became a weak leader who sat down and allowed the country to go down into chaos, confusion and destruction. For where we are now, we need a strong leader. I’m sorry, Boakai is not. He’s low energy Joe.

    • Wow Sayku! I see where the back and forth between you and myself came from on divisive politics as portrayed by the last Independence Day Orator whose speech flatly fell apart in the Liberian Observer (this same paper). As a learned person, I’m surprised at what you just said. Boakai is low energy. How do you define that literally? In the context of the Liberian constitution and Africa in general, the vice president’s position is that of a substitute player waiting for his/her number to be called. It is even worse off in Liberia where the presidency has so much power.

      Boakai has neither nominated any minister, deputy, managing director, etc. because that’s not within his prerogative and how dare you classified him to be weak because you don’t support his candidacy? You’re perhaps the only person that don’t know that Boakai has been marginalized by this current autocrat named Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Who amongst these candidates do you consider a strong candidate? George Weah, Charles Brumskine, Alex Cummings, Jones, Urey? It is laughable what Wortorson said, but this is the reality of Liberian politicians. For instance, Cummings spend all his years chasing wealth with Coco Cola and he retired, formed a foundation, make few donations and that qualified him to be running for office. Where have he been all these years. If he’s truly a genius that is capable of managing, why must it be the presidency and not somewhere in the private sector? A man who has never held any elected office is campaigning as an agent of change…where? Wake up Liberians….these are greedy people coming with platitudes to deceive the Liberian people and do worst then someone who’s tested and a proven leader.

      Brumskine for his part is the most divisive candidate in this race and that’s why he’s gaining no traction in the media and will probably come in fourth place. His insults to the VP and his alleged insult as well to the late Senator Bedell Fahn and his attitudes when he served during the Taylor Era as President Pro-temp questioned his credibility. The man who purposely broke the CoC because he felt his uncle Philip Banks will rescue his candidacy is not someone you can trust with the presidency of Liberia at this crucial juncture.

      I could challenge you with the likes of George Weah who is basically incompetent to hold the office of the presidency. He’s failing every category of evaluation in his current role and electing him is like dooming Liberia’s future. Both Urey and Mills Jones are in the same boat and I need not to waste time speaking about them.

      If your only problem with Boakai is low energy as you termed it, this is laughable and we can deal with that. That’s a problem that can be solved by having a competent medical doctor evaluate Boakai so that we know his Testosterone level and there are lot of pills that can rejuvenate his energy and that’s not a characteristic to deny him the presidency. He’s qualified, has the experience, integrity, tested and is a statesman of impeccable record that Liberia will be proud of as a leader. Sayku, find something else to say than classified Joseph Nyuma Boakai as low energy. He’s the peoples’ choice in this election….we want continuity in the peace Liberia currently enjoy and his presidency will not be a continuation of the current Ellen’s administration, but a fresh start of Boakai leadership with him directing and steering the ship.

      • James Murphy, if you choose to support the continuity of corruption and evil through Joseph Boakai that’s your right. But keep your distance from the person with the most contemporary vision, Dr Joseph Mills Jones.
        You are among those who have no love for Liberia, neither does it bother you that our neighbors are progressing speedily while Liberia lingers in underdevelopment and massive looting of our national coffers. Keep your distance from the man who has the answer to Liberia’s development. Muyan MOVEE, muyan Dr Mills Jones,

        • GD, you’re quite an interesting character and I can only laugh with your comments. Are you more Liberian than me to tell me that I don’t love Liberia? Some of you don’t speak for neither the party nor the standard bearer. Your statement is complete mockery of democracy and the freedom of speech we all Liberians enjoy and if Ellen didn’t accomplish anything allegedly by people like you, at least we can speak freely.

  7. Let Wortorson just shut-up with their deceptive, baseless, and senselessly dogmatic pontification about “experienced” or “inexperience”!

    If such nonsensical RANT meant any good, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would have never been for the past 12 years, A FAILURE, CORRUPTION, DISAPPOINTMENT, WICKEDNESS, AND DISGRACE, PERSONIFIED!

  8. Cletus Wortorson and his fellow corrupt and incompetent government officials, both past and present, seem bent on retaining the status quo in order to enable the Sirleaf-Boakai cabal continue to mercilessly loot our country’s resources with impunity and without penalty for their crimes. A Boakai presidency would definitely be a total disaster for the Liberian people.

    • Peter Kortuwah, you called Cletus Wortorson incompetent because you disagreed with his politics? So, what are you capable of doing? Some of you are followers of a bandwagon of incompetent ignoramus parading the counties of Liberia claiming to be saviors when they’ve nothing to prove. I’m not sure who you’re supporting, but there’s no candidate in this race that draws parallels of comparison with what Amb. Joseph Boakai brings to the table when it comes to leadership competence, accomplishments, integrity and what a unifier he is as a statesman. The opposition is so much in desperation that they and their pundits don’t know what to say about Boakai. Weah drank so much palm wine in Gbarpolu County that he calls Boakai a rebel and a leader of the defunct Lofa Defense Force that was the creation of he (Weah) VSB husband and financier. A man who consults with a war crimes convicted criminal is not someone we can trust with the leadership of our beloved country. Wortorson said it right.

      Let me remind you that the constitution of Liberia gives the President absolute power that he doesn’t abrogate with his/her vice president and a vice president role is to grow along with he president and to learn the ropes so that when his/her time comes, he’ll perform. Boakai didn’t appoint any cabinet member, he doesn’t write any policy for the government and he deputies at the president’s discretion when she see fate. However, you’re perhaps the only person that don’t know that Boakai is being marginalized by the president, her children and relatives. Open your eyes and see….he’s not going to fight with the president to be charged with treason and he’s of course corrupt free.

  9. How can Boakai make a good president when he has not been an active vice president up until he decided to run for president?

    Didn’t Boakai and Ellen promise to go for only one term? Why is he seeking a third term?

    • There’s no one name John Doe and stop using a disguise to rant. If you’re saying the truth, you’ve nothing to hide, but John is a coward and that’s why he’s not carrying his real name. You’ve to define the word “active president” for me to understand literally what you mean. Throwing loose words simply because we enjoy Ellen’s legacy of “free speech” is not enough.

      How does the vice president get active????….are speaking in term of stamina? Are you speaking in terms of engaging the Liberian people? What are you talking about? Read you constitution and understand the role of the vice president in our democracy. Read the duties of the president and vice president per our 1986 constitution:

  10. the mortal error of gambling on a future leader by supporting some friendly, but desperately inexperienced person who will delude you with a bundle of promises that he or she knows will not see the light of day politics of patronage.” … but you support someone who has been at the top of a failed government of organized criminals .. This is like when you said that there was no Ebola and the government was looking for money – — almost 6000 dead ..

  11. The senator has observed well! I have known Joe for many years, and his character has not changed. He has a sobered mind and can be trusted. We will be making the right decision by electing Ambassador Boakai as President.

  12. Can these endorsements make any difference in the campaign dynamics, especially so when the election looks very fluid and the endorsers, including fly- by-night groups command no significant constituency?

  13. Conflict of opinions is healthy in an evolving democracy which Ellen’s despotism nearly smothered in the crib. Thank you, folks, for those comments, but let the true will of the voters prevail in free, fair, transparent and credible elections. The UN and a vigilant international community would be watching.


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