Sen. Tokpa Donates over US$350K Medical Materials to Hospitals in Bong

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Sen. Henrique Tokpa

Bong County Senator Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa on Monday, January 21, 2019, presented two 40ft containers of medical materials to the Bong County Health Team in Gbanga City. The items, valued at US$350,000, aim to strengthen the county’s healthcare system.

The beneficiaries’ health facilities were the Phebe, C. B. Dunbar Maternal, and the Bong Mines hospitals. There are more than 20 health centers across the county that are benefiting from the donation.

While making the presentation, Sen. Tokpa said the donation was in fulfillment of one of his several campaign promises to the citizens of Bong County during the 2018 senatorial by-elections, and the material supplies were made possible with the help of the “Friends” of Tokpa USA Chapter.

The two 40ft containers were loaded with Diagnostic Equipment, Nurses Safety Equipment, Hospital Beds, Gloves, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), Patient Gowns, Towels, and wheel chairs.

Dr. Tokpa said the money was raised by the “Friends of Tokpa” USA Chapter, which shipment cost US$15,000.

Donated items by Sen. Henrique F. Tokpa

“During the campaign, I visited every corner of our county and saw the appalling health condition of our people. I said to myself, if am elected, my first intervention will be the health sector,” Sen. Tokpa recalled.

“It is so disheartening to see hospitals and clinics without gloves, syringes and other essential equipment, with the burden resting on the poor patients to have these items purchased before being given care,” the Bong County lawmaker said.

He informed this newspaper that when he won the senatorial by-elections, he traveled to the U.S. and pleaded with friendly partners to help the people of the county with medical materials.

Tokpa believes the materials will help to solve some of the problems affecting the health sector in the county.

“I will be at the frontline of the Senate, lobbying budgetary increment to the health sector. I am frustrated that Liberians are dying from curable diseases when we can make the change,” Sen. Tokpa said.

Ms. Florence Keilah, chair lady of the “Friends of Tokpa” USA Chapter, who accompanied the medical supplies, cautioned the people of Bong County to rally around members of the caucus in order to achieve their development objective, adding: “When the people are healthy, the country itself is also healthy.”

“So I want to say in this public manner that we the citizens of Bong County that are based in the U.S., are very proud of Dr. Tokpa for his election and partnering with and openness to work with us to improve the healthcare facilities in our county” Ms. Keilah said.

She advised the county’s lawmakers and other well-meaning Liberians to work along with Sen. Tokpa so as to offset their health budgets from the County Social Development Funds, and equip health facilities in the county to deliver quality healthcare.

Ms. Keilah expressed confidence that the medical supplies donated by Sen. Tokpa would make a positive impact on the lives of the ordinary people.

Hospital equipment donated by Sen. Henrique F. Tokpa

C.B. Dunbar Maternal Hospital Medical Director Dr. Kou Geah hailed Sen. Tokpa for the donation, describing it as a “worthy, noble and selfless act, which demonstrated the commitment of the senator to the county.”

“We believe strongly that the Legislature can be a valuable tool to touch humanity, and Sen. Tokpa has just exemplified that. You have shown yourself to be a true model of the Senate and Bong County is proud to be associated with you,” Dr. Geah said.

She assured Sen. Tokpa that the equipment donated will be used for the intended purpose, and called on other well-meaning individuals to emulate Sen. Tokpa by fulfilling their campaign promises to the citizens.

Dr. Tokpa was elected senator on July 31, 2018, as a result of a vacant seat created by the election of Senator Jewel Howard Taylor as Vice President.


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