Sen. Snowe Defends Weah Administration on U.S. Human Rights Report

Bomi County Senator and head of Liberia's ECOWAS Parliamentarian delegation, Edwin M. Snowe, Jr.

Barely twenty-four hours following Information Minister, Ledgerhood Rennie’s rants aginst U.S. Congressman Chris Smith’s assertion that the Weah led government is kleptocratic and is responsible for the suffering of the Liberian people, Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe of Bomi County has said there is no need to politicize the ongoing debate.

Appearing on a local radio on Tuesday, April 6, 2021, called on fellow citizens to forget about the day to day politics and look at issues in the best interest of the country.

“It is not everything about diplomatic discussions we bring to the public. ECOWAS has heard Congressman Smith and the U.S. State Department’s human rights report. But to note, it has lots of similarities to the past reports that have been coming out, even when Weah was not President of Liberia,” Snowe said.

Information Minister Rennie in his assertions earlier described human rights records outlined against the Weah Administration as an “Old age” problem that was not unique to the George Weah Administration, a comment that has always diverted the shortcomings of the CDC-led government to the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration.

He said ECOWAS is in consultation with President Weah and his coworkers to work on some of the pressing concerns in the report.

“President Weah is now working closely with ECOWAS and the international partners to build a new central prison, maybe outside of Monrovia in order to address the over crowdedness of the prison cells. The report also highlighted over crowdedness of prison compound.

“And, to add to that, ECOWAS is also trying to help Liberia’s justice system with some support in order to fast track cases by conducting speedy trials. These things will happen but what is not right to run around with is the thought that Weah created these problems. We had them ever since and all we need are the necessary resources to fix these age-old problems,” Sen. Snowe noted.

About other concerns such as alleged arbitrary killings by police and alleged massive corruption, Snowe, who is the head of Liberia’s delegation to ECOWAS Parliament, said they are issues of concern but they should not be used by any politician to score any political point.

“This government is receptive and they are cooperating with all concerned to solve the existing problems. President was our head as delegation from Liberia to ECOWAS Parliament and he is a respecter of the rule of law. I am of the strongest conviction that he will do all that is necessary to correct most the wrongs,” he said.

Senator Snowe is the head of the committee responsible for political affairs, peace and security at ECOWAS Parliament and he spoke with confidence that Liberia is not as bad as many think and present it out there.

“As chairman for political affairs, peace and security committee for all ECOWAS delegations, I can safely say the ECOWAS countries, including Liberia, are doing pretty well when it comes to peace and security and even human rights. Things are no longer as they used to be.

“No government in our sub-region supports coup d’états or overthrowing of another elected government. We are no longer confronted with the then numerous hostilities as before,” he said.

Snowe added: “This is why the Mali delegation to our summit in Freetown recently was denied being a part our deliberations. The military there overthrew the sitting President and took over but they are yet to transfer power to a civilian. We don’t want to work with military leaders as heads of states or parliamentarian not duly elected as provided for by the constitution of any member state of ECOWAS.”

Senator Snowe, however, failed to acknowledge scores of human rights issues raised in the report. The issues of police brutality and killing and mysterious deaths of citizens were all raised as parts of activities marking the George Weah Administration.

Bomi politics and relationship with President Weah

Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe, on focusing on Bomi and his relationship with President Weah, said that his mission is to work for the people he represents, not individual or any political party in the country.

“No political party in this country owns me. My concern is to work, work and work for the people of Bomi who stood up in the sun or the rain to vote for me. Those who are complaining about what I do with my political life should know that I am not answerable to them, except the people whose interests I was elected to represent,” Snowe told his critics.

He said he has no enemy and as such President Weah cannot be one.

“Elections are over. I was not a candidate on the ticket of President Weah’s led Coalition. They campaigned against me, put up their own candidate as the CPP (Collaborating Political Parties) also had their own candidate against me and massively campaigned against my election to the Senate as it was done when I ran for the House of Representative in Bomi but I won all of them,” he boasted.

Snow said both Benoni Urey and Alexander Cummings, political leaders of All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Alternative National Congress (ANC), went to Bomi and campaigned against his election to the Senate, but he beat them all.


  1. Snowe is matured politically and serms to be laying a ground work for future ambitions! True patrioticism puts country first and issues last and that’s what Snowe has exhibited!
    A true picture of one’s love for country is the maturity of the word verbatim; imagine, a politician saying Liberia is worst off today than before! What a hatefilled bigot that politician is!
    Is Liberia today comparable to its war years destructions, when guns and killings rattled everywhere?
    What a shame? One must be out of mind to make that assertion!

  2. Very interesting how the recent pact of collaboration between most winners of the December 8, senatorial election is quickly falling apart. And this is coming at the heels of these senators wining and dining with president Weah on his recent nationwide tour in their respective counties. Either the wine was darn good to have twisted their loyalty, or these senators are nothing but cold-blooded self-seeking rascals who are selling their integrities for whatever the promise. But am sure their collegues are happy they are revealing their true colors so early in the pact and over nothing, than at a crutial time in the future when their loyalty or votes would be desperately needed. That has always been the trademark of coniving reptilian crooks. Self-interest.

    • UNNECESSARY COLLECTIVE PREJUDICE, especially when not based on the common good, but rather based on inter alia envy, ignorance, personal vendetta, etc.etc., HAS A VERY SHORT SURVIVAL.

      The individual collective prejudice Socrates, Jesus, and Muhammad, encountered from the very populations who later became the propagators of the messages of the philosopher and the two extraordinary prophets are facts which speak for themselves!


  3. While the idea of “love at first sight” dominates popular movies and media, building a long lasting and meaningful relationship usually takes more work than just seeing each other.

  4. When you are in a boat that is about to capsize, you do everything in your power to help the captain to maintain the vessel afloat.
    Snowe’s comment has nothing to do with political ingenuity.
    As James Kpadeh rightly said, he is right at 100% to speak out. It is normal for him to defend the Weah’s government, not the interests of the Liberian people. The US Senator has spoken in the interests of the Liberian people, and the people have taken note.

    Justice will be served, no matter how long it takes!

  5. African leaders need to take a step further at the next UN security council meeting this year by pointing out the massive human rights violation by United States government, the inhuman treatment of children at the US mexico border and killing of black and innocent people at the hand of police, the lack of transferring in US government institution.African leaders should not take everything at face value coming from the state department of the US government.

  6. Anyone who thinks human rights abuse, corruption, and pervasive poverty are endemic hence shouldn’t be a cause for grave concern is in denial. When these indicators of potential instability aren’t reduced, but rather rationalized, Mama Liberia lives in the limbo of a borrowed time. Be warned: Hungry people are angry people.

    • Come ride on my back, pop Moses, for speaking truth to power. Let those who have ears, therefore hear. Thank you sir.

  7. Come ride on my back, pop Moses, for speaking truth to power. Let those who have ears, therefore hear. Thank you sir.

  8. Police Brutality, Denying Citizens The Right, etc…..are all human rights abuse.

    Human right abuses are not limited to only corruption, sporadic killings as they claimed we do in Africa. This is where get NAILED.
    Human abuse, as is defined incorporates slavery, police brutality, the right to vote, etc.

    If a citizen of a country is denied the right to vote, brutalized by police enslaved…those are among most of the grotesque human rights violations.

    It is always cherry-picking accusation that we listen to, it gets us not knowing the cause of our own problems. For political positions, some of us has aligned ourselves with those cherry-picking views, and remain mute on the most GROTESQUES.

  9. Thank you Mr. James Doe. You are nothing but a RELIC of a class warfare that has taken a toll on Liberia.
    Voices like you are the one who have kept Liberia in darkness.

    At least I can speak the truth with my COW MOUTH, to alert other Liberians to change for the better.


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