Discussions Between NEC, Political Parties “Very Fruitful”

Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman heads the Senate joint committee on Judiciary and Autonomous Agencies

— Says Sen. Sherman, as local, international NGOs meet with Senate joint committee Friday

The head of the Senate joint committee on Judiciary and Autonomous Agencies, Senator H. Varney Sherman, has described as “very fruitful” deliberations held yesterday with executives of both opposition and ruling parties, at the Capitol Building.

The meeting is the second in three days, after the Committee’s open hearing Monday with officials of the National Elections Commission, and the Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

Like the Monday interaction, yesterday’s meeting was centered on the accepted date for the holding of both the Special Senatorial Elections and national referendum, scheduled for October 13, 2020, a date that is glaringly becoming impossible.

Both the National Elections Commission and the Ministry of Finance have asserted that, operationally and financially, the elections are possible this year, with a suggested date of December 8-15, 2020.

Among political party heads present at yesterday’s hearing in the Senate Annex Chambers, included Messrs Horatio Gould, Cole Bangalu, Theodore Momoh, and Mulbah Morlu and others.

Before Senator Sherman’s call for a brief closed door discussion with the party heads and NEC Acting Chair, opposition parties had argued that the elections date should remain within the time frame as Constitutionally guaranteed.

The parties argued that NEC’S call for the elections to be postponed to December, due to current Coronavirus pandemic was immaterial, on the basis that there was no medical guarantee that there will not be a surge in the outbreak in December.

The chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah Morlu, assured that his party supports the Constitutional date for the holding of the elections, but intimated that if it becomes impossible for NEC to meet up with that timetable, the party will accept any date that will ensure that the elections are held in 2020.

Another aspect of the deliberation centered on the opposition’s stiff contention that the Supreme Court’s mandate to clean the voters roll is yet to be adhered to by NEC, and other issues surrounding the Voters Roll Update.

The discussion was getting heated between the opposition parties and NEC over a reasonable date for the elections, despite several logical interventions by Senator Sherman and members of his committee. It was at this juncture of finding a common ground that Senator Sherman ordered a five-minute break for consultations.

“Distinguished representatives of political parties, the joint committee of the Senate wishes to express its appreciation once again, for the response to our citation and the very fruitful deliberations that we have had today,” Senator Sherman told the gathering after the closed door discussion.

He then informed the hearing that the Senate Committee will on Friday resume another session of the hearing; “and this time we will be inviting a few local NGOs and international NGOs who are involved with our electoral process, so we can hear them too. We will do our best to prepare a report to be submitted to the Senate plenary when it meets next Wednesday.”

Senator Sherman assured the parties’ executives that their views expressed would be taken into consideration. “I want to thank you extremely for your cooperation; we hope that we will continue to cooperate every step of the way until we have successful elections. And again, whatever we decide, we are committed to a process that will be ended and that whomever that is elected, will be seated on January 11, 2021 in keeping with the Constitution and the Senate Rules.”

Meanwhile, the Senate failed to convene regular session on Wednesday, May 27; no reason was divulged to the media.


  1. Varney Gboto Nambi Sherman is one Liberia’s worst lawyers; he is not only venal but corrosively incorrigible. He would compromise the interest of his people and country to amass wealth of his own. Sherman is a graduate of Harvard yet his education is circumscribed and constricted toward self in a spur parochialism.

    He sided with owners of former Bong Mines Company in swindling retirement funds that belong to former employees of that company. He often sides with foreign company at the expense of the country interests. Sherman is like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in all measures and forms of life parochial self-seeking venture.

    He is of no use being in the senate. Some of these people have to one day leave this planet to have a better Liberia. Else, we need another civilian or bloodless coup to wash the country of the likes of Sherman from the face of Liberia, like Jerry Rawlings did in Ghana.

  2. That Sherman again . He was never trained by his parents to be an honest and credible person. His mind is made to push this country into political and electoral constitutional crisis. The war should had taken Sherman out. But it took decent people out , and left the ugly Liberians to the leadership of the body politics of that country. Prepared yourselves for the streets. Elections in Africa have always been paid for in bloodshed. And Sherman is about to lead one in that country.

    • James Davis, Cllr. Sherman is a successful lawyer and a good lawyer, judicious counselor, a public-spirited lawyer! If his parents did not do what you are alluding to, Cllr. Sherman would have not been the youngest in the graduating class of 1971 of St. Johns Episcopal High School, at Cuttington, University of Liberia, and at Harvard!

      Varney Gboto Nambi Sherman is not only a disciplined gentleman of education, religion ,and civilization! He is a successful, great and good lawyer! He is a professional and a a skilled craft-man! He is an erudite, a creative problem solver,popular business getter, hard hitting advocate, and a political power figure!

      No wonder, he is the Senior Senator of the only county Grand Cape mount County of Western Liberia to have taken the national county meet trophy (in 1969) to Western Liberia!

  3. Varney Sherman, the lawyer, now turned a political rascal in the Senate, from Grand Cape mount County, filled with hate and who has no love for his country or fellow man, has even opted in proposing and writing a bias law, as Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee, which law would deny natural born Liberians the right to hold high government positions in their country of birth. According to him, “Liberians holding American citizenship” cannot become President, Vice President, Minister, Senator, or from holding high positions in the land of their nativity. This rascal from Cape Mount is inviting war upon himself and if he is not careful, he will go down the dustbin of history. I admonish well meaning Cape-mountainians to vote this un-patriotic rascal, and greedy miscreant out of office to help set Liberia free from his never ending corrupt acts within the Liberian Senate.

    • Is it Varney Sherman who made the law in Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, etc. etc., and in fact in all countries that natural born citizens shall not hold elected positions such as President, Vice President, Minister, Senator, or from holding high positions in the land of their nativity. etc.etc.??????

      When you people finish drinking your club beer, and have eaten plenty fufu or dumbor, deepar, or gaygbah, you come here to rant out your ignorance and idiocy.

  4. Joseph Jenkins Roberts, born in Virginia, USA, first President of Liberia. Was elected six times. Stephen Allen Benson born in Maryland, USA. Was elected four times. Daniel Bashiel Warner, born in Maryland, USA. Was elected twice. James Spriggs Payne, born in Virginia, USA. Was elected twice.Edward James Roye, born in Ohio, USA. Was elected once. James S. Smith, born in South Carolina, USA. I could go on and on.

    Cllr. Sherman should first study Liberian history before writing his new unjust law excluding “Americans” who founded the Nation. He is inviting serious trouble upon himself. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient.

  5. “True Nationalist”, you can defend your corrupt leader, Varney Sherman, all you want. We know that ” in the city or country of the blind, One Eye man (Varney Sherman) is your King”.

    But whether or not you dislike my criticism of your “king.”, it is however, more gentlemanly to tell your town chief or king, that there is “pupu”(faeces/corruption) on his gown than to allow him to parade the town/country because of fear of recriminations.

    We are of the unflinching conviction that if all Liberians were to come out and show the government its short-comings and how these could be corrected, the policies and actions of the state would be good since they would certainly satisfy most of the people at most of the times. For we think this medium is more honorable and just than merely singing and shouting under the tropical heat, obstructing the free flow of traffic, with resolutions and praises for corrupt politicians like Varney Sherman and his likes who are bent on violating our Constitution and the election laws of our country. Good citizens obey their Constitution. It is only crooks that circumvent and disobey their Constitution to foster their corrupt and selfish aims. Liberians must live out the dictates of our Constitution and elections must be had as specified in our elections laws.

    We know that the truth hurts. But for us, “we shall speak the truth, if bullets to our breasts!!!!.”( Liberia Poet Laureate, Tombekai Dempster, Grand Cape Mount County).

  6. Jackson, James, Observer, etc.etc.

    Despite the fact there is a common denomination to be drawn from the omnipresence of lawyers in societyś major formations and institution, and on top of that Senator Sherman has long and continue to be a professional in problems of social organization and redress, especially when he Varney Sherman detects that the NATIONAL INTEREST IS AT STATE, people like you will obviously misconstrue this patriotś good deals for “something else” when your selfish desires are not met!

    As the whole world knows, Varneyś problem is simply mixing with such corrupt bastards as Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey, that fool and fag Alex Cummings, etc. etc. because of party affiliation. But everybody is aware that when it comes to lawyers in Liberia, former Presidential candidate Cllr.Varney Gboto Nambi Sherman IS A PRIDE AND DIGNITY OF LIBERIA!

    And you people know it as well as the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf herself who,( because of Varneyś relations with Boakai who was not on speaking terms with Ellen) used Philip Banks of the Supreme Court and prevented Varney from receiving his electoral red carpet welcome as President of the Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate before the CDC ascended to power!

    In other words, you people should treat the patriot Presidential candidate Cllr.Varney Gboto Nambi Sherman with respect, admiration and love! Instead of been ungrateful to this manś love for country, you people should begin emulating his ability to analyze events, develop facts and separating fancy while assigning governing rules or consequences to the facts, as he has done on the dual citizenship issue, the confirmation of NECŚ Commissioners, this issue, etc.etc.

    You people and your likes should begin to learn how this business getter, hard hitting advocate, and political power figure, has the the ability to to think through to the central issue, and to the core of the matter – whether on law, politics, business, academia, or policy. In other words, you people should try to emulate and learn how Varney Sherman holds principles in solution, and analyzes each component part separately and together.

    I mean how he usually whether on the senate floor, party headquarters, or in court, grasps the problem, breaks it down, aligns the pluses and minuses of alternate choices of conduct, and then acts or recommends action, as he recently did when he met with the President, and as he is doing here with NEC for the NATIONAL INTEREST! Treat him with love, respect, admiration, and learn from his wisdom and intelligence which are assets to the NATIONAL INTEREST! DAMMIT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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