Sen. Prince Y. Johnson Throws Weight Behind Prof. Francis Maweah

Prince Johnson.jpg
Sen. Prince Y. Johnson

In the pending By-election in Ganta

Barely three days after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jeremiah Koung in what appears to be the longest political court battle between CPP’s Edith Gongloe-Weh and Koung in the December 2020 Special Senatorial Election, Senator Prince Johnson, Nimba political godfather, has expressed his support to University Professor Francis Maweah, one of those expected to contest the by-election in electoral District #1 as a result of the election of Koung as Senator.

The departure of Koung leaving the district’s seat vacant grants many desirous men and women there the opportunity to contest the position as the presence of the former Representative was a serious predicament to their victory in a Representative Election.

On a local radio on Monday, April 12, 2021, Senator Prince Johnson announced his support to Prof. Francis Maweah to contest the By-election.

Sen. Johnson described Prof. Manweah  as one of the most educated sons of Nimba who had dedicated his life educating most of the citizens of Nimba.

He said, “Prof. Manweah is developmentally oriented and farsighted and when elected, he will expand Nimba County development drive.”

“Prof. Francis Maweah and his family donated 20 acres of land for the construction of the public school, which no citizens can easily do. So, he deserves to be a lawmaker and I believe that when elected as Representative he will develop the county,” said Sen. Johnson.

The land where UNICEF built the Child Friendly School, which is now called Francis Maweah Public School, was donated by the Maweah’s family of Gbouyee within the Ganta Community.

Recently, Prof. Maweah announced that the institution had won US$ 6M grant to improve the vocational and technical component of it.

The lone political vacuum is likely to create serious battle among the citizens, with many including Titus Kpayili, Atty. Lawrence Sua and others lifting up their hands to go against Prof. Maweah in the race.

According to Madam Gongloe-Weh’s District Chairman Nathan Suah, she is expected in Nimba on Friday, April 16, 2021, the first visit since the ruling of the Supreme Court that left her in the cold

Senator Johnson’s support to Prof. Maweah is likely the shake his godson, Jeremiah Koung’s supporters, under the banner “Friends of Jeremiah Koung.’

The Friends of Koung have been galvanizing support to select their chairperson, Mr. Titus Kpayili to contest the pending by-election, but Senator Johnson’s support for Prof Maweah may likely divide their camp and create friction between some supporters of Koung and the political godfather.

The chairman of the Ganta Christian Community, Mr. Lakpor Dahn, has also vowed to contest; something that may likely divide the votes to put him in the lead if the Christian Community will put politics above religion.

Prof. Francis Maweah has welcomed Senator Johnson’s support and calling on his kinsmen, especially those wishing to contest against him to drop their desire to support him as their senior brother and father with more experience in administration and education.

When asked whether he will join the MDR, he said the MDR was founded in Nimba and it is Nimba owned party.

With the support of Senator Johnson, it appears like Prof. Maweah political bid this time will gain momentum, because some members of the MDR have described him as one of the most responsible and qualified persons in the race.

“Sen. Johnson does not make mistakes by supporting Prof. Maweah, because he deserves it and he is an elderly man. We only pray for a good working relationship among them if he is elected,” said Elder Samuel Brewer, a resident of LPMC.  

Ganta is situated in Nimba County Electoral  District # 1, and it is one of the most contested districts, because it contains people of diverse backgrounds.

Prof. Francis Maweah is one of the born citizens of the district and he had contested for this position on two occasions but lost to his rivals. At this time, Senator Johnson, considering the potential of Prof. Maweah, is calling on the citizens of the district to give him their total support.

 “We have presented your son to you as our candidate in the pending by-election, but, if you will take your intestines from your stomach and replace it with [dried plantain leaves] , then it is left with you,” Senator Johnson concluded in a parable.


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