Sen. Lawrence Wants Full Report on NASSCORP


Grand Bassa County Ranking Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence is requesting the Senate to invite the head of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) for an open hearing to address some pertinent issues regarding the future well-being of that corporation’s tax payers.

Senator Lawrence in a letter to plenary yesterday noted that her request was prompted by reports of complaints and concerns of Liberians who pay Social Security fees to “secure their future well-being and the welfare of their family members in the case of disability or death.”

Sen. Lawrence, who chairs the committee on Post and Telecommunications, said the complaints indicate that there are little or no educational programs to inform the public and would be beneficiaries about the social security scheme and its entire process.

The Senator informed her colleagues that the appearance of the head of the corporation before the Senate plenary will help throw light on several issues such as “educational programs or plans for educating employees who pay social security fees, what the fees are intended for, how are they used and when and how do people benefit.”

Sen. Lawrence is requesting that the NASSCORP Managing Director appear before the plenary with records showing the number of Social Security tax payers who lost their lives while providing services during the Ebola crisis and what is the status of benefit payments to their families.

“We would also like to see a comprehensive report on the effectiveness and efficiency of beneficiary programs,” Senator Lawrence stated in her letter dated May 27, 2015.
Because of the seriousness attached to the letter, the Senate voted to adopt it and send it to the Committees on Social Security, Pension and Insurance; Judiciary and Rules, Order and Administration and they are to report back to plenary within three weeks.


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