Sen. Lawrence Questions President Mention of Loans and Grants

Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence (front, center): "... the President spoke about several loans and grants, and I don't recall those loans and grants coming through the Liberian budget..."

The Chair of the Senate Committee on Rules, Order and Administration has taken exceptions to President George Manneh Weah’s assertion that his government has received several loans and grants.

“I am the co-chair person on Appropriation, Ways, Means and Finance of the Liberian Senate; the President spoke about several loans and grants, and I don’t recall those loans and grants coming through the Liberian budget, and I think investigation is needed to know how those appropriations were made,” Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence told the Daily Observer yesterday, minutes after President Weah’s annual message to the 3rd Session of the 54th Legislature on Capitol Hill.

The Grand Bassa lawmaker, who is up for reelection in the October 2020 midterm Senatorial Elections, promised that her Liberty Party will react to the President’s message starting from today, “But I just decided to stress those key points, because when it comes to the state of our economy there are still lapses that we need to look at.”

For his part, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, commenting on the President’s Legislative agenda to the 3rd Session of the 54th Legislature, said he was more concerned about the serious seeming shortage of petroleum products on the market, and the emerging report of a new virus known as “coronavirus”, which is fast spreading globally.

On the President’s reconciliatory message during yesterday’s address, Senator Dillon stressed that in order to display honesty and sincerity as a true reconciller, the President must first reconcile with his Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor, who attended yesterday’s annual message program, arriving in a very limited vehicle convoy.

Bomi County contesting Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson, in an unprecedented tone, yesterday praised the President’s annual message, saying he did well, especially in the area of Agriculture, saying it is about time that the government pays attention and supports that sector for national recovery program.

Also speaking to our reporter was former Minister of Finance, David Fahart, who described the President’s message as well put together; but warned that as much as the country needs developmental aid, moneys coming for projects must be appropriately used; “so that if anybody eats that money he can deal with them.”

Mr. Fahart, who worked in government of slain President Samuel Kanyon Doe, emphasized that: “if he wants the international community to be greatly supportive, he must take action if the money is misused, because that will give them encouragement to continue to help. He also mentioned that the Executive Mansion, which is the residence of our presidency, needs to be put to work.”

The President of the Liberian Council of Churches, Archbishop Kortu Brown, admonished that the President needs to sustain the peace of the country, which he said is  the concern of the religious community. “I think his call to maintain the peace is a genuine one,” said Bishop Brown.


  1. are there any solutions to the 4th poorest nation full of corruption and lies. where are these grants why arent they helping the Liberian people? what happened to these grants and loans? you mean they stole that too. Liberia is a doomed nation

  2. Where are we heading as a civil society to help build our nation? Why people are sugar coating a terrible speech full of lies and deceit about what actually is happening in our country? The speech is a similar replica of the past speeches except for the red lights which was added to the new developments.

    These are the very public funds Mulbah Morlu was discussing about the president was taking in his secret audio voice recording that was air by Henry Costa. Now the Liberians have heard it from the president himself. What happen to all those millions of dollars that the president spoke about that only him know about and they where spend? Even senator Lawrance has taking issues and concerns about the millions of dollars spoken about, by the president is not to her knowledge being key player on finance in the senate. who were the donors of those funds and how was it spend should be giving some attension and need serious explainations to the Liberian people.

    The president keep talking about agriculture and in reality, his administration is doing the opposite to start with. They are rather spending more money on securities than agriculture and education and that’s the terrible recipe for disaster to the coming generation. If Liberia can not grow common pepper for mass consumption in Liberia, but rather import from neighbouring Guinea and Ivory Coast to meet the Liberian market demands, then why are we having ministry of agriculture in Liberia for? What is the ministry of agriculture doing to engage the Liberians into farming to first be able to feed themselves.

    The president speech was too long with no good ingredients and it then became a bit confusing to the president himself during the reading session.

  3. From the past to the present government there has been exiting ministry of Agriculture, while we have been exporting goods and services from neighboring country’s, it’s about time that we liberians support our president and ask international community to come in to give their supporting arm to this third world country.

    Moreover questioning the president speech will be no help to each and everyone, meainwhy we liberians are good at preaching politics, instead of pushing forward on where we need to do better.
    I’m a netive brain, but I will always say the development of the a country don’t rest on the shoulder of the president alone.
    If we think the president is not doing anything better than let be an examplra, if you don’t have a backyard garden behind your house who do you expect to make a farm for you.

    Politics correct many wrong doings, but setting an example matter most.

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