Sen. Lawrence Wants Eton, EBOMAF Loan Agreements Cancelled

Grand Bassa County Senator and Liberty Party political leader, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence

The chairperson of the Senate Committee on Rules, Order and Administration, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, is craving the indulgence of the Liberian Senate for the cancellation of the Liberian Government’s financing agreements between Eton Finance PTE Ltd, and the EBOMAF SA.

The Grand Bassa County ranking Senator noted in a communication to Senate plenary that such cancellation is for the safety and avoidance of embarrassment for the country and future governments.

“It is important to note that unless the two agreements are canceled, they stand to be legal and binding on Liberia,” she said.

On May 7, 2018, President George Manneh Weah submitted to the Legislature for ratification a loan financing agreement between Eton Finance PTE Ltd and the Government of Liberia in the amount of Five Hundred Thirty-Six Million, Four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (536,400,000.00) for financing the coastal corridor connections of county capitals.

Besides the construction of the corridor’s roads, the agreement also dictated that a vocational training center would be constructed in Greenville, Sinoe County, and mini soccer stadiums in other county capitals, with a construction period of 48 months from the day of commencement after the Agreement is ratified by the Legislature and approved by the President of Liberia.

Senator Lawrence also recalled that on May 31, 2018, President Weah again submitted to the Legislature a loan financing agreement between EBOMAF SA and the Government of Liberia in the amount of Four Hundred Twenty Million, Eight Hundred Ten Thousand United States Dollars (520,810,000.00).

According to the ratified Agreement, the loan was for the financing of the design, construction and supervision of road corridors in Monrovia (Somalia Drive-Kesselly Boulevard to Sinkor), and north-eastern Liberia (Tappita-Zwedru-Greenville), with a duration period of 36 months after the Agreement is ratified by the Legislature and approved by the President of Liberia.

However, Senator Lawrence lamented that since the ratification of the two loan agreements by the Legislature and approved by the President in June 2018, nearly 30 months ago, “Nothing has been heard of the commencement of any of the projects named supra, though Liberia has a commitment to repay loans in the periods specified in the two loan agreements.”

“In view of the above, Mr. President Pro-Tempore and colleagues, I wish to crave your indulgence in the cancellation of the loan Financing Agreement between Eton Finance PTE Ltd and the Government of Liberia on the one hand, and the loan Financing Agreement between EBOMAF SA and the Republic of Liberia on the other hand for the safety and avoidance of future embarrassment for our country and future governments. It is important to note that unless the two agreements are cancelled, they stand to be legal and binding on Liberia,” the Grand Bassa County lawmaker’s communication concluded.

In their votes following a brief debate, the Senators during their 6th day of sitting yesterday agreed that the letter be sent to the Committees on Judiciary, Public Works, and Ways, Means and Finance to report back to plenary in two weeks.


  1. Nyonblee, you must be running mad to believe you can distract the public from your criminal and disgraceful mentality and conduct of selling the Liberty Party to Musa Bility.

    After you and that that other Operational Funds NOCAL Destroyer Darius Dillon have disgraced yourselves the both of you foolishly believe by ranting about this “agreement“ and pretending about this bill and that “bill“ , you corrupt hypocrites can alter the fact that even your so called supporters have seen through your disgusting hypocrisy and me me me mentality.

  2. But why didn’t the senators do their due diligence before ratifying the loan agreement??Common sense tells us that before you buy anything in a bag, you must open it and look at what’s inside, otherwise you might end up with a pig in a bag! The ratification of the Eton, EBOMAF Loan Agreements, without inspecting (due diligence) it, was like buying a pig in a bag! But what did these senators expect when they bought a pig in bag??? A bag full of money (US$536,400,000.00)??? I have to suppress the laughter here.

  3. That explains the hypocrisy and lies from this thief Nyonblee Karngar who when at LPRC as public relations officer, she spread nothing but lies to conceal the massive corruption and thievery which were carried out by her boss Harry A. Greaves Jr.

    After she has exposed herself of been a gold digging so called politician upon her sale of the Liberty Party to corrupt Musa Bility, she wants to distract the public with such a moribund crap to further insult her supporters as her zombies.

  4. True Nationalist or Whatever you call yourself, Granted that senator Karngar is what you call her. What’s your take on the matters concerning theses two loans? The senator is not the subject of the news, the loans are. This is what we do here, we leave important masters and waste energies, times, and resources on personalities. Could you please tell us what you think about those loans and stop wasting our precious time on reading what you feel or think about the senator?



    Was Nyonblee blind or insane when she happily ratified those “agreements“?

    And as far as we are concerned after Nyonblee has been a beneficiary from the very “agreements“, she NOW wants to distract her supporters from HER EXPOSED BETRAYAL IN HER’S AND NOCAL OPERATIONAL FUNDS DILLON’S SALE OF THE LIBERTY PARTY TO MUSA BILITY, Nyonblee’s MOTIVE viz what she is ranting is about MONEY! AND her INTENT is TO DECEIVE AND USE THE LIBERTY PARTY to perpetuate her greed for MONEY AND POLITICAL VANITY.

    And I am not only well informed about the mentality of politicians. But also, I have long known her NYONBLEE’S corrupt nature and character from her days at the LPRC. Did you not see NOCAL OPERATIONAL FUNDS DILLON’S PRETENSES ABOUT PROFERRING BILLS ONLY AFTER HE WAS SLAMMED BY HIS SUPPORTERS?

    In other words, would you listen to Donald Trump if he came on this site to tell you that “inciting a mob to carry out an insurrection“ is an act he Donald John Trump hates?

    Or would you want to discuss the value of human life with Osama Bin Laden or the white American police officer who cruelly and wickedly killed George Floyd by handcuffing him Floyd and kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds until Floyd died?

    Or would you listen to Amos Sawyer stating that in Liberia it is wrong illegitimate, and illegal, to highjack the presidency upon the death of the president while the Vice President is available and capably competent to become president as constitutionally required and authorized?

    When people have proven to be corrupt, you do not listen to their criticism about corruption, etc. All one needs to do is vehemently condemn such hypocrites forthwith, and tell them to get out of the way, since of course they are inter alia insulting the intelligence of anyone who decides to have a “take“ on their criticism.

    Was Nyonblee blind or insane when she happily signed those agreements? No she was not blind nor insane. But according to her warped mentality, her motive for money and her intent to use the Liberty Party as her market at the expense of the people, are her goals.

  6. Senators Nyonblee Kangar-Lawrence and Abraham Darius Dillion, the Late Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, prior to his death, spent his financial and moral resources to build and strengthen Liberty Party (LP), his beloved party. Cllr. Brumskine, gave everything he could to leave you, Yonblee Kangar-Lawrence, and Abraham Darius Dillion the Liberty Party (LP) that he remains proud of, and a party (LP) that could win power and the leadership in Liberia.

    Pray tell the world and those that fought to make the Liberty Party (LP), a party of integrity, is this all you, Senators Lawrence and Dillion, could do? Why did you and Dillion, sell Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine’s precious and cherished Liberty (LP), the reported party of integrity, to Mrs. Ellen Hohnson Sirleaf and Musa Hassan Bility?

    Do you both not know that Musa Hassan Bility, is a committed and well-known criminal?

    Come 2023, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleaf family, come what may, will regroup and compel you, Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence, and Abraham Darius Dillion, to nominate Amara Mohammed Konneh and Robert Avin Sirleaf to run as the presidential and vice-presidential candidates on the ticket of the Liberty (LP).

    You, Senators Lawrence and Dillion, have sold your souls for thirty (30) pieces of Silver!

    Indeed, the Late Cllr. Brumskine and the Brumskine family will take you both as DECEIVERS!

  7. A non-partisan position presupposes that construction of the coast to coast road projects is crucial to Liberia getting out of underdevelopment, and unending pervasive poverty of our vast majority rural populations. Therefore, a reasonable expectation was for the Bassa County Senator to summon officials from MPW, MOI, MOFP, etc., and find out causes for delay instead of abruptly calling for cancellation of funding loans.

    Liberia needs these particular infrastructural developments as urgently as a person suffering from asthma needs an inhaler. Anyway, with overall compensation package of about USD $15,000 monthly since 2008, Senator Lawrence has had no fears of going hungry. Life is a windfall in the Legislature. She and her colleagues get filthy rich at the expense of dying poor people they claim to represent – abominable abuse of entrusted power, undoubtedly.

    Our country has forever been shamefully backward and poor in spite of plentiful natural resources. Even by the realities of January 29, 1980 (four decades ago) Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea were already in the fragile states’ category. The three MRU states not only “lacked the capacity, will, or legitimacy to provide basic services or enforce the rule of law, but also were exposed to violence, poverty, economic instabilities, and uncertainties…” Our legislators must now concentrate on the economy, not 2023 election, by cutting down on waste (including unrealistic compensation packages), and help towards creating new sources of revenue to efficiently and effectively carry out the people’s business. The noose is around their necks. Nonsense!

  8. My post is missing. What’s daily observer up to? Do we only have to write what pleases The Daily Observer? I’ll call that “Bad Journalism”. Hey! Follow me on FPA.

  9. Thanks! To the Hon. Lady, Yongblee Karnga-Lawrence. I’ve been under the impressions that the Efon, EBOMEF attempted loan agreements had long been cancelled. If those agreements had gone through, they would have dragged Liberia further into poverty. Cancel those contracts and make that cancellation decisions official/legal. Sadly, Liberia have already paid “US$12,000,000” as advance so called legal fees to crooked lawyers and their co-conspirators. What have they got to LOSE? *In the maintime, Liberia is out U.S$ 12Mils.

  10. My question to all Liberians is: Do you want us to repay loans that we never received? I agree with the senator that those documents be cancelled, PERIOD.

  11. “Alexander Wright“ if you are one of those a corrupt thief, a rude and violent individual like Yonblee Karngar Lawrence who poured boiling water on the head of another senator while in session, and killed her husband and that young student she Yonblee told people were having an affair with her husband, can fool, count the Liberian people out of such group .

    Do you have to be told that corrupt, violent, and wicked, Yonblee only decided to rant about such nonsense as a ploy for public consumption to remove public scrutiny from her person after been disgraced and stripped to the marrow as one who is soley in the senate to receive her over 24 THOUSAND US DOLLARS EVERY YEAR in a nation where the voters and the other poor people who are the majority cannot afford to buy a cup of rice?

    Or you like Dillon who is happily receiving the same 24 THOUSAND US DOLLARS EVERY YEAR while telling his supporters receiving such amount is wrong, but he happily receives it and more he calls operational fund.

    Scrutinize your conscience, before asking such a naive question.

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