Sen. Kaipay Seeks Update on Maritime, GSA


The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Autonomous Commissions and Agencies is requesting the Liberian Senate to invite the Commissioner of Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) to provide that body with vital information about his entity.

Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan Lambort Kaipay in a May 17 letter to the Senate requested the appearance of Commissioner Dr. James Kollie to present a complete list of ships that have been flying the Liberian flag from 2006 to 2017, and give a detailed account of revenue generated during the period.

“The number of Liberians employed on foreign vessels that are under the Liberian Registry and the present status of the Maritime Training Program in Marshall, Margibi County must also form part of the Commissioner’s briefing; in addition, he must also provide clarification on the disclosure over (an FM Radio station) a local radio station on May 16 that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has reduced Liberia’s nautical miles from six to three,” Kaipay noted in his letter.

The Liberty Party lawmaker noted that the exercise is ‘extremely important’ because the Maritime Authority is one of the country’s principal sources of revenue generation. “The information will therefore help in restructuring if necessary the Authority’s capacity in generating much needed revenue that will help to strengthen  the country’s existing sluggish economy.”

The role of the LMA in building a vibrant and sustained economy cannot be over emphasized, noted Senator Kaipay, adding: “It therefore behooves to be abreast of the statutory functions of the Authority for the nation to avoid the repeat of diminishing growth, notwithstanding the establishment of viable institutions like the LMA intended to help ensure Liberia’s continuous economic wellbeing.”

In another letter, Senator Kaipay is requesting his colleagues through the Secretary of the Senate, to cite the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Madam Mary Broh, to appear before the plenary with a complete list of all Government of Liberia assets, “especially assigned government vehicles and those that are presently in the custody of the GSA; the vehicle list must give a breakdown of government entities, counties and government officials to whom the vehicles are assigned and those designated for utility as well as the list of buildings owned or leased by GOL.”

The list, according to Kaipay, must also include description of vehicles, engine numbers, codes, models, condition of vehicles when assigned, present depreciation schedule, and proposed salvage rates.

The purpose of the exercise, noted Senator Kaipay, “is to save government from the inappropriate spending of huge and much needed revenue that usually goes into purchasing fleets of cars for every incoming administration. Hence, I remain confident that this honorable body will be up to the task of helping to improve the nation’s economy by ensuring that all government vehicles in good running condition are reassigned by the next administration.”

The two letters were sent to the relevant committees to report to plenary within two weeks.



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