Senate Judiciary C’ttee Probes Cllr. Nwabudike’s Stay at LACC

Flashback: Cllr. Nwabudike being grilled by the Senate during his confirmation hearing following his NEC nomination few months ago

— Sen Dillon says LACC Article VI has been violated

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has drawn to the attention of the Liberian Senate that Cllr Ndubusi Nwabudike, serving as head of the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), violates Part VI, Section 6.3 of the Act creating that Commission.

The section contained in Senator Dillon’s communication says, among other things, that: “Only citizens of Liberia are qualified and eligible to serve on the Commission.”

Section 6.3 of the LACC is quoted thus: “Each member of the Commission shall be a Liberian citizen, not less than 30 years of age, of good moral character in the community and with proven record in anti-Corruption advocacy in professional training, and/or experienced in law enforcement, accounting, auditing or related field. The membership of the Commission shall also be drawn to reflect the broad spectrum of society, provides further that no two commissioners shall have the same county of origin and all shall not be of the same gender.”

In his communication read before plenary yesterday, Senator Dillon noted that he holds firmly that, “Mr. Nwabudike, a citizen of Nigeria by birth, has not demonstrated or proven to be a Liberian in manner of acquisition of Liberian citizenship, as he claimed before this august body during his confirmation hearing. In view of the above, I wish to formally invite the intervention of the Senate to this matter of national concern and impress upon my distinguished colleagues, to take keen interest and ensure that the proper and appropriate measure be taken to uphold, protect and defend the integrity and credibility of the LACC from being abused and violated.”

It may be recalled that few months ago, in a letter to the Liberian Senate, President George Manneh Weah nominated Cllr. Nwabudike for the post of Chairman of the National Elections Commission. But, during the confirmation hearing, after sustained contradictions in his credentials, especially his multiple dates of birth, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Autonomous Commissions and Agencies called it a day and halted his confirmation hearing.

“Mr witness, I think the Committee has heard enough, right now it is clear that there are issues that need to be further explained… at this point we will end the confirmation hearing; and Sergeant, you may proceed to discharge the witness.”

That was how the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Autonomous Agencies and Commissions, Senator J. Milton Teahjay, abruptly ended the confirmation proceedings for the Chairman-designate of the National Elections Commission, Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike.

However, in an apparent move to save Cllr. Nwabudike from further disgrace, President Weah preempted the Senate Committee report by withdrawing the nomination of Mr. Nwabudike. The Senate committee’s report never reached the Senate Chambers for obvious reason.

Meanwhile, through a motion, Senator Dillon’s letter was forwarded to the Senate Committee on Judiciary, chaired by Senator H. Varney Sherman to report to plenary next Wednesday.


  1. Dead letter, dead probe (if there may even be any probe). And that is because the final arbiter of disputes – the Supreme Court has already made its decision that Cllr Ndubusi Nwabudike is a citizen of the Republic of Liberia.

  2. Liberia is a country where fun and stupidity can never ever ends. Why is Mr. Nwabudike’s still working at LACC and getting paid at the expense of Liberians tax dollars? Don’t we have laws in Liberia or those laws are meant for jokes? Instead of Mr. Nwabudike serving jail term for his crimes of pretending as Liberian, educated himself at the expense of Liberians and yet, the government of Liberia sees no wrong doing of Mr. Nwabudike’s actions and yet continued to keep him in office of duties that should be perform exclusively by Liberians. Why is president Weah refusing to listen to the Liberian people about this very young man occupying such positions inliberia, when he don’t meet the requirement?

  3. Senator Dillion,

    Keep on the good fight for Liberia. Never be distracted by ignoramus, puerile and unpatriotic contentious voices against you and the disgraceful and shameful witch hunt to unseat an honorable senator. My prayers are out there to you. Never relent in your drive to exposing those who uphold opaqueness and “Solve et Coagula” in our country.

    What I don’t understand to date is why this Nwabudike is still serving on the LACC? In fact, this guy should have been in jail by now or deported from the country.
    I can just imagine if it were a Liberian in such situation in Nigeria, maybe by now is body would have been found somewhere with a hypocritical official report that he committed suicide or he wanted to escape from his gangs and was taken down.

    King George Weah used to say he will employ qualified people to do the job for him, great! Why can’t you look out there in the diaspora and bring in qualified Liberians? Do you want to serve our country on a platter as an elephant meat? In fact, how can you rightfully serve a country with honorary doctorate, doctorate, doctorate degrees, which your partisans proudly exhibit all the time?

    I know Liberians have tender and quick-forgiving heart, Liberians are grateful to neighboring countries for the ultimate and great sacrifices they made to bring peace to our war-torn country, and so Nwabudike could stay to do his business in Liberia. But please, take him out of our LACC, we beg you King George Weah!

    No more war in Liberia!

  4. mr. P. Dolo,

    your brutal honesty is what has drawn me closer to you. Just yesterday, me and some other staunch partisans were discussing similar topics. Why is this gentleman still at LACC? .

    But when we ask tough questions, our own members look at us as though we are from outer space. The sad part about it is that there are still a good number of us who love the party and want to see it going in the right direction.

    We implore the President everyday to narrow his scope and intensity his focus on his very inner circle and do what is right now only by the people who still believe in him, but do right by the whole country. History is watching.

    P. Dolo, be gentle with us.

    • Sorry to say, but Pres. George Weah does not “have Liberia at heart” as he and his sycophantic follwers claim. Within two years, he has violated so many laws in our Constitution without any care and concern, openly looted from our coffers, and has lived an extravagant lifestyle (that he dared not lived during the 12 years of CDC’s so-called revolution) while the majority of Liberians linger in abject poverty.

      Why would any nation’s president appoint a known foreign criminal and even when that criminal has been exposed to be a fraud, still keep him in the very position that should only be occupied by a Liberian? Pres. Weah is seriously insincere and has taken Liberians’ love for him for granted.

      But his daily exposure via the media, social media, and word of mouth has made him extremely unpopular and Liberians now see for themselves who Pres. Weah really is: an insensitive opportunist who takes his people for granted. History has NEVER favored such leaders. From the Central African Republic (Jean Bedell Bokassa) to Libya (Muammar Gadaffi) to our own Charles Taylor, the end has been bad for insensitive leaders. So, Pres. Weah should not be surprised when history hands him a similar ending like those before him.

  5. George Weah will NOT remove this illegitimate employee until the Liberian people get in the streets and demonstrate him.

    If you do not put FIRE on his back, he will not move. He believes in turtle mentality.

  6. This is purely an insult to the Senate and I am glad that senator Dillon has chosen to take on this issue; without delay the Senate needs to send a strongly worded letter to the president demanding the immediate removal of that man from the commission.

    The ruling CDC should be ashamed of this kind of insult coming from the president and party officials are silent about it in the governance system which the party heads. What is wrong with confronting the president in a party meeting that Mr President it’s time for the rejected guy at the commission to go given the the decision from the Senate.

  7. Wait, wait, wait Librarians I am very confused.. Is this Nigerian still working in our government??

    Well, CDCians what are your opinions on this issue? ? Because it is your party and if wrong is happening right before your eyes say something as a partisan.

    But in fact, he should have been out of LACC by now..

    So, Mr T. Nathaniel Tamba 111 when was he reinstated at NEC? Since he is a you say..

    Those of you who did not travel outside Liberia during our
    entire civil war, the way we Liberians were treated in other African countries especially, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Guinea etc. etc When you are told you will not want to see any of them in your country..

    Ask Liberians who went to these countries during our war and hear what they will tell you..

    There are too many foreign nationals claiming to be Liberians when they are not ..I seriously applaud Mr. Dillion for his steadfast work for the Liberian people…

    We need law that says if anyone claims to be a Liberian and if he or she is not… that person goes to jail for 70 to 80 years..

    Sen. Dillion I ask that you send such a bill on the Senate floor so that people can’t just think being in or going to school in Liberia makes them citizen of Liberia..

    This is what most Mandingos, Fulas and Nigerians think. So, we need laws in order to stop it.

  8. P. Fahnn Dormeyan, whoever expressed or implied that Cllr. Nwabudike’s was reinstated at the NEC??? Read every statement here (including mine), and you will realize that no one has expressed nor implied that Nwabudike has ever been reinstated at NEC.

    What is really wrong with some of you? This is what I commented here:

    Dead letter, dead probe (if there may even be any probe). And that is because the final arbiter of disputes – the Supreme Court has already made its decision that Cllr Ndubusi Nwabudike is a citizen of the Republic of Liberia. Where in this statement is it implied or expressed that Nwabudike has been reinstated at NEC? NO WHERE.


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