Sen. Grupee Embarks on US$120K High School for Gbi and Doru

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In the wake of the controversy over the annexation of Gbi and Doru (Nimba County, District 9) to Rivercess County, a construction of a modern high school is expected to kickoff in the district soon, with funding from Senator Thomas Grupee’s share of the Legislative Support Project Fund.

In an interview with reporters in Nimba on October 1, Senator Grupee said he is going to use about US$ 120, 000 of the 2015/2016 share of the Legislative Support Project for the construction of the high school as part of the development to enhance access to high school education.

He said he received an amount of US$ 229, 000 as his share of the LSP from the 2015/2016 budget and, looking at the needs of the citizens of that southern part of Nimba, he has asked LACE to carry on construction of a school building in the middle part of the district, precisely Glann Town.

Gbi and Doru have many public schools, but there is no high school in the district, something that is forcing high school students to seek high school education in the city of Tappita or other parts of Nimba.

An attempt to build a junior high school in Gbi and Doru did not materialize, an issue Commissioner David Toe expressed his frustration and disappointment over the constructor and the donor (European Union).

“The Legislative Support Project covers some basic areas, including health, education and agriculture, among others,” he said.

The Senator did not explain how the balance will be used, but earlier this year he asked the 17 administrative district commissioners in Nimba via the local radio station to identify areas where he can use his share of LSP.

Majority of Nimbaians are yet to see the impact that the Legislative Support Project has on the county’s development, since it was introduced by the 53rd Legislature.

When it comes to the LSP, few representatives are said to be using their shares wisely, with visible projects that the citizens can boast of in Nimba.

Rep. Jeremiah Koung (Nimba, District 1) constructed several schools in his constituency, compared to other members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus, despite the huge challenges the county is facing with bad roads or bridges as well as inadequate schools and clinics at some localities in the county.

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