Sen. Dillon to Prove Cllr. Nwabudike’s ‘Fraudulent’ Citizenship

Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon

-As the NEC Chairman designate faces Senate Today

The issues of maligned integrity, split loyalty, and opaque neutrality continue to be a point of contention against President George Weah’s controversial nomination of Chairman at the National Elections Commission (NEC), Cllr. Austin Nbudusi Nwabudike — a “naturalized Liberian” with a Nigerian lineage.

Opposition to Cllr. Nwabudike’s appointment and the accompanying criticisms are becoming incessant by the day and seem not to be going away, not anytime soon.

To add what appears to be an insult to injury, a member of the Senate has said that he would prove beyond every reasonable doubt that the NEC pick obtained Liberian citizenship by fraudulent means.

Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon, is slightly shifting from the crux of the barrage of criticisms against the nominee, as they may not bear constitutional backing as being insinuated by proponents of the regime, to a more constitutionally substantive argument—the legitimacy of Cllr. Nwabudike’s naturalization/citizenship.

Speaking on a local radio station over the weekend, Senator Dillon said, “From what I have gathered so far, I want to be convinced that Nwabudike became Liberian citizen fraudulently. And we will endeavor to prove that.”

This means that that the designated NEC Chairman should not only brace himself to face the Senate to justify why he should be considered for the post but to also convince them how he got his citizenship.

The impossibility, according to the Montserrado County Lawmaker, would probably lead to charges of perjury and possible prosecution.

“The law says if it can be proven that one obtained such status through fraudulent means, it can be withdrawn from you and you can be prosecuted for perjury in accordance with the law,” Dillon said, adding that this latest nomination has exposed Cllr. Nwabudike’s fraudulent nature.

“It is my understanding that he took up citizenship in the early 2000s at which time he was already a lawyer and practicing law under our jurisprudence. And if he did that, then he is a dumb Lawyer.

“Nwabudike stated that his father came here 1946 and returned ‘home’ in the 1960s after Nigeria gained independence. How can you say he Went back ‘HOME’ when he had already denounced Nigeria as home and took up Liberian citizenship? He also said he came back to Liberia as a result of the Nigerian civil war, also known as the Biafra war. He again returned to Nigeria in 1971 and did return since.”

He also said When one is nominated, the Senate rules state that the nominee must send his/her Curriculum Vitae (CV) and other relevant documents that represent that individual. Though Cllr. Nwabudike has presented his CV, Senator Dillon said members of that body are yet to see any attachment of his naturalization papers to validate his citizenship status.

“We will be demanding those records so that we can scrutinize them. And if we find out that he obtained our citizenship fraudulently, we will call for his prosecution in addition to denying the NEC top post,” he stated.

“So, for instance, if the evidence can be shown that the subject under discussion benefited from a privilege or right under dubious means, said privilege and right can be withdrawn; and said person can be prosecuted for perjury under the law if the benefit thereof was obtained under Oath,” Dillon said on his social media platform.

Dillon emphasized that he can prove that He said Cllr. Nwabudike’s mother was never a Liberian by any means. “She could not and did not come from Bomi. The stories that his mother hailed from Bomi are totally false and misleading.”

Nwabudike has also not shown proof that his father was a “Naturalised Liberian.” So, it is unsettled yet that he acquired Liberian citizenship under his father’s ALLEGED naturalization. We are waiting for this proof!”

In the argument of natural-born and naturalized citizen at NEC, Dillon said there is no way that logic and good reasoning will agree that a naturalized citizen that should be the one to pronounce a President and Vice President.
Though Weah said during his inauguration that Liberians should not judge him by the eloquence of his speeches but on the quality of the decisions he makes, Dillon said it is unfortunate that the President is poor and inefficient in the singular quality that he boasts of to the Liberian people.

“The quality of most of the decisions that the President is making are terrible. His choices at the NEC are the latest cases in point.

He said all Liberty Party Senators are resolved to vote against the nominee. “This is the position of the party and no one dare go against the will of our beloved Liberty Party.

“Weah and his gangs are already ruthless with the State security apparatuses. He has destroyed the judiciary, the courts,” said the Senator.

“The soul of our democracy is guided by the NEC and the good governance that comes out of our electoral processes. We cannot allow ourselves to travel the wrong path again. And this is why we want to ensure that the right things are done,” Senator Dillon added.

“If we don’t stop this nightmare that is hovering over our NEC and the electoral process, we will be doing this country no good,” he said.

There are arguments that the NEC nominee has previously been confirmed by the Senate, thus, why would he now be rejected?

On the issue of previous confirmation for other posts, Senator Dillon said, “We will save the argument or justification about ‘the man has been confirmed once before by the Senate. Yes, no argument or justification over this. The Senate may have been in error not doing due diligence at the time. Notwithstanding, it does not stop, prohibit, prevent or disallow the Senate from rejecting him now for cause(s) as may be deemed by the very Senate.

“In the practice of law, where there is ‘new discovery’ to act upon a thing already acted upon, a person enjoying a privilege can still be denied or deprived of enjoying the very thing and other such things going forward.”


  1. Senator Dillon, you are such a smart guy! No doubt the Liberians overwhelmingly voted you. Be strong in the fight, your logic shall sail through. #WeNeedMoreDillons

  2. The nomination of this Nigerian con-artist is further proof that Pres. Weah is insincere and does not have the country at heart as he has claimed over the years. Our president has continuously, boldly, and shamelessly put foreigners’ interest before Liberians as long doing so personally benefits him. So his whole “Liberians will not be spectators in their own economy” speech was just one BIG LIE. Our president should be ashamed of himself for attempting to force a Nigerian criminal on us to determine the future of our democracy.

    The “love” he has for market women was also displayed at Waterside market on Sunday by breaking market tables. How can you take away the people’s livelihood when you have no means of giving them subsidies? Liberians will learn the hard way. Most of us told them that this electing this president would be a huge mistake. Their eyes are opening “small small”. I hope they vote CDC out in 2020 and 2023.

    • Wilson,
      No one cares about these market women and men. They were the very ones who helped to usher in this incompetent government, so let them reap the “benefits” of their decisions. Who cares about market women; let them go ahead and spread their lappas again.

  3. i KNEW this high school drop out(WHO IS TELLING US NOTHING BUT ”THEYSAY”) would only come out here to disgrace himself. He does not even know about one’s original ‘home”’ and one’s adopted ”home.” Hence he spews such stupidity as ”How can you say he Went back ‘HOME’ when he had already denounced Nigeria as home and took up Liberian citizenship? ”

    Mr. fool Dillon,when Charles DB. King left his original homeland of Sierra Leone and became President of his adopted homeland Liberia, THAT DID NOT AND COULD NOT CHANGE THE IMMUTABLE FACT THAT SIERRA LEONE REMAINED HIS ORIGINAL HOMELAND.

    And that was exactly the case with Nwabudike’s dad who left his adopted homeland and returned to his original homeland. When I saw the headline on you on such matter as this, I knew you were simply disgracing yourself again.

    Now get this into your high school drop out head! What matters in such scenario is ”THE GENUINE CONNECTION” one has with his adopted homeland or his original homeland. Nwabudike’s dad had a GENUINE CONNECTION with Liberia.

    And so in terms of diplomatic protection on behalf of Nwabudike’s dad at the time, it is Liberia who had the right and power to exercise that diplomatic protection on behalf of Nwasbudike’s Sr. on the diplomatic plane and within any court of Law! And from all indications this is the same case with Nwabudike Jr.! He has A GENUINE CONNECTION with Liberia than his original homeland Nigeria..


    • Kou it is you who have disgraced your self, because you have no clue what you are talking about. You don’t even know the difference between an adopted home and a naturalized home. The senator is a sound, Smart and intelligent man, and Montserrado and country are blessed to have him as senator. No amount of nonsense from hater like you Will distracts him from doing the Liberian people Job

      • ”Kai Tompoe”, I would not be surprised to uncover that you are the very high school drop out Dillon, since the silly reasoning of Dillon is evident in your comment. For example, you have proven that lapse on your part via this statement of yours ”You don’t even know the difference between an adopted home and a naturalized home..”

        Mr. knownothing, AN ADOPTED HOME IS A NATURALIZED HOME! AN ACQUIRED CITIZENSHIP IS AN ADOPTED CITIZENSHIP! When you adopt a nationality, you have naturalized a nationality. When one adopts a child, he or she naturalizes that child as his or her own child. Even a 2nd grade student knows this! My God!

        • Mr. Nationalist- I want you to know that you are wrong on your definition of adopted home and I will educate you and I am done: a country other then Your county of birth is considered your adopted home prior to you gaining citizenship of that country. Once you acquired Citizenship of that country, it changes from your adopted home to your real home. As for for your so- called high school nonsense- look at senator Dillion output and contribution to our senate, he has been outstanding more then some of our corrupt degrees holders. The president of Rwanda is a high school graduate without a degree and he is transforming that country.

          • Kai Tompoe, some of you think as children or illiterates.

            So according to your understanding, all those foreigners living in countries other than their own original homeland countries have adopted those countries.

            And an individual with MULTINATIONAL CITIZENSHIP (more than two nationalities or more than two citizenships) have ”more than one country as his or her ”real home’. In other words according to your ignorance, they have three or more ”real homes”.???

            DO YOU KNOW THAT NO ONE CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE DOMICILE? Your domicile may be within the jurisdiction of your adopted home or your original home country. But it has to be ONE DOMICILE AT A TIME

    • Ma Kou,

      According to what we know, Cllr. Nwabudike is an active member of the Nigerian community organization in Liberia. It means he regularly attends meetings of Nigerian nationals to discuss issues of concern of Nigerians.
      Is this GENUINE CONNECTION to Liberia?

      Also, let me just tell you that if Senator Dillion is a high school dropout as you claim, then his is a normal day high school dropout. Respect him for his intellectualism.
      But looking at how young this Senator is, if you tell me he’s a war time high school graduate, I disagree. This guy is a patriot and looks very sound indeed.

      I believe, like Maiden Sayeh, you have a personal qualm with Senator Dillion. Do not allow such hatred to becloud our national interests, please!

      • Petarus,, the fact that one may have such ‘GENUINE CONNECTION’ as the reality of his domicile, business, employment, alma mater, children, fraternity, appointment in government, etc. etc. (as is the case with Nwabudike), DOES NOT MEAN ”THEY” SHOULD HAVE A DISCONNECTION WITH PEOPLE OR ASSOCIATIONS FROM ”THEIR’ORIGINAL HOMELAND WITHIN ‘A COUNTRY WHERE HE OR SHE HAS NATURALIZED!

        And this is why there are thousands of Liberian here in the world’s melting pot the USA who are naturalized citizens of the USA, but are active members of ULAA ETC. ETC. Or should they have ”A DISCONNECTION” with Liberian national or political subdivision associations (Nimba Association, Grand Gedeh Association, etc.) in America. according to the policy or the decree of ANC?

        • NO Ma Kou!
          The ANC will NEVER decree such.

          The confirmation hearings just closed a while ago and will resume tomorrow at 2pm Liberia’s time. I encourage you to follow it and perceive for yourself what is at stake.
          I am really moved the caliber of lawmakers on the confirmation team. I hope they can vote accordingly.

          Living in and having the American citizenship does not in any way mean you should not affiliate with other Liberians.
          Equally so, being a citizen of the USA officially automatically bar you from holding the Liberian passport, prove me wrong on this.
          In any case, as long as you hold the citizenship of the USA, they can get you anytime if they need you, as was done with General Noriega of Panama.

          Cllr. Nwabudike is indeed an astute lawyer with cold but forceful temperament. Frankly, I admired him a while ago, but he will use his brilliance nefariously in our elections, as I can gather from today’s hearings.
          The guy is a smart man, but please, let him leave our chairmanship.
          Remember, we are going to a key and critical referendum.

        • Shut up Rebel Dolo, you know nothing about the ANC, go and clean your house first before you clean Liberia. What have you contributed to Liberia besides your rebel activities during the war ?

          Your wife is there prostituting in the Ivory Coast with Mr. Dormah, go cave her first before you save Liberia.

      • Rebel Dolo, besides your rebel activities in Liberia during the Liberian civil conflict that gave rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast for fear of retribution is the only contribution you have made to the Liberian society. Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven, retribution is on its way.

        As I made it clear to you on Saturday, The day you plan on losing your life, come to my home and have a bullet placed in your stupid head.

        Because of one of your past lying post about the first lady of Liberia without proof, I found some shit about you that will be share on this same forum that you were allowed to post yours on.

        Your mother only job is a prostitute. Your wife had children by Mr. Dormah while marry to you and you think they are yours, now you know, you handicap ass Nothing wrong with your quest for qualify Liberians to occupy position of trust but please clean up your nasty little house up first before trying to clean up Liberia.
        While you clean, meaningful Liberians will be discussing their political future.

        More actions awaits you not limited to legal when it is known that you are on Liberian soil in. That cradle of yours will be ROCKED.

    • ADD is by far educated then you . go back take a rest and than define education. It can be formal or informal. You can also read on the former American president Abraham Lincoln, the self taught and one of the most educated president in American history.

  4. Mr Wilson, I must commend you for your comment, but I can assure you that the President’s nominee Mr Nwabudike will be our country’s next NEC boss.Most of our problems have been with the Legislators.They are so greedy for money that love for country hardly crosses their mindsThe Legislature is unarguely one place in government where dishoesty is mostly practised.

    Mr. Dillion is a man of integrity and principle¡he has proven that time and again.But to win a fight like this for the Liberian people in the midst of selfish, corrupt law makers might even cause his life.

    • Mr Dahn,for some reason,I think your last paragraph is something the senator should consider strongly! Just my opinion.

  5. Mr Dahn, as a patriot, it is important to rank integrity and country over politics. If it is established that this particular nominee, fraudulently obtained his Naturalized certificate why shouldn’t he rejected by senate? to suggest that he will be confirmed at cost is ridiculous

  6. Let the nominee identify his village or his ancestors so that we may set the record straight! Besides his job that he is seeking, let him tell the public how he has been helping the Gola land! Which village has he been sending his help? Let this Nigerian not drag and Gola in his fiasco! Leave the Golas out of this one. Maybe he is talking about the Golas In Sierra Leone.

  7. Confirming this man as NEC boss is bad for both Liberians and Nigerians. There is no election that is totally fair and as a result a huge integrity issue. If this guy’s to chair the election and it goes otherwise, Liberians would definitely lose trust in all Nigerians or naturalized ones, and might cause more discrimination and segregation.
    #Let the Senate safe us this trouble and reject this man nomination as NEC boss.

  8. Weah’s nomination proved that there is no typical Liberian-CDCian to occupy the post of NEC Chairman in and out of Liberia. What a shame!!

    • Bility,
      There are lots of Liberians, in and out of the country, that can serve as NEC chairman and commissioners to the admiration of the Liberian people. The whole idea of nominating this core of commissioners is to tilt the results in favor of CDC, period. How can you put boyfriends and girlfriends on a sacred commission like NEC and then except to get an impartial results. This is one of the dumbest decisions on the part of this president who came to power under the mantra of “democratic change”. Rather than making things better, he is in fact making things worst. Liberians should not settle for kind of nonsense.

  9. Mr. Petarus Dolo,
    From the questions you ask, it is apparent that you are prejudiced against the NEC appointee, Mr. Nwabudike. You’ve got a hate in you against foreigners. Aren’t you a Christian?

    By the way, can Kou born you? I beg your trouble. You old grown guy. Don’t mess with Kou Gontee. You’ve got bad nerves to call Miss Gontee, “Ma Kou”. You know what? Your hands need to be tied so Kou will have the opportunity to whack you with 25 lashes, that will instill some values in you.

    Now, let me connect the dots. Hopefully, you will be exposed. I just can’t believe you. Where are you? In space, in Spain or in the Ivory coast?
    Are you in discussion with the Ivorians this morning? So what do you mean by, “he regularly attends meetings of Nigerian nationals to discuss issues of concern of Nigerians”. How’s about you? Do you discuss issues of concern with the Ivorians? Aren’t you discussing “issues of national concern of the Liberian people”?

    To make matters even more bizarre, you write, “I believe like madam Sayeh, you have a personal qualm with Senator Dillon”. So what? Don’t you have Problems with Dr. Nelson? Don’t you have problems with Nwabudike and many more Weah appointees? What’s the gist of your annoying interrogation? I am sure your reply from Kou is in the works.

    Kou’s hatred “beclouds our national interest”? I am bewildered! Kou’s position of attacking Dillon has nothing to do with hatred, but rather a clear attempt to expose Dillon’s hypocrisy. So again I ask… does that “becloud” your national interest? You make provocative statements. Kou, you know where I am.

    Dolo, get out of the weeds.

  10. Childish insults aside, if, as reported, an official of the Nigerian community in Liberia, said that the Cllr ran for a leadership position in the Nigerian community elections, this warrants further questions. How can a “Liberian” do that? Let’s lift these discussions from the gutter. An anxious world watches.

    • Rebel ass Dolo, Your only contribution to Liberia is your rebel activities during the civil war in Liberia that gave rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast for fear of retribution. That cradle will be Rocked.

      While meaningful Liberians are discussing their political future, go and clean your nasty little house first before you clean Liberia. You wife is there prostituting in the Ivory Coast and had children by Mr. Dormah while being marry to you, that should really be a taken care of first, Fool.

  11. Again, you want to unleash a warrigal on me by evoking Kou here. Leave Kou alone. If she wants to react, she will. Stop inciting trouble and sitting on the fence to chuckle to death.

    How can I hate foreigners if I am a foreigner myself in other people’s country? No, I do not hate foreigners.
    Being a Christian doesn’t mean I should sell my sovereignty? It’s because I am a Christian, I still support the openness of my country Liberia.
    Do you know how we are treated in the neighboring countries we considered our brothers and sisters? Ask people in your community he went through experience in any neighboring countries. Who the Liberian will dare even dream about such thing in Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, etc.?
    This is no xenophobia!

    We have problems in our African society simply because we don’t occupy our rightful places. you can’t be fellowshipping in an organization with your kinsmen to promote the cause/s of Nigeria and be appointed as chairman of the NEC of another country, Liberia, NO!
    Equally so, you can’t learn Theology and be appointed to manage an institution that requires knowledge in management and aviation or management and computer science or simply aviation? There can NEVER be innovation.

    I am not in any weeds. I can see clearly before me!

    • Rebel Dolo, clean your house up first before you clean Liberia up. Your wife is prostituting in the Ivory Coast, get her from the streets while meaningful Liberians discuss their political future.

      • Rebel ass Dolo, Your only contribution to Liberia is innocent blood on your hands and retribution is on its way. Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven for you, that cradle will be ROCKED.

        You were born a bastard by a prostitute and your wife is a prostitute having children by Mr. Dormah and you think they are yours, clean up that mess before you come to clean Liberia up, you handicap dog.

  12. Hon. Dillon know what he is doing is the right thing, some of you guys always sentimental on issues, talking about Education who is most qualify then Hon. Dillon? People who occupied high profile postions don’t have the qualifications, indeed they were elected by the Liberian people. Cllr Nwabudike is a foreigner he don’t deserve that position ok!

  13. Getting out of the weeds is simply an expression. It means stop what you are doing. That’s what I meant jokingly! Your salutation….”Ma Kou” is funny. But you don’t have to stop what you do. You’re your own man.

    Where was all the anger of the Liberian people when Ellen Johnson appointed a Nigerian as commander of the Liberian military? At least, Johnson-Sirleaf’s appointee was not naturalized.

    Look my friend, Liberians do all kinds of things that befuddle all of us. I met a Nigerian guy who claimed to have driven for a Liberian official for some time in Monrovia. So after a while, the Nigerian driver obtained a local passport and a visa. You know the rest of the story. Second, there’s an Indian guy from the subcontinent who claimed to have spent 19 years doing business in Liberia. Guess what? He came to America with more than a million bucks! Today, he owns a gas station. But he bragged by saying, “that kontrie is the best in Afli-ca. What did he do so much in order to save a million bucks in Liberia?

    I sense how upset you are about Nwabudike’s appointment. But on the other hand, you become edgy when I excoriate the lawmakers of Liberia for doing little or nothing, yet at the same time, the lawmakers rake in thousands of undeserved dollars annually. What I am trying to say is that the Nwabudike appointment has been made already. Nwabudike’s confirmation is in the hands of the lawmakers. What you and those who are opposed to Nwabudike’s appointment should be doing is to lobby the lawmakers so the gentleman’s confirmation will be denied. That’s it. Put pressure on the lawmakers. Doing so will change the dynamics, pure and simple.

    • Uncle Hney,

      It’s time to go home but let me answer this question you asked:

      “Where was all the anger of the Liberian people when Ellen Johnson appointed a Nigerian as commander of the Liberian military? At least, Johnson-Sirleaf’s appointee was not naturalized.”

      This is not the same situation. Remembered, there was no standing Liberian army after the war but factional groups. When Ellen was elected, ECOMOG was assuming the peace and security of the country, and so Nigeria had to make the commander then the Chief of Staff of the new (to be structured) Armed Forces of Liberia. We were not under a normal situation.
      It took years before Liberia could have its first Chief of Defense Staff.

      That’s not the case here. We have so many brilliant lawyers in Liberia, even within the CDC. We should appoint one of them. I cannot really get the mobile behind Weah appointing someone that may raise eyebrows now.

      You people should stop comparing us to the USA all the time. Look at what goes on around us in the subregion. We are NOT the USA but Liberia. We are like Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Niger, Mali, etc. Let’s copy them too.

    • Rebel Dolo, clean your nasty house first before you clean Liberia. You have contributed zero to Liberia besides your rebel activities during the civil war.
      You were born a bastard and your wife is a prostitute who had children by Mr. Dormah while marry to you. Clean your shit up while meaningful Liberians discuss their political future.

    • Rebel ass Dolo, Your only contribution to Liberia is your rebel activities during the civil war in Liberia that gave rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast for fear of retribution but that cradle will be ROCKED.

      Clean up your nasty little house up first before you clean Liberia up. Your wife is a prostitute who who had children by Mr. Dormah while marry to you,. Is that your household contribution to Liberia ?

    • Rebel ass Dolo, Clean your nasty house up first before you clean Liberia. Your wife is prostituting in the Ivory Coast and having kids by Mr. Domah, that should be taken care of first while meaningful Liberians discuss their political future.

    • Mr. Hney, you will do yourself a very big favor were you to read the Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord. Madam Sirleaf’s authority to appoint that Nigerian derives from there.

      • Thank you Sir.

  14. I encourage you to please log onto KMTV (on Facebook) and following the confirmation hearings of the NEC chairman. It’s very interesting indeed.

    • No one cares rebel ass Dolo, clean your nasty house up first before you clean up Liberia.

      Your only contribution to Liberia is your rebel activities during the civil war.

      You were born a bastard and your wife is a prostitute who had children by Mr. Dormah, is that your household contribution to Liberia ?

  15. Weah has stated time after time he has personal affinity for Nigerians because his birthday falls on the date of Nigeria’s independence. Even one of the appellations in his long chain of names, Manneh, is of Nigerian significance. And so, will the imperialistic Manneh sit by and allow his Nigerian brother not being selected? I doubt that.

    This issue goes to the core of a point I made once when an article was published by the Daily Observer a few months ago concerning a report published by the Liberian Immigration Services (LIS) on how porous the Liberian borders have become.

    And even though I was in the affirmative with this article, but Interjected some remarks implying that when we talk about porosity we should also include the porosity of our minds and not only national boundaries. In a broader definition, our intellect is also a border because it is the tool with which we perceive and interpret ideas. The wrong ideas have seeped through the Liberian psyche to the point that many of our leaders will accept anything including the compromising of their sense of patriotism and nationalism for the acceptance of bribes,

    Let us not be shortsighted. Weah is extremely venal. Have we forgotten that he was about to give the major portion of Liberia’s territorial fisheries to Senegal just a few months, but the entire shaded deals were unearthed by Mr. Henry Costa?

    Can a Liberian vie for such a high position in Nigeria in the midst of overwhelming evidence that he is extremely corrupt?

    And because the Liberian intellectual border is corrupt, Mr. Nwabudike could be confirmed!

  16. Dolo,
    What do you mean by, “you people should stop comparing us to the USA all the time”. Are you calling me “you people”? You know my name, don’t you? Please!

    I would like to clarify some issues you have raised.
    First of all, it wasn’t just ECOMOG that kept the peace. The nations of the world (United Nations troops) were represented there. Furthermore, it took years and years before the Nigerian General was relieved of his duties. Notwithstanding, a Nigerian General commanded the so-called Liberian army. As I have argued before, there wasn’t an outcry of the General’s nationality. So there isn’t a dime of a difference.

    Comparing The US With Liberia:
    Why not? Is it an act of criminality if and when one compares Liberia with the USA? To you, maybe yes. To me, no-sir-ree! (Not a word though)
    The focus of my point is that comparisons will always be made whether you like it or not. The US is well developed. Liberians have a moral obligation to observe what goes on in the US. In this way, changes will be made in Liberia. Approximately forty years ago, China and Russia were ironclad countries. Today, both countries have changed. As a consequence of their desire to change, both countries can brag about billionaires and multi-millionaires in their respective countries. More importantly, China and Russia emulated the US and its Western allies. That’s how they have been benefited.

    Now how’s about you? You have the proclivity to compare Liberia with the Ivory coast all the time. You cannot deny it! Why is it good for you to compare our country (Liberia) with the Ivory coast?

    Ellen Johnson could have trained Liberian soldiers in the US. That would have been the most logical thing to do. She didn’t probably do it because of corruption. Now look….the young man whom she appointed as Minister of Defense (B. Samukai) became a convict afterwards. Bad man judge Gbeisay will get Samukai’s butt locked up soon.

    Where was the anger of those who opposed Ellen Johnson when she appointed a Nigerian to the position of Liberian-Nigerian Commander of the Liberian army?

    What a joke!
    Liberian lawmakers sign concessions and look mute as the foreign timber industry pillage our tropical rain forests.

    Please, y’all mon not get me wrong ooo.

    • Nigeria? Ooooooh, ok. Understood.
      Liberia is down and was down. Most people are not aware of what Mr. David Monyengai said? Please reference that document for reading.

        • Shut up, rebel Dolo, your only contribution to the Liberian society is the blood on your hands from the Liberian civil war that give rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast for fear of retribution but your world is about to be tuned upside down, child molester and rapist.

    • Uncle Hney,

      Once again, Nazi Germany was defeated but the army was never disbanded, despite the severe hardware damage and high manpower losses suffered.
      Unlike Liberia, there was no standing army. Members of the AFL had either merged with warring factions or deserted for exile. No military barracks were functional and there were no chains of command.
      These things did not happen in Germany as you are alluding. ECOMOG and other peace missions were in total control of Liberia. The country needed to build a new army that could progressively replace the peacekeepers, which was done.
      Here again, your analogy is weak. To compare 2 or more things, the analogy must be strong

      Of course, some of our officers were trained in the USA. Had it not been for the exorbitant costs, I am sure they were all going to be trained there. Look, if there is something I should give credit to Ellen for, that thing will be the current army. We have a small but trained army that can never permit the country to slip back into any fratricide, this you can be assured of.

      That Samukai’s case, it’s a game. That guy is a pawn on the board of the ongoing cheese game. By the time we reach stalemate, you will understand the strategy/ies that was/were being employed to the detriment of the Liberian people.

      The appointment of a Nigerian General as Defense Chief of Staff can in no way be compared with the appointment of Cllr. Nwabudike to head the NEC.
      If you had watched the hearings yesterday, you were going to see the anger and frustration on the faces of the Liberians in the hall.
      We may have political differences, but I see that Liberians at home, from observation, are united on rebuking this appointment.

  17. I stand on the same path with senator Dillon and others who are against the confirmation of Cllr. Nwabudike. The president’s decision to nominate this man to one of the country’s highest and sensitive posts does not seem healthy for Liberia. I think there are many competent and typical Liberians that could assume that post.

  18. Mr. David Monyengai,
    I understand what you mean. I don’t want to sound as if your suggestion should be trashed. However, the fact remains! A Nigerian army General became a Commander of the Liberian armed forces. The Liberian people did not raise their voices of opposition during that time.

    Let me historicize a situation that pretty much resembles what happened in Liberia. During the second World War, Nazi Germany was defeated. As a consequence of Germany’s defeat, the country was bifurcated into two countries, East and West Germany. So during this period of occupation, did the US and its NATO allies preside over the West German military forces? No. But although there were thousands of NATO military forces stationed in West Germany, the West Germans appointed their own Generals.
    Secondly, would Johnson-Sirleaf’s head be chopped off if she had said “while the UN is here, I would like to train my men militarily in the US. At least within a year or two, my military men would have been trained”. Remember, the Nigerian General was retained by EJS for well over four years.

    Monyengai, I am not enthusiastic about Nwabudike’s appointment! But I think the gentleman is qualified. He may have some junk in his closet. I don’t know him one bit. I think the reason there’s so much heat in Nwabudike’s appointment is that he’s a naturalized Nigerian. Again, if there’s some kind of verifiable “rotten garbage” in his funky closet, he must be denied. But his background is unacceptable to some people that I know. Those people that I know of, do not want to admit it. But the truth is written behind their shirts!

  19. Aaron Doe Nelson, Sr., I don’t know whether you reside in America or on a visit.If it is true that you are a resident of the United States,I can t understand why you chose to be irresponsible like this. Your expressions on this platform are not those of an intelligent class ,and are enough evidence that you lack self-control. I thought people who live in a western society like the US are more civilized.You have not only insulted Mr Dolo but all of us.If he had offended you,this is not the place to address your grievances!

    • Marcus Dahn,

      Your bias assertion of me comes Not as a surprise. Whether or not if I live in America or visiting the western world shouldn’t be of concern to you or none of your business.

      You write ” I can’t understand why you chose to be like this. ” How can you be ignorant on an issue and in the same breath formed an opinion about one party involved without several bias reasons that we know there of ?

      The Marcus Dahn I know from Liberia, who is responsible, belongs to the intelligent class, has self control, will make a proper enquiry when ignorant on an issue before passing judgement on one party.
      That’s the Marcus Dahn I know and respect and have decided to keep it that way.

      Some people fry chicken for dinner, others bake or broil theirs for dinner, at the end of the day, chicken was served by both households.

      No one here has the authority to sanction anyone expressions or police on this forum. what goes around comes around.

  20. Mr. Aaron Doe Nelson Sr.! Could you bring something positive to this discussion rather than insults and self hate against Mr. Dolo and his family. This is not about Mr. Dolo or you washing his dirty Landry on social media chart room, terming the wife as prostitute is totally wrong. If you have nothing to contribute to this on going discussion affecting Liberians, then just read others opinion and comprehend the facts. Insults and belittling can never archive anything in a meaningful way. If you engaged in insults to convey your message, you are limited to vocabularies. We all don’t have to agree on anything in charting but learn from each other. If there is anything personal between you and Mr. Dolo, I urged you to keep it personal. We are your audience to your post and it’s very disturbing reading the content. I don’t mean in anyway trying to offend you but please, remained on the discussion rather than Mr. Dolo and his wife.

    • Mr. Akoi,

      I truly believe that your post to me is in no way intended to offend me. I’m sure you are not aware that there were headlines that did not concern individuals that work for the Liberian government including the First Lady of Liberia that this Rebel Dolo insulted and tarnished their reputation on this forum and no one cation him to stay on the subject.
      If this Rebel Dolo can insult another man’s wife, the integrity and character of his wife will be fair game.

      If you believe I have self hate for this Rebel Dolo, I will say it is mutual. Nothing on my part will be kept personal while Rebel Dolo uses this same forum to disrespect me and others.

      I have a track record of contributions to Liberia and will continue to do so. Nothing on my part will be kept personal while this Rebel Dolo uses this same forum to tarnish the reputation of others and insult their significant other.

      I do understand your concerns but this Rebel Dolo and his family are fair game.

  21. Mr. Dolo,
    First of all, I am not a defender of Nwabudike. I don’t know the guy. Throughout this intellectual exchange, I have not vouched for him. All I have said is that he is “disliked I by many people, including you because he’s a naturalized Nigerian citizen. His transgressions were there; yet no one bothered to complain about them. Only recently have people begun to expose and complain about his excess baggage.
    “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Saying that does not mean Nwabudike should or should not be confirmed.

    Second, you have the proclivity to exaggerate sometimes. Please note that when Germany was defeated, the “Nazi army” was disbanded. The NATO allies and Warsaw Pact countries were united in their effort to see a new army in the East as well as in the West! I know this very well.

    Third, did you say that my analogy is weak? Think again! You’re flamboyant and therefore you give the impression that you are authoritative on every important issue. For instance, you hate comparisons! From what you’ve demonstrated, any time a comparison is made between Liberia and the US, you get upset. The strange thing that’s known about you is this… make a lot of comparisons, particularly between Liberia and a host of African countries. So, what’s up your sleeves? Do you want to be seen as “someone” who’s above the issues of our time? The comparison I have made is not weak; only a person who refuses to understand it will disagree with it!

    When Germany was defeated and subsequently bifurcated, the original Nazi war machine was dismantled!!!!! Very much like Liberia! The Warsaw Pact countries headed by communist Russia did not put a Russian, Polish or Hungarian army General in East Germany. On the other hand, NATO countries did not put a British, Canadian or an American army General in charge in the Western section. I know what I am talking about. Please don’t give me or the readers the impression that you have a better knowledge of this particular issue. I know it better than you.

    • Uncle Hney,

      There is no way I can dispute the history of Nazi Germany with you, knowing that you are a legal practitioner.
      However, I would like you to assert that the technical infrastructure of the Nazi German army was practically intact upon surrender, and that the disbandment of the army was consequential to the trauma unleashed on Europe and the world at large.
      But despite the tainted reputation of that army, there were career military personnel still available in their ranks to take over a clean page, hence the appointment of a German General to reconstruct a new army.

      Unlike Liberia, there were no infrastructures and practically no career military personnel. Everyone had become corrupted into his tribal warring faction. So, a new breed of army corps had to be built to patriotically mold their minds to the service of the nation.
      Meanwhile, the mission of protection of our borders and state agencies had to be ensured, thereby naming a general, in this case, the Nigerian general to serve as Chief of Defense Staff.

      I am a technocrat and so I like pragmatism. I would rather compare a crawling baby to the one taking his first steps than comparing the earlier with a teenager in Grade 12.
      Liberians need to look around them and try to emulate or surpass our neighbors. I prefer comparing Liberia with the Ivory Coast or Ghana or Nigeria.
      Why should we compare Liberia with the USA if the annual budget of a county in the USA surpasses Liberia’s annual budget?
      Why should we compare Liberia with the USA if the literacy rate in any county in the USA is astronomically higher than that of the entire Liberia?
      Why should we compare Liberia with the USA if they have had more than 200 years of stable and evolving democracy?

      There are many reasons for which we should NOT indulge in such comparison. However, let’s admire what they do and try to emulate some of them by intelligently adopting it to our society.
      China succeeded in doing just that and today, that nation is a force to reckon with in the world. I am currently watching the news where China and Russia are contributing supplies to the USA. Liberia once donated to South Korea. Let’s try to emulate such positivism and philanthropism by learning to harness our resources ourselves, using customized technologies.

      I NEVER impose my views and neither do I exaggerate, but I make my points on subject I am passionate about. I neither exercise flamboyancy nor authoritarianism but forcefully put forward my points of view and support them argumentatively. I think this is what political debate is all about. I had never imagine venturing into the political arena, but I’m already there, and so I am taking this as a practice.
      However, I am open to your critiques, suggestions and advice. And so, I may change styles if I get another objection.

      It’s almost time to start viewing the confirmation hearings of our newly lovely chairman of the NEC.
      May God protect Liberia!

      • Day Break Rebel Petarus Dolo mouth Open

        Rebel Petarus Dolo, Your only contribution to the Liberian society is your activities of killing, rape and child molestation that give rise to your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast for fear of retribution. Your world is going to be turned upside down, retribution is on its way.

        Your quest to join the political conversation in Liberia and trying to cowardly hide behind the good name , works and achievements of Mr. Alexander Cummings and the ANC will be exposed. The Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven for a killer and rapist like you, that cradle will be Rocked.

        Your crusade of tarnishing the reputation of others and insulting their female significant other makes you, your wife and family members fair game.

        You need to shut the hell up while your arrest awaits you in Liberia. Clean your nasty little house up first and face justice before you try to clean Liberia up, you killer, rapist and child molester.

      • Rebel Petarus Dolo, Hney is Not your uncle. You know darn well who your uncles are. Your kind, the killers rapist and child molesters.

        When retribution hits you, trust me, you will find yourself with your real uncles.

  22. Brother Nelson Sr.,
    You said in one of your comments that a chicken can be baked, fried or cooked. You’re right. But by saying that, you made me hungry because I like baked chicken.

    By God’s grace, this bloody Covid-19 will be defeated soon. But that’s when your trouble begins. By his grace, I will visit Minnesota and would like to eat baked chicken with Jasmine rice, blended onions with green pepper in heated oil, add small salt. No okra because I can’t eat okra.

    No beer or wine for me. Only water or cranberry juice. You can try my recipe, no one else.

    Have a great day brother Nelson.
    Look, I was trained in the area of elections. I can work with the elections commission. My presence will not be “on the job training”, but rather hands on! But with Covid-19 demonstrating its killer instinct around the globe, I prefer to stay indoors than going out. You know what I mean.

  23. Snr. Brother Hney,

    I’m glad to hear you like bake chicken, Consider it done and I understand exactly your last paragraph.
    Have a great day as well.

    I have family members who are doctors and military on the front lines fighting to save lives in this pandemic and you are right, it will surely be defeated.

    Please excuse me for a moment, I need to go serve some raw chicken to an individual who cowardly serve the same on this forum and try to hide behind Mr. Alexander Cummings achievements and the ANC to go unnoticed. He will be expose everyday until his own deadline he gave to tarnish others reputation 2023.

  24. Mr. dummy of a president since you said in your inaugural speech that we shouldn’t judge you by the eloquence of your speeches but by the decisions that you will makes, since that is your own statement we as a Liberian has resolved that you are not a man of your words and you are nothing but a BM, a 419, a disgrace to our country we therefore adding our voices to the voices of many others Liberians that your inability to govern our country has shown in many cases, you mean nothing to us but fighting for your greeds in imagining us, making us more poorer than ever before, so please do not temper with the remaining hopes that we have for our country before your six years because Liberians wanted to see you as a president and they have seeing you but please we still have future hope for our country and don’t be the one to bury that hope.

  25. Mr. Dolo,
    To some, maybe including you, please be cordially informed that I am not trying to trivialize the Nigerian General who became a Commander of the Liberian military for a very good period of time during the presidency of Johnson-Sirleaf. My point is that if Johnson-Sirleaf had felt that a trained Liberian should have held that particular position, it would have happened.

    Your argument is that unlike Germany, there was no Liberian who could have been found because Liberia’s former military officers and non-commissioned soldiers had joined the ranks of the various warring factions. That’s false! Although some soldiers broke ranks and fought with “some rebel” groups, a bulk of the original soldiers took cover in order to preserve their dear lives. Fact! Again, if Johnson-Sirleaf had desired to place a trained Liberian at the top of the new Liberian army, it would have been done. Forget the so-called Ghana Accord. Would Johnson-Sirleaf’s fingers be cut off if she had suggested that such a particular clause of the accord be abrogated? Good contingency decisions were never made during that era!

    Furthermore, the German situation is not unlike Liberia! Please understand this very well. The un-democratic Warsaw Pact nations despised nazism. Example, the Russians will tell you up to this day that millions of their countrymen lost their lives on the battlefield. But although the Warsaw Pact nations felt so bad because of so destruction and the lost of lives, their military Generals were not made to be top Generals in East Germany. The East Germans were given some time to build up their forces.

    The making of comparisons:
    Obviously, you do not like for me or anyone to compare the US with Liberia. Too bad I will not abdicate my stance from doing just that. First and foremost, it is not illogical to do that. Second, by making comparisons always between the US and Liberia, I do not condemn my beloved country, rather, I point out ways in which changes can be made in Liberia. By the way, since you think comparisons should not be made between the US and Liberia, you don’t make such comparisons. I will do it in the name of Jesus!

    Let’s look at the public schools in Liberia and the US for a second. (This is a comparison).
    Public school students in Liberia do not have their full set of textbooks. Also, teachers do not have their full set of teacher edition textbooks. This particular issue has been going on in Liberia since 1847. How long should the people of Liberia endure this nefarious practice? On the other hand since 1847, the people of America have tried their level best in terms of making progress in all public and private schools throughout their country. The Americans did not make the silly decision of paying their lawmakers $15-16,000 every month while their kids go to school without textbooks. Only in Liberia is it being done. Are we in Liberia not supposed to try? Should we always say, “we are poor”? So when on earth are we going to say enough is enough?

    Note Well……
    The US was only 71 years of age when Liberia declared independence, 1847-1776. We in Liberia are grown. We have to change. I will compare the two countries as long as I live! I want to see a positive change in Liberia. Your concept of a change is to “usher in 2023”.

    Finally, the Nwabudike case has raised the consciousness of the Liberian intelligentsia to
    a very high level. What could be some of the reasons? Whether you want to admit it or not, Ellen Johnson’s appointment of a Nigerian General to be at the top of the infant Liberian military has rekindled people’s rememberance.
    The idea of the Nigerian General’s appointment was understood, but not appreciated.


  26. Considering the number of foreign troops in Liberia then and the etiquette of ex-military personnel, could any Liberian general command any of those forces? Not feasible!
    Did we have a standing army or police force by then? No, Sir!
    Was the Nigerian general taking orders from the president of Liberia then? Partially, and it was in her interest!
    Did the Nigerian general face our senate for any confirmation hearings? No! he was answerable to the UN and so he couldn’t, unless someone can prove me wrong here.

    Cllr. Nwabudike is a presidential nominee, appointed by the president of the Republic of Liberia, son of the soil, to oversee our referendum and elections.
    He was born in Nigeria in 1965, came to Liberia due to Biafra war and got naturalized in Liberia in 1982; it means he was 17 years old when he became Liberian.
    Did you read that?

    I think there should be no comparison here again. The analogy, beyond all considerations, is weak!

    • Day Break Blood Thirsty Rebel Petarus Dolo Mouth Open

      The only contribution this Rebel ass Petarus Dolo have made to the Liberian society is his activities during the Liberian civil war, killing, rape, and child molestation that give rise to his self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast for fear of retribution.
      The Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven for you Rebel Petarus Dolo, retribution is on its way and your world will be turned upside down.

      This Rebel Petarus Dolo wants to enter the political landscape of Liberia by cowardly trying to hide behind the good name, works and achievements of Mr. Alexander Cummings and the ANC but he’s being Exposed.

      This Rebel ass Petarus Dolo who is a rapist, killer, child molester etc have tarnish the reputation of individuals and insulted their female significant other on this forum making him, the prostitute he have in his house, and family members fair game.

      The arrest of this demonic character awaits him and while meaningful Liberians are discussing their political future, We will expose this bastard, son of the devil satan Rebel Petarus Dolo each time he comes on here to pretend to be some one of integrity.

  27. The point you are ignoring is this……if Johnson-Sirleaf wanted to have a competent body of young Liberian men trained, it would have happened. The idea is that there was no imminent danger facing Liberia during her tenure. The country was safe! There was no potential outside aggressor. None whatsoever. So the hiring of a Nigerian General was not wisely thought through. Let’s not bother to find out what the Nigerian General did in order to streamline the infant Liberian during his tenure.

    Say you, “did we have a standing army”?
    Answer: No

    Question: When we began to have a “standing army” who trained the men and women of the Liberian armed forces?

    A partial wikkipedia of Nwabudike has been provided by none other than you. But it doesn’t say anything about the atrocities he is being accused of. According to a partial diatribe against Nwabudike, you claim that Nwabudike is a crook and a rascal, your exact words. Since you know him as a criminal, what are some examples of criminality in Nwabudike’s past that you can stipulate?

    There should be comparisons made all the time if I feel one or a few comparisons are warranted. Especially as it relates to the US and Liberia, just be informed kindly and humbly that comparisons will be rolled by me. Why?

    (A) Because the US and Liberia are inherently traditional friends. Somehow, our traditional friends have made tremendous progress in many, many areas of life and we’ve been left behind. To an extent, whether we try our level best to “usher in 2023”, nothing good will happen. Also because Liberian leaders have always been resistant to change, economic, political, agricultural, educational and other areas where progress could made, nothing good is happening. And

    (B) Irrespective of how long I have lived out of my beloved country, Liberia is my home. I will compare things between Liberia and the US. Why? Because I want the very best for Liberia.


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