Sen Dillon: “The Humiliation Bus Must Stop Immediately”

Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has narrated instances where he alleged that public humiliation was meted against him by officers of the Executive Protection Services (EPS).  “It has reached the point that the bus must stop immediately.”

Senator Dillon’s assertion was made as a follow-up to his communication to the Senate during the 7th day sitting of the 4th Session of the 54th Legislature.

In his communication, Senator Dillon noted that the latest of the unprovoked and targeted gross disrespect to him and his office by officers of the EPS was at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex on Sunday, January 31, 2021, during the finals of the National County Sports Meet between Montserrado and Lofa Counties.

“Even with a VIP ticket clearly displayed for entry in the stadium, I was embarrassed and blocked from entering the VIP section of the stadium in the presence of the EPS Director and other state security officers; I had to leave the stadium without entering the field to watch the game. It would have been worse and chaotic had I not held restraint as a leader,” Senator Dillon noted.

As a means of covering up the attack and disrespect to him and his office, “The EPS has issued a public statement, suggesting I was in breach of protocol set in place for the protection of the President of Liberia (who was playing exhibition football  involving former and current Lone Star selected players).”

“Mr. President Pro-Tempore and distinguished colleagues, as stated above, this was the fifth time officers of the EPS have behaved so unruly toward me, including at the Capitol Building during delivery of the last two Annual Messages, 2020 and 2021; I feel personally threatened, and I am concerned about my safety and the safety of my family. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue; I request you my distinguished colleagues, to take seize of this matter and act accordingly to ensure justice and fair play in the best interest of peace and stability,” Senator Dillon communication concluded.

“More of a concern to me,” Senator Dillon told his colleagues, “is when the Deputy Director of Police, Marvin Sackor, goes to the radio on two different days to declare that I am a target of the Executive and enemy to the President; that is putting me in harm way. Even the one week this Senate has decided to investigate this matter, I could be out there in Gardnerville or anywhere far away from where the President is, any officer from the Executive can see me, consider me and come at me as a target, according to the Deputy Director of police.”

 He declared:  “I am not an enemy of the Executive and I want to make this clear; I do not hate the President of Liberia, I have got no malice against the President of Liberia. I did not want the President of Liberia to become President; I did not vote for him,” the Montserrado County Senator clarified, adding:  “I exercised my democratic right to vote against his interest of being President; he won because it is democracy; the President of Liberia exercised his right not to see me as a Senator. I am a Senator by the grace of God, and because we are in a democracy and the majority of the people say so; it’s time for us to work together, and in working together does not mean and should never ever mean that we must agree with everything, even if somethings don’t make sense.”

As a lawmaker, Senator Dillon emphasized that he was elected to ensure check and balance, provide oversight, “And in the performance of our duty, sometimes we may clash out on issues…not personal. This public humiliation has gone beyond…  I am here for nine years and some people have just got to get used to it. The humiliation has reached the point that the bus must stop immediately.”

The matter was turned over to the Defense, Judiciary and Executive Committees, to report to plenary in one week.


  1. If Dillion does not behave himself in confronting Executive Protection Security, he might get hinself shot someday.

    Around the world, Executive Security Protocols require no one else entering a premises, a function, once the president is there.
    Dillion cannot continue to break security protocols thereby endagering the life of the president!
    This fraud of a senator must be aware the safety of the president is paramount to his ambitious display of fame!
    You cannot enter a vip once the the president is seated there or has artived!

    The Executive Protection Force must be commended for aborting Dillion’s assissination attempt in disguise and must remain viligant and more forceful in dealing with Dillion on their line of duty!

    Foolish Dillion, your disgrace is just starting!!

  2. The loquacious Senator Darius Dillon blabbers like a drama queen, a tendency which in 2019 took him and Costa to Trump’s While House to seek support for a regime change uprising at home. Of course, EPS officials were right about breach of presidential protection protocol when he tried entering the security perimeter they had established. It mattered not whether the President was at his seat, or gone on the field. For instance, let’s imagine the security nightmare if each of all 30 or 32 senators had taken a phalanx of security detail to the VIP section where GMW was already situated. By the way, if Dillon becomes President, EPS would execute the same procedures for his safety.

  3. You shoot Dhillon, in one minute, Monrovia will forever be in chaos, the likes of which you have never seen. That will be the end of the Weah’s government and kleptocracy. Just try it and “Yor will see who born dog.” Dhillon is the people’s anointed, those who plan against him will truly fail because God is with him. He is in the Senate to redeem His people from the suffering that George Weah and his government has brought upon them. “Yor Killed 4 Auditors” during the Trump Administration and nothing came out of it. Biden is now in power. Just try it under Biden and “yor will see the kind of sanctions Biden will put on the Weah corrupt government. The sanction will remain on Weah until he himself run away from the Executive Mansion. I hope the American Ambassador is listening. “Raccoon knows what tree to clean his butt on.”

  4. Old Man Momo, Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, the whole world knows President Weah will never kill a fly nor sanction the killing of a fly, not to talk about the elimination of any opposition member crossing his mind.

    But let me ask you, and do not get me wrong! Trump and Biden should never be compared. Biden embraces this government far far far more than Trump! Now, why under the very Obama and Biden Administration, Ellen and her government, by all implications were to a larger measure seen as been the killers of Harry Greaves, Michael Allison, and many others including opposition politicians and whistleblowers, and nothing came out of such killings?

    And you believe that under another administration of the Democrats, Washington would ever think about sanction because of a Dillon a non entity viz America’s compelling interests who was snubbed by the very Washington and is known to be an enabler of that Portuguese fugitive and terrorist Costa?

    Who kept Charles Taylor in power as he carried out his disappearances of opponents, summary executions, and even massacres. And what did Bill Clinton say on his way to Senegal? All he said, “President Taylor, keep up the human rights record“.

    Which sanctions have Washington imposed on Nigeria, other ECOWAS countries in their killings of political opponents before and even during the administration of Trump? Not to talk about Paul Kagame in Rwanda cutting down opposition politicians at his whims and caprices with neither the US nor France which has the leverage of sphere of influence playing deaf!

    Believe it or not. This Opposition is the weakest of all Liberian oppositions in since the birth of multiparty democracy in Liberia. And why? The reactions from powerful capitals and the diplomatic in and near Monrovia during all those so called protests which the UN, ECOWAS, and the AU and EU labeled as a “hidden diabolical agenda“ on the part of the Opposition are TELLING HINTS for the wise!

  5. It is not a question of “Who kept Charles Taylor in power as he carried out his disappearances of opponents…”, you should rather ask “Who removed Charles Taylor?”
    Taylor was removed when President Bush told ECOWAS that “Taylor must leave, that we’ll participate with troops”(White House 2003). The UN Secretary General called Taylor and informed him that the United States Government wanted Taylor to leave within 72 hours, in order to avoid military action. Taylor responded that he would not leave Liberia before there were external peacekeepers on the ground(Passewe 2006,204) and stated on 16 July that” if I were to leave this country before the peacekeeping troops arrive in this city, I see disaster…..I see trouble, I see mayhem, I see rape, I see total destruction”(C. Taylor, 2003).
    U.S. Ambassador Blaney repeated President Bush’s message that Taylor had to step down and stated that the United States has a lot more involvement in Liberia than just what it does directly with its own military(Blaney 2003). On 29 July Annan (2003) informed the United Nations Security Council that ECOWAS was ready “to deploy 1,500 troops to Liberia by mid-August” in a three phase deployment of the multinational force(Annan 2003). Two battalions from Nigeria and a third battalion made up of troops contributed by Ghana(250 troops), Mali(250 troops) and Senegal (250 troops)” (Annan 2003,1).
    In his farewell speech, Taylor portrayed himself as a victim, by stating that the United States Government has “been the architect of this ‘anybody-but-Taylor-policy” that in cooperation with Britain prevented the Government of Liberia from defending itself by imposing sanctions, and noted that this is an American war. LURD is a surrogate force…the {US} caused this war…They can call off their dogs now”(C. Taylor 2003). Taylor left upon the instructions of President George Bush because “Taylor was the problem in Liberia.” The same could apply today if you begin killing political opponents. This is not how Democracy works. America will be watching how Liberia treats its political opponents. Leave Dhillon alone. “Fools rush, where Angels fear to tread.”

    • The question “Who kept Charles Taylor in power as he carried out his disappearances of opponents…”, or “Who removed Charles Taylor?” is unnecessary and lackadaisical, as is jesting to see you spending so much time on a single administration (Taylor’s) when we mentioned additional administrations. So, again the removal of Taylor is not and cannot be ”the question”.

      For of course, in international politics, operationally, factors of power determine questions of right…meaning in this sense, might (broadly interpreted) actually makes right!

      So, of course, any president of any of the P5 of the UN Security Council …USA, Russia, France, China, and Britain, can push any president of a small country from power at will.

      Hence, George Bush commanded Taylor to leave Liberia as he Bush told Sadam Hussein to leave Iraq! Or France bombed Gbagbo out of Ivory Coast, and China has nodded the jailing of the Burmese leader. And as Russia does in her ”backyard”!

      Accordingly, the question here should not be centered only on Charles Taylor or George Bush, when we reminded you about the Obama Biden Administration viz the killings of whistleblowers during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration as was the case with Taylor during the Clinton Gore Administration etc.!

      The question is what would America see as a COST OR RISK to the US compelling interest dictating the removal of whichever leader from power within its sphere of influence?

      And as we stated supra, it can never be dictated by the elimination of a none entity (as a Dillon, etc.) who has even been by all implications treated with disdain, driven and snubbed by the very Washington.

      Not to talk about the fact that Washington, the EU, the REGIONAL GOERNMENTS AND THE REGIONAL AND CONTINENTAL SUPRANATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS INCLUDING THE UN have all asserted and demonstrated that they have no respect nor trust in this Opposition jampacked with corrupt, terroristic, and scandalous, individuals.

      • Old Man Momo, Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, having articulated as to what would dictate a major power to oust a leader from a so called small country, I am

        (1) a bit surprise that it would even cross your mind that this government, in such a favorable position, viz its relationship with the major powers, would

        (2) ever think about the elimination of a Dillon, who is ipso facto his nonentity status with the international community and his corrupt nature and character is now exposed as politically corrupt comedian in just Monrovia, and unknown to the rest of the country. So let it be know that..

        (3) the whole world knows President Weah will never kill a fly nor sanction the killing of a fly, not to talk about the elimination of any opposition member crossing his mind. So your claim about

        (4) “Leave Dhillon alone. Fools rush, where Angels fear to tread” is totally unnecessary.

  6. True Nationalist,

    Don’t mind rascals, blame the lackadaisical handling of investigations into the politically-motivated murders of auditors. For example, the supposedly motive that GoL sanctioned killing of auditors to prevent publication of audit reports, in a country where they don’t affect anyone’s freedom, was as silly as the fools that fanned the lie, and some gullible voters who fell for it. To anger CDC base, two highly-regarded Kru officials were targeted, yet we heard Justice Minister Dean reading a postmortem tale about death from carbon monoxide poisoning regarding the duo left in a car on Broad St.

    In essence, the murderers and their collaborators got away with senseless killings, which frightened citizens about public safety, just like they did in the burning down of a police station in Margibi County. Impunity will always embolden; just watch out between now and the 2023 presidential election for the next atrocity of our heroes. Winning by economic sabotage and murders are now realities of our politics.

    • Ehn! Bagdhad Moses said the above? This guy’s account must surely be hacked again. Perhaps we should wait to see/read subsequent stances to be sure. And let no one wager their last buck on anything, just yet. After all, we’re talking Bagdhad Moses, a freelancing security-trained propagandist of the Socratic variety.

  7. Mr. Moses, ”lackadaisical handling” regarding the death of the four auditors is an understatement! To my mind, that was an UNTOLD RECKLESS HANDLING from the crime scene to “Justice Minister Dean reading a postmortem tale“ with implications tantamount to one shooting himself or herself in the chest, or a strategic initiatives and external affairs bloc of a government exposing its files to the opposition.

    Accordingly, failure on the part of “MONROVIA“ not to somersault to a cautiously preemptive modus vivendi and modus operandi, not only this incumbency, but any succeeding incumbency after the constitutional exit of President Weah at the end of 2029, is doomed to be at the center of a political storm where “Winning by economic sabotage and murders“ would be “the realities of our politics.“

  8. Peter Gboya alias Dempster Yallah,

    Even before investigations began in earnest, I debunked that specious audit report-driven motive for the murders, and am challenging you to produce an iota of evidence supporting it. Not to mention that when LNP asked alarmed citizens to volunteer information with promises of confidentiality, I knew it was a futile approach, and said so. In various comments, I suggested a reward of USD $25,000. Unsurprisingly, although offering of rewards in solving dastardly crimes is a best practice policing tool, no one paid attention. Believe henceforth that not all Liberians live on lying, and arguing from ignorance.

  9. DEMONIZING WEAH: Is it most Important than the Welfare of our Fellow Citizens?

    Liberia opposition leaders has only one verdict toward George Weah: he is the worst devil that ever govern the nation. Well, I might not be sounding right, but from sound bites from various opposition quarters, IT is just what they (opposing) sides have in their arsenals. The last 3 previous regimes that preceded the Weah’s Regime was nothing but peaceful. We can unpack, if we wish. They took many Liberian lives then any other regime in the history book of Liberia. Some even OCHESTRATED killings of fellow citizens. Some members of the opposing side today served in those regime too!

    In one account, a LAW MAKER even accused George Weah for serving as a ‘war lord’ during the civil war. To his own soliloquy, that particular law maker was raining bombs and hand grenades on his own people in the name of PATRIOTISM. Some have today rally around him as a SAINT.

    The opposing side needs to tell the Liberian People what they can do different, better than George Weah. I m one of those Liberian who have not seen or hear anything different they can produce better than the current occupant of the Liberia Executive Mansion. Their baseless platform of empty rhetoric and conspiracy theories laden with false claims are they age-old mantra of Liberian Politics. Since the majority of the voters cannot read between lies and reality, they have found solace with the opposing side.

    The CDC cost….
    Mr. Weah and his government officials need to explain to the Liberian People what achievement they have made in the past 2 to 3 years. If they can convince the Liberian People that running a government successfully, with less donor money as compare to the past where funds were raining from all around the world, then the People will have trust. The CDC cost is that corruption is going on with only revenue generated from within Liberia. Corruption was prevalent in the past as it is now. However, in the past, donors’ money offset the negative balances and sustained regime’s from the woes of the People. The CDC regime needs to keep a tight budgetary constraint and maintain a fiscal discipline. Demonizing the opponent cannot put food on anyone’s table.

    To the opposing side, please bring out what you have now to convince the people. We are tired of this NEGATIVITY.

    This is dedicated to the class of 1996/97′
    Well-Hairston High School.
    Joseph Nyennebo
    Theresa Kpa
    Isaac Phillips
    Phamollie Jarbeteh
    Michael Zion
    Zubah Kolubah
    ….and many others
    From: Mamadu S. Bah (N/P) Nurse Practitioner, Adelaide, Southern Australia

  10. Bah,
    You’re spot on. Too much hatred circulates withn the opposition camp. If History is any guide, that hatred could boomerang in their faces in 2023.

    The Liberian electorate is getting smarter by the day. The Liberian people understand that hard times exist throughout the country. But the Liberian people also know that despite all their talk about Weah’s incompetence, small progress is being made.

    The opposition has the right to express themselves every day and night. But the opposition does not have the right to instill fear in the minds of the people.


    • Hney, sometimes you make it difficult to side with you with bazzare utterances like this. What do you expect of an opposition in any political dispensation, that they meet regularly with the sitting government for kumbayah sessions to go over the agenda of the latter? Name one place on this planet where that has, or is happening? As a matter of fact, is it not on account of the constant criticisms and slapping in place of the ongoing dispensation by the opposition and others, that the government of the day gets to fall in line, in terms of rule of law and other democratic precepts?

      What exactly, do you and the other apologists want the opposition to do in the wake of the prevailing maladministration demonstrated at every level of governence? Wait until election year before pointing out those missteps and abuses? Mind you, there just happens to be social consequences to any sugested inaction in the areas of poor healthcare,(resulting into needless and preventable deaths), untackled mass-illiteracy, chronic food insecurity, crippling national insecurity, deterioting rule of law and the constant violation of human rights and civil liberties to be considered.

      What is even dumbfounding about these trojan-clad propostions coming from card-carrying apologists like you, the Bagdhad Moses, etc., is the fact that just few short years ago, you and this same protected CDC egg, were on roof tops throwing all sizes of stones at the past government in the name of criticisms. I guess all these blarring cautions now about nationalism did not exist then, right? Talk about double-talk!

      Perhaps it should register with all us that the degree of criticisms under any administration is dictated by, or is inversely proportional to the quality of governance. In other words, the better the ambience or climate of governance in terms of deliverables, the lesser the criticisms! That ought to be the rule of thum, rather than trying to dictate how people should react to the maladministration and brutalities from the government. Just a thouht!

  11. Well Mr. Gboyo,
    The opposition has a right to present their case. Election year 2023 is quickly approaching. Hopefully, the decision will be made by the electorate. I have said many times in the past that if Weah loses, the cloud will not wrap around us. Kings come and go. In America, Trump came and went. In Liberia, anything can happen. I will support the person who wins in 2023 if he or she shows genuine patriotism.

    I have never been in the forefront of slamming people who hates Weah’s guts. If I came across like that, I apologize. My point is this…. little progress (in terms of road construction) is ongoing. Because of the little things he does, I give him credit. So much needs to be done. The educational system in Liberia seems to be going South. In 2019 when I visited the Paynesville market, there were food shortages. I didn’t like that at all. Weah is not perfect. There are many areas of weakness in Weah’s government. Improvement is needed. A lot of improvement. Transportation is horrible. My point is simple…. let’s not blame him for everything that goes wrong in Liberia.

    Gboyo, I know madam EJS. I would have worked for her government in 2014 had it been because of the deadly Ebola disease. If I had worked for her, I would have given my support wholeheartedly.

    When I was growing up in Maryland county, my people suffered while traveling to Monrovia. My dad could afford to fly, but most people I knew were very poor. When I came to Monrovia the very first time, it took almost two days in the 70s. The color of my hair turned red because of the dust when I arrived in the city of Monrovia.

    Well, times have changed. The road is not as bad as it once was. And so, when I hear that Weah is working hard on road construction, it makes me feel good. Good roads will bring development. If the roads are good, Marylanders will be able to bring their produce to the Monrovia market. These are some of the reasons why I support Weah.

    I don’t care about who’s in the cockpit of leadership. I don’t know you. But listen carefully to this….if you are elected or appointed to any position in Liberia, I will give you my unwavering support. I want the very best for Liberia. You’re a good writer. I know that. I don’t always agree with you, but I am convinced that you make your points.

    I am not perfect by any stretch. I am very simpatico. I am not a contrarian. Twins have disagreements sometimes. Some of the friends that I interact with hate my guts when the topic of Weah comes up. Let’s agree to disagree sometimes.

  12. Correction…. second paragraph,
    Should be “people who hate him”.

    Also, third paragraph, should be “had it not been” because of the deadly disease Ebola…..


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