Sen. Dillion Attacked?

Senator Abe Darius Dillon said he had two VIP tickets for him and his security to enter to watch the County Sports Meet Finals, but they were denied.

— says he was refused and blocked from entering the SKD Stadium VIP section, but the gov’t has refuted the story

Montserrado Senator Abe Darius Dillion has accused state security officers of harassing and attacking him and his bodyguard while trying to enter the VIP section of the SKD Sports Stadium during the National County Sports Meet finals, which was being played between Montserrado and Lofa counties.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Sen. Dillion explained that he was denied entering the SKD sports stadium to watch the final between Montserrado and Lofa Counties despite displaying his VIP tickets to state securities offices that were guiding the VIP entry.

Sen. Dillion added the humiliations took place in front of the Director of the Executive Protection Service, who kept watching and did nothing to stop his men and other state security personal from blocking and embarrassing him from entering the field.

​“President Weah Executive Protection Service continues to disrespect and target me. This disrespect has gone beyond, and even with a VIP ticket clearly displayed, I was embarrassed, refused, and blocked from entering the SKD in the presence of the EPS Director and other state security officers. My personal security guard was harassed, assaulted, and injured,” Sen. Dillion said.

The accusation, according to Executive Mansion is out of the narrative, and that Sen. Dillion had access to the field, rather he chose to create a scene out of a situation involving his securities personals who were denied entry due to the absence of a VIP ticket.

“VIP was strictly by ticket. No one including senators or representatives’ security enter without a ticket,” explained Presidential Press Secretary Solo Kelgbeh. “He ordered his security to force their way. In the process, they injured an EPS officer and broke the entrance door glass.”

Dillon security being held back by EPS officers

However, Sen. Dillion in response categorically denied the Executive Mansion narrative and accused the government of cover-up after the attack. Sen. Dillion added that he issued no such order of force as was told by the government so the story is “a complete lie and a shameless attempt to cover up.”

“I issued no such order. The EPS officer insisted I would not enter. When I asked, he said, that was my order. Meanwhile, he was trying to allow others in when the crowd went rushing in,” Sen. Dillion narrative in during an Inquiry by the Daily Observer newspaper.  “It was at that point he held my security guard and ordered his arrest. There was when I refused to allow that to happen because that was a direct affront to me.”

Sen. Dillion further said that he had two VIP tickets, which he planned to use for himself and the one security detail that accompanied him into the stadium. The other two members of his security detail, he explained, simply escorted him to the entrance of the stadium before going back to mind his vehicle.

“I had two VIP tickets. I was going along with one of my security and the other two were to remain outside with my vehicle. They simply escorted me at the entry to see me in before going back to the vehicle. They were not going to enter the VIP at all,” the Montserrado County Senator said.

Sen. Dillion added when his other two security personnel notice the disrespect and hostility against their boss in the midst of a huge crowd, “that was when they got involved,” he said, citing safety reasons.

“Normally, I do not sit in the VIP at the stadium. I go around the field. Everyone knows. But sadly, an EPS officer who has found it a habit to show me disrespect and dishonor at every state function since I became Senator went on his spree again,” he added.

Sen. Dillion alleged that he has twice reported the unprofessional and unethical behavior of the EPS officer to the Senate Pro Temp who has only apologized to him every time the issue is reported.

“So, even the Pro Temp and the Senate have been and are aware of this continuous show of disrespect to me by the EPS. This is the fifth time this particular EPS officer has behaved so unruly toward me, including at the Capitol Building. I had to leave the stadium without entering the field to watch the game,” Sen. Dillion added. “It would have been worse and chaotic had I not held restraint as a national leader. The thousands of supporters that went to witness the game were up and ready to retaliate as a means of protecting me; I had to appeal for calm.”

Meanwhile, the elite Executive Protection Service has said they are saddened by Sen. Dillion’s continuous failure to observe and abide by established protocols put in place to usher guests at functions that the President is attending.

Apparently corroborating the account narrated by Solo Kelgbeh’s to the Daily Observer, the EPS narrated that the Senator without regards to the protocols instructed his personal guards to ignore, and bypass security to enter the VIP stand even though he was that every representative and Senator in the VIP section was there without personal security, especially when the designated security does not have a ticket.

“The Senator’s refusal to adhere to these guidelines resulted in a melee during which his security injured an EPS officer and broke the glass at the entrance. But in spite of the unfortunate scene, the EPS offered the Senator the opportunity to enter the VIP stand; a gesture he refused,” the President security said in a statement.

It added that the EPS would continue to remain professional in the discharge of its duties despite the Senator and all others bent on provocative the EPS to tarnish its reputation.

In a related development, LOFA stunned Montserrado to win the 2020/2021 National County Sports Meet for the first time in the history of the competition, which was inaugurated in 1956. LOFA won the competition by a goal margin of 3-1 at the SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville City after a tension-soaked first half-half that ended 1-1.

The win for LOFA County is not only history but also their first final in 17 years after losing out to Gbarpolu County 2-1 Lofa County in 2004.  This means LOFA has participated in two finals: losing one and winning one.


  1. “The EPS officer insisted I would not enter. When I asked, he said, that was my order. Meanwhile, he was trying to allow others in when the crowd went rushing in,” Sen. Dillion narrative in during an Inquiry by the Daily Observer newspaper. “It was at that point he held my security guard and ordered his arrest. There was when I refused to allow that to happen because that was a direct affront to me.”

    “The thousands of supporters that went to witness the game were up and ready to retaliate as a means of protecting me; I had to appeal for calm.”

    If Dillion believes he can fight a government, it is probably the fact that he wants to become the sacrifical lamb for nothing!

    This bold faced arrogance of confronting Executive Security Officers as a socalled senator while they are on duty, could escalate to a coup detate as Dillion is on record of openly and defiantly making threatening statements on the life of the president.

    It wouldn’t be suprising someday if Dillion is shot in the perimeter of the president in outdoor functions because he has repeated his intention to assissante the president.

    Making such unfounded statement that there were thousands of his supporters who were ready to get into action had it not been his intervention, exposes his covert intention of a mob he has ready to overun the security perimeters of the president and what took place yesterday at the SKD Sports Stadium should alert the Executive Protection Force to keep an eye on Dillion and never allowed him anywhere near the ptesident in any gathering!

    If Dillion desire an assissination, it should be quite clear that the first bullet will get him off the way!! After all, it is better for the one man to die to save the nation than for the entire nation to perish!

    • Speaking about “assassination” again ?
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Aren’t four mysterious deaths, plus the unknown caused to the Minister of Public Works, aren’t that enough killings in that God Forsaken Country under the regime of George and his CDC ?
      Five mysterious deaths brought about no change. What change will the assassination of the Senate bring to the regime, other than political satisfaction ?
      Dropped your political hints about assassinations. Developments to have an impact do not required assassinations of any kind.
      Is it once a rebel, always a rebel ?
      What An Evil Mindset Of The Regime ? What An Evil Mindset From Supporters Of The Regime ?
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      Wow ! Assassination ?
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

    • These kinds of diction and sentiments expressed just because of a simple agitation should not lead to making such comments that has the puissance of fluster. These actions will soon or later switch off our amity we’ve enjoyed over the period.

  2. Look, CDCians, stop making Senator Dillion popular and famous. He has shown you guys he is a prolific politician, stop the foolishness with your thugs.

    If you don’t stop bothering him, we will make Dillion the President of Liberia after Cummings!

  3. With little bit of political power in that small impoverished country, government officials don’t have respect and courtesy for one another. The country has degenerated into chaos and gangsterism since Weah became President. Because Senator Dillon is in the opposition, he must not be given due respect according to them. It’s appalling. They’re behaving like bullies toward one another. Wow, Liberians. Behave like civilized people, please!

  4. So this lazy bum has three security officers paid by the poor people of Liberia following him around as he throws his weight around. Lord have mercy.

  5. Another attention seeking PR stunt, I presume? You have got to be in the news all the time so your district will think you are really working for them. What a country!

  6. If my eyes serve me right, Dillon is wearing a military shirt to the SKD stadium.

    Question: What sense does it make for a Senator to wear such a shirt to a sports stadium?

    Answer…The act of wearing a military shirt to a sports stadium by a politician signals preparation for disturbance.

    Dillon was stopped from entering the stadium peacefully because of his buffoonery. Dillon is not a good role model. Dillon is unpredictable, unprofessional and unproductive across the board. The “ungentleman Senator” has exposed himself as a loquacious politician who has no objective. So far two years in the Liberian Senate, Dillon does not have an accomplishment. It’s a disgrace!

    From reliable sources, a growing number of his constituents are unimpressed with him antics. What else is worthy of consideration for Dillon? It would be ideal for Dillon to peacefully vote himself out of office. Because if Dillon refuses to vote himself out of office, his infuriated constituents will show how pack his dirty rags out of the Senate chambers when election time comes.

    • Hney – You have much criticisms for everyone except crooked George Weah. Why is that? I think you’re seeking a job in Liberia bro, but you’re wasting your time. Those guys behave like gangsters in Liberia. Bunch of socially depraved people running that country.

  7. Grand Frere,

    Senator Dillion is dressed in red (first photograph), not his bodyguard below (second paragraph)!
    Stop being an alarmist on a docile character who is even unable to kill a chicken.
    Please, Dillion can NEVER brace for any trouble in Liberia!

  8. Mon Frere,
    I am not being an alarmist by pointing something out. I’m not sure if you are correct. By the way, why did the so-called body guard or Secret Service agent (as it should be called) wear a military-style shirt to a sports stadium? Wearing a shirt like that shows confrontation. Didn’t the Secret Service agent have a dokaflag shirt somewhere to wear? Come on man. Also, if Dillon cannot kill a chicken, he is too weak to represent the people of his constituency. Dillon babbles a lot! So far, he cannot point to one thing as an accomplishment. Stop your defense of weak causes.

  9. Senator Dillon started being my guy ever since he began to take positive stance on major issues in the senate, and I think he is a good and patriotic man.
    I like people like Dillon who will not show strength by exhibiting their physique or arms (weapons), but by the pen. He has indeed shown that he is powerful with the pen and not the sword.

    The only point of discord I have had with him thus far is his advocacy to reduce lawmakers’ emoluments and then hypocritical sighing relief when called to receive bonuses.
    He must reckon with this fact and boldly come out to speak to Liberians about it.
    I strongly stand for lawmakers’ emoluments being maintained as they are. We need to vote the right people.

    I cannot speak for a bodyguard, Grand Frere.
    Don’t judge Dillon from his bodyguard, please!

  10. Defender,
    Said you, ” don’t judge Dillon from his bodyguard, please”.

    If you feel that way, why do you always and always blame and insult people who work in Weah’s government? Do you think you have the authority to insult Weah’s employees always? Frankly, you can express your disgust at the things Weah and his fellow workers do. Insulting a fellow Liberian because you dislike his or her politics is not a good class act.

    It is understood that Dillon is your guy. But Dillon is not a quintessential politician, or in French what you may call “creme de la creme” politician. Secondly, when you describe Dillon as being a person of the pen, you seem to be stretching the truth to the limit. I think Dillon is generally a good guy. I respect him. But I am not an acolyte of his. I will consider running against him in the future. I mean it.

    It’s hard to believe that Dillon is “your guy”. But strangely, you dislike him because according to you, Dillon calls for a slight reduction in pay for all lawmakers. Note well. Dillon’s call for a reduction in lawmakers’ salary has been and is his strongest suit. Without that, Dillon has no argument. I was in Liberia when he got elected.

    Finally, you’ve changed the topic. I argue that your guy (Dillon) has been in the Senate for nearly two years, but he has no accomplishment up to date. So what’s holding him back?

  11. In my view Senator Dillon shouldn’t had insist on his security entry in the VIP stands when the President security had already settled in providing security for everyone within that area. Be a law abiding Senator or Leader.
    I remembered few years back now president Weah and his securities were denied similarly at that same SKD by the same EPS. Stop making issues out of every little things

  12. Grand Frere,

    It should be underscored here that I have NEVER insulted Weah or his collaborators, NEVER!
    If you are referring to my use of the word “STUPID” all the time, note that this is not a vituperation; it is a commonly acceptable language in politics.
    “STUPID” simply means the lack of knowledge. I stand with my position that the CDC leadership is stupid, do not kill or bloody me for my freedom of speech.

    Grand Frere, please come and run against Dillon. Frankly, I will chip in and run your campaign and surely, you will win.
    I would be happy to see you represent me and earn the emoluments those for-nothing people earn. Your presence in the house will put new blood in the educational system of Liberia.
    I hope you are not just talking for talking sake, consider this option. Please come and run to represent Maryland or Montserrado on the ANC ticket in 2023, I beg your pardon.

    Referring to Dillon as a person of the pen simply means he’s one of the few who doesn’t exhibit physical strength or boisterousness. He always has a cold head and speaks his truth calmly but firmly, a diplomatic posture that should be adopted by all lawmakers.

    Don’t you see what Dillon has brought to the house? He’s brought transparency, and his colleagues are really embarrassed with him because he’s exposed brown envelops’ distribution. He is indeed a light in the dark house of our legislature.
    His campaign for reduction in emolument has almost become a forgotten battle. He’s understood lawmakers’ emoluments were defined by professionals; it was not something that was done by amateur.
    What we need to do as a people is to vote people who merit that much; they should be the brightest of us who can really contribute substantially to the country’s development and lead relevant intellectual debates on the floor.

    Look, we are much closer to the USA in Africa. Look at the caliber of elected leaders in both houses in the USA, what do you see? They are all intellectually outstanding people. Let’s copy that example from our mother USA.
    Let’s stop voting strong women or men, warlords and criminals with empty brains. They will compromise our sovereignty. Let’s learn to intellectually appreciate a person before sending her/him to represent us in our country, Africa and the world.
    Can you send some of your lawmakers to speak on behalf of Liberia in the US parliament? Ivorian Parliament? Ghanaian Parliament? Come on Liberians!

    Dillon’s accomplishments thus far are innumerable. He’s got my admiration from them.

  13. These kinds of diction and sentiments expressed just because of a simple agitation should not lead to making such comments that has the puissance of fluster. These actions will soon or later switch off our amity we’ve enjoyed over the period.

  14. Mon Frere,
    Your lecture on the word “stupid” is unacceptable. I know what stupid means and all of its implications. Frankly, you’ve use some abusive words to lambaste Weah, his party affiliates and others whom he had brought into his government.

    On the line of running a campaign for me, I’d say thanks, but no thanks. You’re very magnanimous. I like that in you. Back in Liberia, there’re Joe Boima Moses jr and Arthur Kimba. They are two young men whose expertise and talents I can count on. I consider myself a fair-minded guy. And so, in order to balance the equation with Joe Jr and Kimba, I will solicit the participation of Miss Mae Moore, Miss Kou Gontee and Miss Witherspoon as campaign advisers. With three no-nonsense women on my team, I don’t see how I can go wrong. Lastly, since it seems as if you’ve been hypnotized by Trump, I am not sure if I can count on you. (In all seriousness, just take a closer look at madam Gongloe-Weh. Her refusal to accept defeat is a Trumpian style). And you want to run my campaign? No thanks!

    Furthermore, I am not an Alexander Benedict Cummings follower/admirer. Never have and never will. Despite the fact that he’s worked for Coco-Cola for upteen years, I still do believe that Alexander Benedict Cummings is not an excellent choice for the presidency. I’m not one of those who minimizes him. I respect him just as much as I respect you and all humankind. I am not impressed in anyway with your demigod’s political antics. Mon Frere, I am sorry to utter those sad words about Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, but that is the truth.

    Dillon ran his campaign with the proviso that he would bring transparency to the Liberian Senate. It hasn’t happen! Example, if you don’t like the fact that Dillon rails against his Senate colleagues and members of the Lower House in order to accept a pay cut, it simply means that you have a series of misgivings about the guy. So how is it possible for you to say “Dillon is good, but he’s not good”?

    American News In Brief……
    Trump’s former defense team members have quit! The lawyers did so because Trump wanted them to say that he won the presidential election that he lost.
    Problem: Trump is literally on the phone calling around to hire a band of lawyers who will tell a false narrative. If you can help with African voodoo, I am sure he will appreciate it. Lastly, Joe Biden’s three-week approval ratings are higher than the approval ratings Trump received three weeks into his presidency.

  15. Sadly, my adorable Grand Frere left me out!

    Frankly, I like the team you’ve chosen to run your campaign. I especially respect and admire the 3 ladies you’ve earmarked. I hope they will accept your offer. They are indeed “NO NONSENSE” people, and with them, you will be as straight as an arrow and as white as a snow.
    Little brothers Joe and Kimba are also fantastic choices, but I don’t think they can put up fight like the 3 ladies, as they are too meek and cordial to venture into the vicious and rude political arena in Liberia.
    So, I plead that you add me on your team, provided you accept to run on the ANC’s ticket.
    You have the choice. My proposal is valid until June 2023. I look forward to your maturely thought reply.

    I did not throw my weight behind Cummings because he had worked with Coca Cola, no Grand Frere.
    As an independent thinker always convinced of his instincts and predictions, I have modeled an ideal leadership that can shape the destiny of Liberia. Until proven wrong, or until someone with a better resume can show up, Mr. Cummings perfectly fits the criteria of an ideal leadership I envisage for Liberia. It is therefore incumbent upon me to ensure he gets elected for all Liberians to once again happily sing the Lone Star Banners in a prosperous land created by God for All.

    However, I have fallen under your charm, experience, maturity and wittiness. But Grand Frere, I DO NOT know your resume. Unmask yourself and allow me to dig into your life, then I will begin to sell you provided you fit within the modeled character I have pictured for Liberia.
    Do not be a star, be a member of a team. Stars can do NOTHING for Liberia, but a strong, disciplined and consolidated team with the required human capital.

    Dillon needs our help. He has proven to be patriotic, so let’s help him when he immaturely goes wrong on some topics like the reduction of lawmakers’ emoluments. Frankly, I could even propose him as the next president after Cummings. I like his temperament and composure as a leader. I could get in the ring with him for Liberia.
    I have NEVER said Dillon is good and then come back to contradict myself that he’s not good. I frowned on his campaign slogan to advocate for the reduction of lawmakers emoluments; my only point of discord with the honorable senator.

    I am an opposition to Weah, not even all members of the CDC or the party, as I acquiesce to many of their founding principles.
    Weah is the wrong embodiment of the beautiful dream and principles outlined in their political manifestos.
    If they revisit them and make a U-turn, Cummings and I will become a member of the CDC. If you may not know, be informed that the ANC was founded by a founding member of CDC who disagreed with the choice of Weah as the standard bearer of the party.
    We want to see our country developed quickly, in no way Weah can help. He may have the money, contacts and football skills, but he needs help in managing even his own life. He cannot manage our lives or provide us with the required livelihoods, it’s a grave mistake to hold such perception.
    No one who has ever sat in an advanced class can support this aberration. Only some of those with no or limited academic achievements will support a candidate like Weah.

    USA news
    Leave Trump alone. We are looking up to Biden now. My adorable US president is gone, and he will be back soon, believe me.
    There are millions of lawyers who would like to defend Trump, it’s a privilege to defend a great man like Trump. Why do you think someone will quit? He fires them if he’s not at ease with their interpretation of some legislations, period, Grand Frere!

    Your Biden has his first test; the Burmese coup. The military in Myanmar couldn’t have been drunk enough to stage a coup on a civilian government if Trump were still president in the USA, NEVER.
    Other countries will follow suit very soon, and the world will again be set ablaze with coups and wars and uprisings. I am not a prophet, I am a political analyst.

    Salutations, Grand Frere!
    Take my political offer, it’s the best and the most interesting you can ever have for Liberia!

  16. Kemokai

    Thanks for the illuminating response that Senator Darius Dillon shouldn’t have encouraged his security details within the perimeter provided by EPS for President Weah. (VIP protection abides by its own situational protocol). For instance, imagine the protective safety nightmare had all thirty (30) senators carried their phalanx of security details to the game. This is why traditionally SSS/EPS assigns security personnel to all VIPs. As a matter of fact, in most West African countries, when the President sits down at a particular section of a stadium, not even the Vice President allowed to enter later. Let’s stop politicizing a blatant breach of security protocol by frivolous blabbering.

  17. Mr. James Citizen,
    Why am I often mischaraterized by you? A few days ago, you said that I was seeking employment in Liberia. That was a serious charge, but also a false narrative. This time around, you’re blaming me because according to you, I am not vindictive or critical of Weah. I have said several times in the past that Weah is perfectible just like the rest of us.

    What do you think is the implication of that? Or, do you want me to curse him out? I am sorry buddy. That’s not my style. I prefer to help Weah succeed, because when he succeeds, our country wins.


  18. Mr. Hney,

    Many thanks for thinking of me and Joe Boimah Moses, Jr. to campaign for you should you decide to run for public office. I sincerely think that you will be a good candidate for the fact that your heart is in the right place.

    But like Mr. P. Dolo rightly predicated, politics is not my forte. I dont think Mr. JBM, Jr. will likely venture in that arena as well. He is a scholar and I am a businessman and I love my wife too much to go into politics.

    Concerning Liberian politics, when you, the candidate should be the target, oftentimes members of your family are included in the whole political drama and I will fight anyone who dares to insult my wife needlessly. Besides, I equate politics with lies. To me, they are synonymous. No, dont get me wrong, there are some sincere and honest politician, but those in that category are a rarity.

    I am very sure that the ladies you mentioned will do a good job running your campaign, and I think you should include Mr. Dolo. he is as passionate as they come.

    Question, Mr. Hney:
    Mr. Trump is on longer on the stage. What happened on January 6 was a tragedy and i understand the rioters are being apprehended one by one. What is the purpose of putting Mr. Trump on trial? Most especially, when he will most likely be acquited by the senate.
    In my mind, such a move will further divide America more than ever

    Thank you.


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