Sen. Dillion Attacked in March Against Rape

Protesters threw rocks at Dillion while the police tried to contain the melee and restore peace

By Hannah N. Geterminah and Tina Mehnpaine

The anti-rape march on August 25 held no political biases but, in the case of Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillion, elements among the protesters saw him as the exception when he arrived on the scene, in spite of the fact that he appeared to be visibly in solidarity with the protesters.

Senator Dillion, an incumbent in the pending Senatorial election, was on his way to session when he met the protesters who had blocked the main street that links Central Monrovia via the Tubman Boulevard. In his act of solidarity, he disembarked his vehicle with an anti-rape poster to walk toward the Capitol Building, but could not easily make his way amid heavy attack by the protesters asking him to leave.  The protesters attacked the Senator with bags of water and stones while he walked with members of his office staff.  Interestingly, some officials of government and loyalists of the ruling party were also seen in the group protesting against rape but, as Dillon appeared, some protesters turned angry and began attacking him to leave the scene.

Before the protest, many political institutions had registered their interest to join.  With the embarrassing situation encountered during the protest, the organizers in a press statement said: “We want to categorically state that at no time we have invited political institutions to participate in our planned protest, and all those who have expressed interest in this protest did it by their own volition. Political institutions who have expressed interest are Liberians who have such rights to assemble, but should understand that this protest is civil and everyone is mandated to follow as we lead. We will take legal action against any political party that intends to disrupt our civil protest to raise our voices against rape.”

Even though there were lots of politicians including Bernard Benson (commonly known as DJ Blue), an aspirant in the December 8 Senatorial Elections; Fubbi Henries; Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon; and Montserrado County District #6 Representative Samuel Enders, among others, Senator Dillion’s presence disrupted the entire march for hours as some people began throwing rocks and bags of water at him. The police, however, was able to restore peace at last.

Protesters believed to be supporters of Senator Dillion were shouting, “Leave the man, he has come to protest, that’s our Senator and we want him here.” Others of contrary views were also shouting, “We do not need politicians here, he wants to steal the show.”

Before the protest could begin, Patience S. Korti, one of the organizers, said: “We want to send a clear message out to the general public that you are Liberians and we cannot stop you from standing up on issues of rape because you have families.  You have the full rights to stand up against rape, but we want to let you know that our media group covering this protest will not be allowed to interview a politician who will make political statements. If we notice that, we will disrupt the interview.”

Abigail Thomas, a protester said, “Dillion is a Liberian who is in solidarity with rape victims and survivors across the country and he has the right to come and form a part and, as such, he should not be intimidated by anyone.

“In fact, Montserrado County has the highest numbers of rape cases and Dillion is a Senator.  So, he should be given the opportunity to come among the protesters and not to be chased out,” Abigail added.

Mark Edward, another protester, said at no point in time they invite political actors to form part of the march. Therefore, he believes, Dillion should be at the Legislature making laws that will strengthen the justice system. He said Dillion only came to buy public sentiment, not with the clear intent to speak for those who have been sexually abused and need justice.  Amid the argument, it is yet unclear why some protesters would allow other politicians to participate in the protest with the exception of Dillon.


    • The message by the organizers marching against rape was lost, and nothing was accomplished. Instead Senator Dillon and the related violence that occurred during the so-called march against rape became the focus point which have captured the attention and headlines of the day. Even you Hney talking about the Senator’s political involvement and not what the organizers had actually hoped to achieve. Politics did actually hijacked a noble cause. And the winner is the politics allowed by the organizers, and the loser here is the Rape message that organizers had hoped to send to the politicians. A very sad day when observer like Hney will viewed nearly every thing and take sides in every thing as politics between the ruling party and opposition political parties. A noble cause just lost its message to that kind of ugly politics based on For and Against. Wow ! What A People ? What A Country ? O Well, moving on.

  1. We sounded this alarm bell ever since Weah opened his mouth on this rape issue in Liberia. Weah can no longer win a clean, fair and transparent election in Liberia. He’s finding ways and means to silence prominent opposition leaders.

    True, the scourge called “rape” exists in Liberia, but the perpetrators are left to go free. Most of them, big shots from the ruling party, commit such repulsive act for ritualistic purpose. Can you imagine a police officer abandoning a rape case because, according to him, his job and life were threatened? Who could threaten him?

    Weah and CDC are into dirty politics. Why will our so-called demonstrators single handedly attack Senator Dillion alone?
    Thank God KOULBAH was not there, he could have been lynched to death. Don’t be surprised to hear Cummings is accused of rape one day.

    Stop your witch hunting, CDC!
    Allow the police and the justice system to do their jobs impartially. No serious investors will come to Liberia with such mindset of useless political vendetta.

  2. So this event was a charade and not a genuine efforts against rape, but to promote rape! If rape is becoming a scourge in our society, it behooves every well meaning Liberians to join forces to counter it; as it stands now the organizers were ruling party stooges pretending that they were against the scourge, but in reality support it to the fullest! CDC IS A RAPE HUB!

  3. They see Hon. Dillion as their enemy because, he stands for the ordinary Liberians and what best for Liberia. Considering some of the protesters mindset, the wrong things has become the Normal and anyone trying to change that wrong thing to right, he/she will be seen as the enemy. So if you claimed no politician should participate, who is Mr. Eugene Farghon and others that are with in the group?
    Now is OK to protest but when the CCP or COP engaged in protest, they are labelled as trying to removed president Weah from office by force. There are laws in Liberia that covered rape but are they being implemented? Rape is an act of violence and this is why, it is very important that, we condemned violence whenever it happens and bring those involved to justice for such violence act. We can not just single out rape while sugar coating the political violence and say problem solve.

    Corruption is even more severed than rape because, whenever someone steal public funds, they have jeopardized thousands of ordinary Liberians from basic necessity of life. This don’t necessarily means, I support rape violenc and I condemned rape in every fashion imaginable and support women to choose what becomes of their body. I don’t also think that, the death penalty will be the solution to the epidemic of rape crisis now facing Liberia, because, with the death penalty, we will killed so many innocent people since the reality is, it will be her words against his words. We need credible evidence to execute someone and just ” I told him no but he force me”. For those that rape babies, they need some mental help because, they are not normal. I think it need some public awareness and educating young girls about don’t and do’s in establishing relationship with their opposite male counterpart. The discussion to be continued.

  4. Amid the argument, it is yet unclear why some protesters would allow other politicians to participate in the protest with the exception of Dillon.?

    Answer: May be the protesters are Grand Gedeh youth.

    If Darius Dillon thinks THE PEOPLE cannot distinguish him- Dillon a hypocrite and an opportunist from a well-meaning protester, he has by now had a rethink and a re-understanding.

  5. Talking with most of the protesters, they said one of the main reasons they chose to throw Dillon away from the protest is because his political partisan Alex Cummings is a rapist in disguise and Dillon has never one day criticized him Cummings as seen in this news on Cummings running after boys in a rapist mood:

    Breaking News
    Cummings Takes Gay Life To Another Level- Sexually Harasses School Boy As He Receives 100,000 USD To Support Gay Activities In Liberia

    A male senior student studying Environemntal Science At Catholic run Stella Maries polytechnic in Liberia alleges Liberian Politician Alexander Cummings asked him for anal sex after their scholarship meeting at Royal Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia. The student who audio is in our possession says he was promised a graduate scholarship at the Northern Illinois University, where he Cummings earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. The student escaped and has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening to harm him if he discusses what transpired at the hotel. Our Reporter called Mr. Cummings for his side of the story but he declined to make any comment.

    It can be recalled that In January 2020, Local businessman man in the USA Sandy Edwards extended a $100,000 grant to the Liberian based Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund, a collective giving and endowment initiative of Foundation For the LGBT communities in West Africa. The Fund which was founded by ANC political leaders Alexander Cummings addresses the historic under-funding of nonprofit organizations that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
    “I lived in Liberia for 30 years before the first civil war and I am still in love with the country. I wanted to encourage Liberians in the diaspora and at home to contribute to the Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund and thought of no better way than to show it by example,” said Edwards. “I believe the overall success of our community is dependent on promoting understanding and inclusion.

  6. The organizers of this protest at this moment under this heated political atmosphere was prematurely calculated and not in the best interest of this country. Civil society organizations trying to justify their corrupt project to donors under such disguise is not call for, and totally against our hard won peace. Civil society organization as the name implied, why they interplay political trajectory under this cause?

    Knowing Dillon’s or any other politician stance at this moment, they have no right to invites or encourage any politician to support their cause, because, in this political season, politicians are finding any other means to popularize themselves to the punlic whetherin the positive or negative way rather than seeking for the real goal intended for.

    Anything that could surpass such silly action by turning into bloody situation, the organizers of this protest could be held liable, because they interplay politics in this noble cause which they themselces subsequently become loser of the situation. Civil society organizations should stay out of politics and steadfast in their non politico advocacies, if not, they will be they cause for this country to slip back into it ugly past.

  7. The gay thing keeps hovering over the head of Alexander Benedict Cummings. Being realistic, Alexander Benedict Cummings is not a dimwitted guy. But his silence on the issue of “likeness for and of boys” is a troubling development. Let’s not pretend that Cummings does not hear such news. For all intents and purposes, Commings hears the news about his closeness with young boys, but he hasn’t stepped forward to admit or deny, one way or another, his position on this specific topic.

    A commenter said recently that the laws of Liberia are similar to those of the US. If that’s true, than the kinds of things that are done in the US should be done in Liberia. In other words, if politicians in the US admit openly that they have a homosexual lifestyle, the same should be done in the motherland. Example, a Rhode Island Congressman is a gay guy. He’s not ashamed of his homosexual activity. You as a Liberian or friend of Liberia should ask yourself…. should Alexander Benedict Cummings remain closeted if he is…. while we move on or should he state once and for all his likeness for and of young boys. I am blessed with four boys. I love my boys because I am their dad. But a different kind of “likeness for and of boys” is actively being talked about here.
    Of course, there’s a difference!

    The country of Liberia is plagued with tons of issues that affect its people in so many negative ways. For instance, there are electrical problems, running water problems, good roads issue, rape cases, corruption issues and the list continues. What is purposely unwanted in Liberia is for a politician to conceal his or her sexual lifestyle, especially if she or he is a gay. Since ours is a poor and a developing country, anyone who happens to be a gay should not run for the presidency. Why? Because it could pervert the youth, especially the young men of the motherland.

    Some people may not know this…. the great philosopher, Socrates was a gay guy. According to sources, the renowned philosopher was put to death by the Athenians because it was felt he went a little too far with his homosexual philosophy. He was forced to drink poison. Liberians of high status are calling for rapists to be be hanged until death. I don’t think gays or closeted gays should be hanged. But we Liberians do not want a sexual perverted society. Am I wrong?

    Lastly, commenters who hide their identity and do their best in terms of exposing Alexander Benedict Cummings’ questionable lifestyle should continue to remain anonymous. The gentleman who carries the burden of proof is of course Alexander Benedict Cummings. Cummings has an obligation to step to the plate and defend his good name. Being a good gentleman he professes to be, it is hoped that Cummings, (not his aids) will break the logjam and step forward.

    Peace ladies and gentlemen…

  8. When George Weah was running to become president, he had an association of gays who openly supported him and even used obscenities on their counterparts during the campaign. The well-known faces are still around, permit me to not roll call.

    George Weah is now the president of Liberia. Most of his big shots (again, I will not roll call) bluntly express their obscene libido on videos (which I can make available for anyone if they wish) to boast of their demonic acts in our country founded on Christian principles.

    You know, some people may not know but let me tell you this.
    People of the dark world consult mediums, charlatans, marabouts, etc. When they come across you, a child of God with pure heart, they feel the presence of a powerful intimidating force (the Holy Spirit) over your life. They may try to subdue you spiritually, but as a child of God, just meditate Psalm 91 and they will flee in shame from where they came.

    The rapists, gays, swindlers, gangsters and fraudsters soiling the good image of our lovely country can be counted in numbers within the CDC.
    They’ve tried to corner or silence a blessed child raised up by God to lead his people out of poverty, like the mission God gave Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. The children of the dark world who have kept Liberia in destitute are worried that their snares and evil deeds will be exposed and so they are gesticulating everywhere, leaving no stones unturned to find the least blemishes to exhibit as trophy against a clean leader.

    You will find none. If I found none, you will find none. This is the first time Petarus Dolo has ever thrown his weight behind a political leader in Liberia, the first time he’s participating in political debates. I am a conservative (a typical country boy from the forest of Mount Nimba) and a devout Christian, I will NEVER follow an individual of dubious character or unnatured sexual orientation.

    To those of you who may begin to have a second thought, do NOT heed to any noise from the market that will distract you from our goal for Liberia. Our country will rise again.
    We bet or challenge any faceless coward to come out to show himself of his claim. Do not be afraid. He’s decided to do what he’s doing out of altruism, for you and me.
    Cummings will upgrade the educational system in Liberia. It’s a shame that we can allow students who make a pass in 1 subject out of 9 to graduate. This action alone is even worse than killing all Liberians with an AK47. It’s worse than a parent buying gun for a child as his toy. George Weah is damaging our country. Liberian leaders of the future may NEVER compete with other countries in any capacity. They send their children to school abroad and kill us at home with nuclear and biological weapons (ignorance).
    Cummings will ensure you earn decent wages, live optimistically where you will have projects, plans and feel the joy of accomplishments.
    Cummings will fight for your wellbeing and develop Liberia for all of us, not for a privileged few.
    Cummings will polish our image abroad with our neighbors and in the comity of nations where our age will begin to matter and consulted in world decisions.

    Give Alexander B. Cummings a big win and a receptive and warm welcome at the dawn of 2023.
    May God bless Liberia!

  9. Just because something happened before does not mean the same thing should happen again. Of course, only some things need to be repeated. Example, if a gentleman dates a beautiful Gio girl and finds her to be sweet and beautiful with a slender build and a medium height, the gentleman shouldn’t act a fool by staying away from the girl. As anyone will discover, especially men, future dates could lead somewhere. (You hungry men, I don’t mean somewhere in your bedroom).

    In real terms, if a presidential candidate had associated himself with men who were presumed to be homosexuals, it doesn’t pass the smell test for every man who wants to become president to be given the same green light. There is a difference. In the first case, the presidential candidate “was not” accused as a gay. Still in the first case, the presidential candidate was labeled as a womanizer. Being a womanizer is not considered to be an abomination. in the Islamic faith, it’s okay to marry as many women as possible if a man has the means to do so. That’s not a problem for women! Even the wiseman Solomon had over 600 concubines. People who are assumed to be gay guys have the burden of proof. Such men must step forward to clear their name.

    Gay guy vs. a womanizer…. which one makes sense?
    1. Give a King Kung apologist 5 beautiful girls and he will dance with joy and happiness because the girls will like him forever..

    2. Give a gay guy 5 men for his birthday and he will not dance at all. Very unusual. Nasty!

    3. Can a straight guy marry up to 5 girls? Yessssssss.

    4. Can a gay guy marry up to 5 men? Highly unlikely! Unheard of.

    Alexander Benedict Cummings should be the one and only one who should step forward to say whether he is a gay or not. Not his supporters.

    • Mr. Hney! You don’t speak for women because, you are not a woman nor experience any form of hectic involved in shearing man with another woman. Not because Muslims keep four wives should becomes a justification that, women are happy or satisfied with shearing their husband. Our president George Weah is labelled as homosexual by profer-key on many occasions in most of his podcast. Has our president ever one day responded to these accusations made against him? I will say no and he did the right thing.

      ABC is doing just what he needs to do. The burden lies on the accuser to proved his case that, Mr. Cummings love men instead of women. Mr. Cummings has the right to associate with whosoever he wants to. I personally, I don’t hate homosexual but hate their life style. ABC is happily a married man so why engage in exchange of nonsensical argument? If you or anyone think that Mr. Cummings is an homosexual, the burden is on you or those that think so about him to evidence your accusations. Mr. Cummings has nothing to proved here. You either purchase the gossips of lies or value his family status.


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