Sen. Coleman’s Challenger Surfaces

Dr. Alfred T. Segbe
The threats to incumbent Senators for reelection in the impending mid-term election in Liberia are nothing to underestimate as aspirants continue to surface.
For Grand Kru County Senator Dr. Peter Coleman, whose territory has not come to the attention of many political aspirants in recent times, the worry is becoming overwhelming for him, seeing as a son of the most populated and traditional Buah District, Dr. Alfred Toe Segbe, is throwing his hat in the race to unseat and deny him of the 18 years he should serve for if the victory is his (Coleman) in the election.
On Tuesday, September 1, at a press conference on the University of Liberia’s Capitol Hill campus, Dr. Segbe said he is poised to unseat Senator Coleman at the polls on December 8, 2020, and will become the next Senator of Grand Kru County.
“I am an experienced professional in designing solutions regarding social development for urban and rural communities. I am used to working with and around different groups to create a community that they and I can work together to develop their towns and add value to the society,” said Dr. Segbe, who earned his PhD in General Psychology with emphasis in integrating technology in learning, from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona (USA).
“Because what my people need is what I have been doing in the past, present and I have the expertise in doing. I agreed with my people, accepted their petition to enter the race and will continue to contribute my service in building our county – Grand Kru, and the nation Liberia,” he added.
Dr. Segbe said he will be contesting as an independent candidate with a claim that his political party is Grand Kru County. He vowed to support the Pro-poor agenda of the George Weah administration by joining with Senate President Pro Tempore Albert Chie and the rest of Grand Kru lawmakers to move their county forward.
Dr. Segbe indicated: “Judging from the challenges and problems our county faces, where past and current leaders have served, there is a need to have a person  with new intervention and strategies to be able to successfully tackle the challenges and problems of our land.”
Dr. Segbe rhetorically said: “Were the nine years not sufficient to do what Senator Coleman foresaw at the time so that by now all the 12 traditional communities would petition him for additional nine years? Can an incumbent  Senator who fails to perform to the people’s expectation as promised during his campaign be given 18 years to serve? What then happens to the children who were born in 2011 and have no educational facilities and benefits of the nine years? Should the children go through another nine years with the same Senator? How will the children’s future be like? “
Senator Coleman, in a text message concerning the allegation of failure on his part “to perform the people’s expectation”, as stated by his opponent, said he has not failed but needs a second term to complete what he has begun. He, however, did not state what specific projects he has at hand to continue for another nine years.
Assuring constituents of the advocacy role he would play if elected, Dr. Segbe said “I will make sure that government pays teachers and civil servants on time.”
“We will advocate for support to the county health system to train most of our own daughters and sons, and also for roads; not only Buah roads, like Senator Coleman, is doing.”
Meanwhile, Senator Coleman has won the primaries of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in Grand Kru County, the party that has its top decision-makers from that county.  Though he was elected on the party’s ticket in 2011, Dr. Coleman’s status in the CDC has been haphazard (up and down).  He defected at one point in time and has returned again to seek reelection on the party’s ticket.
Earlier, former Education Minister George Werner and District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa had planned to join the contest with Dr. Coleman but declined, perhaps, for not receiving the reception.
“Many have been the speculations and calls that I run for the senatorial position in the 2020 midterm elections,” Rep. Koffa said. “After careful thought and reflection, I have decided not to participate in the special elections. I was elected for 6 years by the people of District 2 and there must be an extraordinary case that presents itself for me to leave that mandate to pursue other political objectives. There is no compelling reason to do so at this time.”


  1. Electing sen. Coleman in 2011 was an erro and it is being regretted base on poor working relationship with our people. “A senator who served 9 years must be petitioned by his people” I love this from Dr. Segbe.

  2. My dear Dr. Segbe,
    Who do you want to represent in the Liberian senate? The people of Montserrado or the people of Grand Kru? If your answer is the latter, then park your briefcase and head to Barclayville to declare your candidacy before the people of Grand Kru.

    My dear respectable Dr. Peter Coleman, for the 9 years you have served as senator, what have done in uplifting the livelihood of the people of Grand Kru? I love hearing your name in the senate because I know your intellectual capacity but the people of Grand Kru are complaining, why? As a medical doctor (a scientist), how can you support tradition over science to resolving problems inherent to poverty in your constituency? Get ready to face your people objectively.

    To my dear people of Grand Kru, if you want real change in your county, elect someone who identifies with you in your county. The person should know your problems; your pains and strife.
    Do not vote for people who will sit in Monrovia to campaign for your votes in Grand Kru. If you elect such person, he will be an American-based senator, instead of serving the people of Grand Kru.
    Find someone who identifies with you and is willing to always spend time with you in finding solutions to your many problems. Do not vote people who will not find solutions to improving your health facilities, upgrading the level of education in the county, seeking economic activities for the county; in short, someone who will identify with you and seek the welfare of the county.

    Stop looking at titles: doctorate degree holders, master’s degree holders, bachelor’s degree holders. Look for a patriot, a humanitarian and selfless individual who is academically sound. Stop enriching people for nothing. Nine (9) years is not 9 days or 9 months. It’s almost a decade to enrich someone who can do nothing for the welfare of a people.

    My people from Grand Kru, cast an informed and intelligent vote in the interest of Grand Kru!
    Bring real change to Liberia!


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