Sellers to Vacate Historic Fish Market in 30 Days

Mr. Modad in a meeting with the fish sellers who pleaded with him to let them to stay on the property, but to no avail

Businessman Amin Modad who owns the four acres where the famous Fish Market is situated in Sinkor, Monrovia, has given the fish sellers one month notice to vacate the area. Mr. Modad made known his decision after a group of the fish sellers recently visited him with an appeal note to reconsider his decision.

The sellers, predominately women, have appealed for extension to relocate due to difficulty they face while searching for the new place to sell their wares.  Their appeal for an extension came after an early negotiation to maintain the market spot failed.

Modad told the sellers that he intends to transform the property for other business ventures, including used car parking lot and art gallery.

He said that the construction work is expected to get underway in the soonest possible time.

Modad, however reassured the marketers that his was willing to construct similar stall “free-of-charge” for them, if they can find a new spot anywhere for their convenience.

“I have understood your plight, but the construction work must begin. Let us work together to resolve this matter amicably.  If you can find a new site, I will help you to begin your business”, Modad assured the aggrieved fish sellers.

It can be recalled that in May, Modad issued a notice requesting the fish sellers at the Fish Market to  relocate, because, according to him, he has planed to redeveloped the land.

Modad wants to constructs a hotel, library, conference hall and an art gallery center on the property.


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