Seklau Wiles Is New Agric Minister


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf yesterday announced the appointment of Mrs. Seklau Wiles as the new Minister of Agriculture, replacing Dr. Moses Zinnah, who was not reassigned.  Dr. Zinnah’s replacement was announced Wednesday night, May 17, via an Executive Mansion press release, which did not state what prompted the President’s decision.

Dr. Zinnah was the third Minister of Agriculture of the Sirleaf administration since 2006. The first was Dr. Chris Toe, followed by Dr. Florence Chenoweth.

Minister-designate Wiles, prior to her appointment yesterday, served as Deputy Minister for Technical Services at MOA.  Before that position, she also served there as Deputy Minister for Administration.

Executive Mansion did not provide any reason for Dr. Zinnah’s replacement

The President also made several appointments at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and reconstituted the Board of Trustees of the Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC).

Others appointed at the MIA (Local Government) includes Mark Kolleh, Commissioner, Borlorla Township, Margibi County.

The reconstituted GBCC Board of Trustees include Dr. Joseph T. Isaac – Chairman; Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., Pastor, Providence Baptist Church: Co-chairman; Jerolinmek Piah, Press Secretary to the President of Liberia: member; and J. Levi Demmah, Superintendent, Grand Bassa County: member.

Other members are Hans Barchue, Deputy Speaker and District #1, Representative, Grand Bassa County; Jonathan L. Kaipay, Senator, Grand Bassa County; Dr. Michael Slawon, Director-General, National Commission on Higher Education; and the Minister of Education (ex-officio).

The rest are Pastor J. Peter Gorwor, Co-chairman of the Media Association of Grand Bassa County and manager of Radio Dukpah, Buchanan; Ruth Gibson Caesar, Co-chairperson, Mano River Women’s Peace Network (WOPNET); Wisseh-Weah Bestman, Government Liaison Manager, Equatorial Oil Palm (EPO); Eric Swen, External Affairs Superintendent, ArcelorMittal-Liberia (AML); Ms. Laurentine H. Bass, Procurement and Payable Associate, Exxon Mobil Liberia; Prof.  Nathaniel G. Gbessagee, Ph.D, President and CEO, Grand Bassa Community College, secretary; and Emmanuel Bravy Daykeay.

An Executive Mansion press release said the appointments are subject to confirmation at the Senate, where applicable.


  1. Congratulation Seklau E. Wiles! You are a veteran in the field of Liberian Agriculture. I knew you were going somewhere doing our years at L.U in the early 70s.

    For so many years you demonstrated hard work and success where ever you went. Your work at the University in Louisiana, at the Agriculture Research Center in Bong County in the Eighties, and the prolific job you did as Deputy Minister of Administration have earned you your accolades.

    I do not have anything against Dr.Moses Zinnah but if Liberia wants to move ahead, we need to progressively move toward food security. Maybe new leadership at the Ministry of Agriculture is overdue. I hope you do not have an American Citizenship entrapment test during your confirmation hearings. Good Luck!

  2. Corrections: The first Minister of Agriculture in President Sirleaf’s government was Dr. Chris Toe. The second was Madam Florence Chenoweth.

  3. we hope the ministry will manage to cut down the 23 million spent on importation of the liberian stable food by prioritizing the local product and creating a liberian farm that will make the country self- reliance

  4. The limiting factor to food production in Liberia, is a trained manpower. All surveys on the agr sector speaks about the inadequate manpower to reach the farmers. We pray that this minister be given adequate resources/ trained manpower. BRAO to Minister Wiles. She has our support!

  5. Hope the issue regarding Liberians sent abroad for studies (over 40 students who obtained Masters under SAPEC and WAAPP projects) in various agricultural disciplines under the MoA projects and completed their studies but are floating around the country with nothing to do will be addressed speedily. This is the only country wherein people are sent abroad to learn and then the government begins to look around for job opportunities for them ONLY after their return. My God!!!!!!!!

  6. Whenever there is policy failure, the tendency not to delve into the cause of such failure by decision-makers; instead looking for the easy way out by replacing personnel to gave the impression that something is being done, has been the modus operandi of regimes past and present. The MOA has not lived up to its mission of providing food security and creating a robust agricultural sector, with its performance being lackluster, only because the national policy has not prioritize the agriculture sector as the engine for sustained economic growth. What we continue to experience is the same failed Neo-Liberal approach to economic development that places emphasis on the extractive industry such as iron ore, oil, tree crop production, etc. at the expense of food production. As a former school mate, Dr. Zinnah, is one of Liberia’s highly trained agricultural scientists who like his predecessors, could not perform any miracle given the policy enviroment in which they operate and found themselves. Good luck to Seklau Wiles if she can make a difference in seven months!

  7. I think replacing Dr. Zinnah at this present movement was very wrong. Ellen government only have seven months to lead. Why will she replace the minister at this time when all cabinets minister supposed to stand firm and support her successor. Will Dr. Zanneh give all his support to VP Boakia? only God knows. But my sincere advise to Dr. Zinneh, please continue to support Boakia even if you decide not to be UP member. VP Boakai will deliver positive result for all Liberians, and you will hit back again. Patience is the key to success. Be strong at all times and keep the PEACE.

  8. Bravo Madam Ellen Sirleaf Johnson for correcting the situation at the Ministry of Agriculture… by bringing New Minister Wiles.. Hoping her appointment will bring some relief to the Agriculture Sector. Let it be known this government had facilitated huge number of expertise in nearly all of the disciplines, especially Agriculture.. Sad to report those graduates have been overshadowed on ground that they will take old folks job… Madam New Minister…. please research your human resource base at CARI and get them empower to help government realize her goal and objectives in the field of Agriculture otherwise the direct opposite and parallel to the just removed Minister. .Sorry former Minister Moses Zinnah, your days are over with much more frustration in our minds….


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