Sehwah Liberia, SRDC Reaches out to Vulnerable Groups with Food


Sehwah Liberia, a local NGO and its US partner ‘Sixth Regional Diaspora Caucus (SRDC)’ have begun the distributions of food and other assorted items to several vulnerable residents of Montserrado County in a bid to ease the hunger that comes with the COVID-19 lockdown restriction.

The initiative, which commenced a few weeks back, has benefited a little over 263 people with additional people expected to benefit in the coming days.

“Our awareness campaign goes with food and material distributions in various communities in Monrovia. This effort is covering children, elderly men and women as well as the handicaps,” Madam Louise McMillan Siaway, founder of the organization added.

According to her, the donation is intended to ensure that Liberians, particularly, the most vulnerable people have access to food during the State of Emergency, which has affected their daily ‘hustle,’

“While the stay-at-home measure has been announced, enforcement has been very difficult because many people have to go out to fend for daily bread. We do understand that the Government’s intent is to save lives, but this comes with serious hardship as some families across the nation cannot afford to buy a 25 kg bag of rice, Madam Siaway noted.

“It is in this light that we have launched a humanitarian campaign to distribute rice to help people in need at this difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic,” added Madam Siaway, who is also the former Assistant Minister for Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Information.

Madam Siaway added that since the start of the state of emergency, they have been working to make sure that more people, regardless of race, religious or tribal backgrounds, benefit from the initiative.

The former Assistant Minister further said that subsequent rice distribution in the coming days will focus more on people in the lower part of Montserrado.

“So far, we have not gone out to people living in the rural parts of Montserrado and which we intend to do so soon,” she said.

Part of the group’s humanitarian effort according to Madam Siaway is geared toward creating awareness in the community about the danger of the deadly pandemic as well as provide buckets, hand sanitizer, chlorine, and others.

“In this fight to save the lives of our people, we feel the sense of duty and obligation to complement the efforts of the government and other humanitarian organizations in preventing and containing the spread of the pandemic, Covid-19.


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