SEGAL Grabs Another ‘Prestigious Award’

Officers of SEGAL

-CEO says the sky is the limit for the company

The Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) has become a recipient again of another prestigious award—which testifies that the company is not only making strides as the leading private security firm in the country. In spite of the enormous economic challenges that the country has been faced with in the past few years, the company continues to get reap accolades that distinguish itself in the sector.

The newest addition to SEGAL’s awards collection comes from the Society for the Promotion of Peace, National Reconciliation and Reunification (SPPNRR), a multilateral civil society organization in Liberia. The group over the weekend honored and awarded the company and its Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Momo T. Cyrus, the award which came on the basis of SEGAL’s outstanding performance over the years was presented over the weekend at the company’s headquarters in Sinkor

At the presentation ceremony, SPPNRR’s National Chairman, J. Mayfield Copson, said that SEGAL was chosen after a panel vetted them as the best as private institution, not just in its functions and duties, but also based on service to humanity. He noted that the vetting exercise was carried out during the course of the July 26 Independence Day celebration.

“SEGAL deserves this award because, aside from effectively carrying out its security work, this firm is one institution that is contributing immensely to the Liberian society. Over the years, SEGAL has helped to fight crime in the country, as well as involving itself in humanitarian ventures. This is laudable to note, and we are proud of this company,” Mr. Copson said.

“We are presenting you these awards today because, after a careful vetting process by the SPPNRR’s Board of Executives, we have come to the realization that SEGAL is the most reliable, and the most outstanding and the best private security firm in Liberia. Therefore, we are appealing to you, CEO Momo, to kindly extend the services of SEGAL to other counties across Liberia,” he said.

Mr. Copson described CEO Cyrus, who was also presented an individual award by the CSO, as the brain behind the success of SEGAL and praised him for his diligent work. “In all of this we are doing here today, we cannot forget the man who is the brain behind the success story of SEGAL, and I am exceedingly glad to make this point before several media organizations represented at this award presentation ceremony today” he asserts.

SEGAL CEO, Momo T. Cyrus, is being presented the award

SEGAL is a Liberian owned private security firm with 13 years of experience in private security services and a recipient of several local and international accolades for its high rating performances—scooping the best Private Security company award back in 2015 from the Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL). SEGAL currently boost of over 200 employees in its employ who are assigned at different locations across Liberia.

It provides some of the best security services ranging from special event security, corporate security service, industrial mining security, and aviation security. Others are marine security, and electronic security solution.

In remarks, Mr. Cyrus said the award is a great honor for him and his institution. “I am happy and grateful to SPPNRR for presenting me this award. This is another great day in the history of SEGAL,” he noted.

He added that those awards do not make he and the SEGAL family complacent or pompous but serve as tool of motivation to work harder. “For me, each time I receive this kind of award-it makes me to work harder. We are not going to behave complacent and pompous because you have presented us these awards today. We will continue to work hard, and harder, and we will make sure to always remain the best private security firm in Liberia. The sky is SEGAL’s limit,” he said.

SEGAL’s administrators and staff in group photo wit the award

He dedicated the award to the “hardworking staff” of SEGAL, further terming them as diligent and devoted workforce of the company, professional, and efficient in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. “This award is not for me but rather for the hard working and dedicated staff of SEGAL,” he said.

The SEGAL CEO assured the public that his institution will continue to work with the national security apparatuses to help combat crimes in the society.

CEO Momo reiterated his call for selected private security firms in the country to be armed in order to help the LNP combat crimes, which are on the increase in the country.

“Like we said before to the government, let a selected group of private security firms be vetted given arms to help enhance the vigilance of the national security,” he said, adding that the private firms got more presence in the various streets than the national security apparatuses. “We want our officers armed because we think they are too vulnerable to criminals in the streets, especially at night time.


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