SEGAL Gives LNP L$76k for Road Safety Campaign

SEGAL CEO Mr. Momo T. Cyrus presents the check of L$76K to LNP Chief of Traffic

The Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) has provided a check of L$76,000 to authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) as contribution towards the Road Safety Campaign awareness that is expected to be launched by the LNP in September.

SEGAL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Momo T. Cyrus, who presented the check to LNP Chief of Traffic Alphanso Bindah on August 22, 2018, at SEGAL’s headquarters in Monrovia, said the money is to support police efforts in ensuring that there is much awareness created on road safety, to reduce the number of reported accidents on the highways, especially on Monrovia/Buchanan highway.

Mr. Cyrus said that there are many cases of reported motor vehicle accidents in that part of Liberia, sometimes leaving several dead and others in critical condition.

“At SEGAL, we are more concerned of road safety awareness campaign, because it’s a major issue that must be treated with the contribution of all Liberians in order to save more lives on our highways.

“I am also a victim of an accident which caused the death of my son recently on the highway due to bad roads and no safety measures. That is why we at SEGAL are happy to support this initiative by the LNP, to improve the road safety program,” he said.

The SEGAL CEO (Chief Executive Officer) also disclosed that he, along with  partner and Board Member of SEGAL Mr. Lionel Keller, II, were invited as recipients of the African Leadership Medal of Honor in Business Award and will be inducted into the African Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Hall of Fame at the forthcoming International Forum on African Leadership (IFAL), scheduled to be held in September in New York.

According to Mr. Lionel Keller, II, partner and Board Member of SEGAL, the African Leadership Medal of Honor in Business Award is in recognition of their posture as one of Africa’s most impactful business leaders with an impeccable track record and consistency in championing ethical business practices in their country.

“We are grateful to God and the organizers for inviting us to receive such great awards for our exceptional leadership, impact on the lives of both internal and external communities and unalloyed commitment in advancing the economic development of Liberia and entrepreneurial passion in Africa,” he said.

Upon receiving the check of L$76,500, LNP Chief of Traffic Alphanso Bindah appreciated SEGAL CEO for supporting their effort in ensuring that the road safety campaign, which will be launched on September 1 in Grand Bassa County, is successful for the good of all in Liberia.

He explained that according to national statistics, there are 1,747 death cases reported yearly and 981 injuries sustained, while every day one person dies. That is why the road safety campaign would be significant in reducing the huge number of deaths.

He explained that the road safety campaign program will be officially launched in Grand Bassa county, with the motto: “Leave no one behind in road safety”. The campaign will include teaching sessions for motorists in the county where majority of accident cases have been reported.


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