SEGAL Gets First Brand Ambassador

Amb. Karishma (middle) penned the agreement while staff of SEGAL look on.
Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), one of Liberia’s leading private security firms, has signed Karishma Pelham-Raad as its first brand ambassador.
SEGAL is a Liberian owned business entity with topmost international standards. The firm incorporates 24 Hour Emergency/Response Team, Control Room, Recruitment and Training Center and Management Offices.
According to Momo T. Cyrus, SEGAL chief executive officer, the deal with Karishma grants the company marketing rights of her image for all of its marketing campaigns.
 Mr. Cyrus said the selection of Amb. Karishma as its first brand ambassador is a reflection of “its commitment to enriching the lives of its customers and motivating them to persevere and pursue their dreams through the inspiring image of an exceptional personality.”
He added: “Amb Karishma is a true celebrity icon who inspires lots of people and strives to reach the ultimate standards of excellence.”
Amb. Karishma is an actress, radio personality and a child advocate.
SEGAL boss said Amb. Karishma is undoubtedly the best Brand Ambassador with whom “we share the same values and passion for an exceptional customer’s experience.”
He further noted that the partnership with the famous Social Media Personality enhances the company brand awareness in new markets, where they put great devotions, in line with the business expansion strategy.
Karishma Pelham-Raad
“It further strengthens our efforts to develop the communities where we operate across our growing international network,” Mr. Cyrus explained.
Amb. Karishma, who is also an ambassador for a leading water bottling company in Liberia, has an extraordinary social-media presence; where she boasts a large following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Mr. Cyrus noted that Amb. Karishma is a highly talented individual who has successfully reached the top of her field in a very short period—values that ideally matches SEGAL’s own ambition to maintain its spot as the best private security firm.
In remarks, Amb. Karishma said she is pleased to be partnering with SEGAL, a company that is in constant pursuit of excellence and achieving great results in every game.
According to her, since the establishment of the company, it has succeeded in becoming one of the biggest names in the security guard industry of Liberia.
She said: “I have always loved SEGAL for its professionalism and I am extremely honored to work closely with them to embrace their brand. I am happy to support SEGAL’s efforts to save lives and families through its services,” Amb. Karishma said.



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