Displaying their certificates of achievement, SEGAL employees pose for photo with their CEO and other platform guests at their graduation ceremony

The General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), Mr. Momo T. Cyrus, has called on the Government of Liberia to grant private security agencies permit to carry firearms in order to protect the lives of citizens and contribute to the maintenance of peace in the country.

Mr. Cyrus made the call over the weekend at the official closing ceremony of SEGAL’s Vital Installation Training Program Class 7, the graduation of 125 security officers after a month of intensive training with the Liberia National Police (LNP) at Police Academy, in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

According to Mr. Cyrus, firearms that would be given to private security firms won’t be distributed to all officers but will be posted at various stations and be given to officers who have been well trained and vetted in the discharge of their duties.

“The main idea of allowing private securities to carry firearms is in the interest of the country because we don’t have much manpower in the Liberia National Police so when we are empowered with firearms, we will work along with the LNP in an effort to improve the effective Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative for a peaceful country,” Mr. Cyrus said.

He described the graduation ceremony as a fulfillment of the PPP because the police were willing to train the private security and urged the government to see such an effort to allow private security firms to carry firearms and work effectively with the police especially in those remote areas where their presence is not felt.

“We want opportunities for private sectors to get from the national government through the LNP in terms of adequate training, whether local or international so that our people can serve with distinction.

“The police are our direct representation of the PPP and we hope to work together for the upcoming 2017 elections and provide protection for our citizens and defend our country,” SEGAL’s CEO said.

Serving as the keynote speaker, Senator Jonathan Kaipy of Grand Bassa County lauded the efforts of SEGAL and the LNP to provide monthly training to private security firms.

With private security actors carrying firearms, Senator Kaipay made it clear that the idea is worth noting, but the government in her own wisdom will devise strategies and find a better remedy to the call made by SEGAL’s boss.

He stressed the importance of more training being given to the private security firms so that they play their role can handle the affairs of the country.

He underscored the importance of security officers and urged them to serve their country with distinction, love, honesty, integrity and leadership skills to fully discharge their duties.

LNP Assistant Commissioner for the National Police Training Academy (NPTA), Patrina Malekebu applauded SEGAL for being incompliant with the mandate of empowering the National Police Training Academy to train all law enforcement agencies both private and public.

She admonished the graduates to use the knowledge and skills acquired at the academy, which has properly equipped them for challenges, interaction with citizens and they must be professional in their work.

There were 125 officers who graduated from the training, 43 were females and, according to Mr. Cyrus, they were trained to provide services to the ArcelorMittal Company in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Our Grand Bassa County correspondent, Folo-Glagba Korkollie, contributed to this report.


  1. In a country where the National Police and armed robbers are already working hand in hand , there will certainly be an increased in armed robbery .

  2. When I look at the private security graduates, I am impressed that private
    security business is serious to employment of numbers of Liberians to help
    reduce the unemployment which is reaching 85%. Very alarming indeed! It
    means that family heads are still finding it very hard to find job to put
    bread or food on the dinner table.

  3. I disagreed with you Mr. James Davies.Law enforcement and private security partnerships is being practiced in all developed countries including the United States of America. What the Ministry of Justice should do now, is to improve collaboration between the Liberia National Police (LNP), other Liberian law enforcement agencies and the private security industry by preparing a memorandum of understanding and formal coordination agreements describing the mechanisms for exchanging information regarding vulnerabilities and risks; use community policing initiatives, strategies, and tactics to identify suspicious activities related to crime and terrorism; establish a crime prevention information command center to coordinate the flow of information to all partners. Private security industry is the industrial version of law enforcement. Law enforcement and private security partnerships will increase manpower and resources in order to prevent crime, maintain law and order, ensure safety, peace and security in Liberia.

  4. Mr Alhaji Keita, please, please stop joking around. In develop countries private security if allowed to carry arms are permitted to do so only on private properties under a signed contract. Now, an off duty police who is looking for an extra shift can pick up shifts at said property also under an agreement with the Sheriff department. And let me remind you this is done only at specific locations, and not having security guards act as law enforcement officers or anything close to even that. So I must say that Mr Davies is correct. Look around, take a look at our police force, there are problems with some of the Officers , ethical and moral problems, let along talking about giving guns to ordinary Security officers to act as assistance to Law enforcement Officers, wow, I see people been shot every other day somewhere in Liberia.


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