Vice President Boakai Praises Motorcyclists for Cooperating with Police


Vice President Joseph N. Boakai is commending motorcyclists around the country for the demonstrated cooperation with the Police following the issuance of recent regulations.  Vice President Boakai described the response of the cyclists and their Union thus far as mature and responsible, urging them to continue to constructively engage the Police, Transport Ministry Officials and other stakeholders to address their concerns. He said motorcyclists owe it to their riders and themselves to operate in a safe manner while the Police have a responsibility to ensure public safety.

Vice President Boakai acknowledged that the motorcyclists were rendering a crucial service by providing alternative means of transport to a large segment of the populace, but said there was a dire need to ensure public safety.  He called on civil society organizations, the cyclists’ Union and the Ministry of Transport to provide essential public safety training programs and conduct public awareness campaigns for both cyclists and the general public.

The Vice President was speaking today at his Capitol Building office when he addressed issues of national concern.  VP Boakai also called on the Ministries of Commerce and Transport as well as the Liberian National Police to take appropriate steps to ensure that other commercial transport drivers do not exploit citizens by hiking their fares thereby imposing additional hardship on the population.

Expressing optimism that the recent regulations will ultimately create “win-win” opportunities for all involved, the Vice President also hailed the resolve of the Police in this effort to save lives, protect property, and maintain stability.

The Vice President concluded that this exercise should be given all the support so that it results in significantly raising the public safety climate in the country to as greatly improved level for all.


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