Serve as Light in Darkness

Police Director Massaquoi wants graduates be “light in darkness”.jpg


Police Director Chris Massaquoi has told the new Liberia National Police Training Academy  (LNPTA) graduates to project themselves as the “LUX IN TENEBRIS” or light in darkness, so that others will emulate them.

According to Director Massaquoi, Liberians will be proud of the new graduates, all of whom have first degree in Criminal Justice, if they conducted themselves in line with the ethics; adding: “Be strong, be brave and never compromise your profession as a decent and responsible police officer.”            

He spoke Friday, December 13, at the LNPTA in Paynesville City.

The Police boss told the audience that the day marked another milestone in the implementation of the goals of the Liberian Government in strengthening and preparing the Liberia national police to fully assume its statutory responsibility of protecting life and property and maintaining law and order, as well as protecting the peace, upon the eventual departure of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Since 2003, Liberia’s security has relied in the hands of UNMIL.

“Today’s ceremony is a unique one in that, this is the first of its kind in the existence of the Liberia National Police that the (LNP) is graduating individuals who are all college graduates specializing primarily in justice and other related disciplines. It is an indication that the LNP is on its way to becoming a high class and fully professional modern police organization that all Liberians can be justly proud of,” he stated.

Director Massaquoi maintained that the recruitment, vetting and training of only college graduates, especially those trained in criminal justice for enlistment into the LNP was a pilot project conceived and supported by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He also stated that the Minister of Justice, headed by Cllr. Christiana P. Tah, under which the LNP falls, spared no effort in ensuring the success of the project.

According Mr. Massaquoi, who also served as a former Commissioner for the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN), the President’s vision is intended not only to improve the quality of those making up the new LNP, but to also to provide jobs for quality young people who have chosen law enforcement as a career.

“The special crops project is an experiment aimed at shortening the time in preparing one individual from the level of recruit to that of a middle manager or to the rank of an assistant commissioner of police (ACP),” he added.  

This preparation will also assist in the gradual transformation of the Liberia national police into a well trained and professionally functional police organization comparable to any in the world. 


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