Security Tension Eases at Ganta Border

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Security aides operating at the Ganta Border, known as action aide or “AAs” have been expelled from the operation at the border in order to create free movement of business people and other travelers, Nimba County Attorney had said.

The action came after several complaints from business people and other commuters about some sorts of security harassment and intimidation they experience at the hands of those claimed to be security agents at the border.

The County Attorney of Nimba, Cllr. Hector Quaibiah, told this paper that because of harassment of business people by these men and women operating under the cloak of authority, the movement of businesses had stalled, leaving the government to lose lots of revenue in this recent time.

“Besides the Bureau of Immigration and Neutralization (BIN), the Liberia National Police (LNP) and all other security officers at the border were having an action aide/AA,” he said.

“We asked all the “AA” to leave the border immediately without any delay and they have left,” he added.

Councilor Quiabiah reiterated that those action aides (who are known as “AAs”) were involved in harassing business people and ordinary travelers, diverting of vehicle or crossing with commercial vehicles without going through proper inspection among others.

“Some of these AAs were also involved into fighting the bona fide employees at the border,” he noted.

Ganta Border security corridor is, at present, home to all of the ministries and all of the security apparatuses raging from the National Security Agency, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Justice (which include LNP, BIN), Finance (Custom, Revenue), Ministry of Transport, MOH, the Ministry of Commerce, Agriculture and the offices of the ECOWAS Brown Card.

Business people and travelers are compelled to pass through these offices while entering or leaving the country. In all of the offices, they (business people) have to pay some money thus posing hardship in terms of spending.

In 2009, the Ganta port of entry was rated 4th in terms of revenue collection in Liberia according to the Finance Ministry.

Unconfirmed report reaching this paper suggests that some of the expelled action aides or 'AAs' were in possession of ID cards from the agencies they represent. 


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