‘Police Contribute to Mob Violence’

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The head of the traditional council of Liberian chiefs and elders, Zanzan Karwor, has attributed the increase in mob violence around the country, to the manner in which cases are handled by the Police.

Chief Karwor said there is no proper background investigation while recruiting people to be a part of the LNP.

Chief Karwor went on record to declare that poor people in the country are not receiving justice in the courts, due to financial constraints, that makes it difficult to follow up cases.

He made the statement over the weekend when he attended the launch of a ‘Stop Mob Violence’ Campaign, held on the Slipway Community Field in Monrovia.

Chief Karwor said the security sector and the courts in the country have created a serious problem for the people of Liberia when it comes to recruiting for Police duty: some recruits are of ‘no-good’ character and are using Liberia National Police (LNP) uniforms to accomplish their bad aims.

Chief Karwor noted that “If there is no money to pay lawyers to plead your case, there will be no fair trial in the court; the lawyer could disregard your rights in the case and give his service to the one who has money.”

The traditional leader explained that security personnel in the country are also contributing to the increase in ‘mob violence.’  Criminals now wear the police uniforms to help them accomplished their criminal acts in the community,” he added. He claimed that some of the criminals in the country are in contact with higher-ups to help them get released from prison when jailed.

Chief Karwor stressed the need for the Liberia National Police to begin to apply community awareness in recruiting people for the Liberia National Police; this, he said, will help improve the country’s image when it comes to security, “Do not be a criminal and then seek to join the National Police,” he warned.

Supporting Chief Karwor’s views, the Deputy police Director for Operations, Col. Abraham Kromah, said he is in agreement with the tradition chief and promised to find a way of dealing with some of the challenges he (Chief Karwor) made reference to, concerning the culture of the nation’s police force and its operations.

“I am not going to add to Chief Karwor’s statement, as everyone has an opinion. I respect the Chief’s views.”


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