Nigerians Arrested with L$68,000 Valued Drugs


Three Nigerians residing in the Gardnersville area were arrested with a “hard core drug” valued at L$68,000 by agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Speaking Friday, June 6, the Director of DEA, Col. Anthony Souh, said on Wednesday, June 4, his office secured a search warrant from the court, based on informed and reliable intelligence report that these men were involved in drug trafficking.

Col. Souh, pointing to two polythene bags containing substances, said: “Based on the information gathered by our intelligence, the sheriff along with officers of DEA went to these Nigerians’ home, searched and found these substances.”

The three men arrested in alleged possession of the illicit substances were Osita Desmond Ifediotu, Josiah Chuwumenwa, and Godfrey Moduckwu.

The DEA said the men were arrested with substances including unprocessed cocaine and heroin totaling 170 grams and valued at L$68,000 (US$764 at 89L$ to 1US$).

Col. Souh noted that the arrest of these men manifests the undaunted move by men of the Agency to ensure that their share of national duty is fully performed and the minimization of drug users and traffickers is truly observed. He further warned users and traffickers that they can’t hide from the DEA and that they should desist from the illicit practice or risk fallen in the dragnet of DEA.

According to the DEA Director, Liberia is highly infested with and vulnerable to drug abuse, which has the surest tendency to pollute the minds of the young generations and create bad society posterity.

He said that on the basis of the current situations of drug in the country, there is a need for joint efforts, patriotic demonstration by all citizens who mean well for this country to come together and stop the infiltration of dangerous drug into the country.

“The war against drug is on and there is a need to keep closer watch ever than before to fight and narrow the existence of drugs and users,” the DEA Director said.

He disclosed that the three suspects arrested have been forwarded to the Gardnersville Magisterial Court for further prosecution.

Col. Souh used the occasion to call on the Legislature to kind pass the new drug law currently at the House to ensure that drug dealers face the law with huge penalty.

According to the DEA director, the current drug law is bailable and that causes problems, when they are arrested and forwarded to court. “When we make arrest and forward them to court, because the law bailable, they immediately get a lawyer and after sometime, they are out there. We want to assure the public that the new law has different action for drug dealers and users in the country,” Director Souh said.  

“We will like to use this occasion to commend our men and all those who have resolved to flex their muscles against dangerous substances and drug traffickers in the country,” he added.

The DEA director said, they will continue to be committed to ensure that Liberia is free of drug without any fear or favor until the new drug law is passed by the Legislature.


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