Motorcyclists Head Calls for Calm


Amidst of  controversy surrounding the new police order restricting motorcyclists movement from the main streets in Monrovia, the president of the Liberia Motorcycle Transport Union has called on its members or riders to remain calm and exercise restraint.

Mr.Lansana Kutubu Young Sheriff told the Daily Observer yesterday that from all indications the government has not proven well to be jobs creator in the country for the youths.

In an interview with the Daily Observer Mr. Sherrif said the action taking by the Liberian National Police (LNP) is not in consultation with the Motorcycle union.

He said, “The Government is not working to improve the lives of its citizens but rather bring out issues that affects majority of the citizens in the country.”

The Union Boss said the motorcyclists rights have been violated by the Government especially the Liberian National Police (LNP) according to article 15 of the Liberian Constitution which talks about freedom of movement.

“Majority of the people seen on motorcycles is jobless and they are depending on their motorcycles to sustained themselves and family members.”


Mr. Sheriff disclosed that the union was not part of the regulations taken by the Liberian National Police (LNP).

He said, it’s true that as a head of the union he is calling on members and riders in all parts of the country to calm down, but if the motorcyclist refuses to leave the street and take other issues then he is not responsible for their outburst.

He calls on all Motorcyclists to conduct themselves in a good manner.

Sharing views over the restriction of bikes Retire Col. of the Liberia National Police Mr.ED Killer said, the problem of the restricting bikes is a good issue because the motorcyclists have been engaged in the mob violence which he said is wrong.

He said its about time for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to  to issue a decree that will suspend the right of any such people that is carrying on mob violence and give the police much time (1month) to exercise their duties by investigating the issues to the debt and find solution and the 48 hours must be suspended.

He disclosed that since Ministry of Transport took over the issuing of drivers license there have been great problems with motorcyclists.

He said before drivers receive licenses from the ministry there must be a test giving to them to prove whether they attended driving schools.

 “If motorcycles and cars (drivers)are tested and  insure  it will help save many lives, but now a days we have many drivers in the streets who did not attended driving schools but have receive drivers license which he said is a big risk to humans.”

He said the step taking by  Liberia National Police (LNP)is the best step to protect the lives of many people in the country.

“It is true that the motorcycles are helping our youths greatly but they are going out of hand, they killed, hurt our people and destroy properties and escaped. With all of what is going, mob violence remains on the increased with the motorcyclists which we must all work together to stop.

According to Alusine Jabbie, 27, is a foreign national cyclist, told the Daily Observer that he was not happy about the police new order restricting them, plying the main streets.

“I am not happy with the police, because for the past two years I being in Liberia, it is only the motorbike that I depend on to pay rent and feed myself.” 


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