More US Troops, Equipment Arrive


About 100 U.S. Marines along with other technical equipment have arrived in the country as part of the effort to fight the Ebola epidemic.

Earlier, some military personnel had arrived in the country working on a 25- bed field hospital for health workers who may contract the Ebola disease, while others are stationed at the Roberts International Airport to perform some engineering work there when necessary.

Accordingly, there are over 300 U.S. troops on the ground now as more are still expected to arrive in subsequent days to total the 3,000 troops President Barack Obama promised to send to Ebola affected countries in West Africa.

Engineering equipment and other supplies for fighting Ebola were on board the aircraft, while four MV-22 Ospreys (special kind of helicopters) are brought to help transport materials and equipment to other parts of the country not easily assessable by road.  The helicopters, according to Maj. Gen. Darryl Williams, head of the joint forces command of the Operation United Assistance, will ease the burden of infrastructural challenges in the country.

He added that materials brought in are no different from those that came in earlier, and they will continue to transport the troops and materials by air and sea in the next few weeks to come.

Though Maj. Gen. Williams did not attach timeline to when the 25-bed hospital for healthcare workers would be completed, he said the project is near completion and will be equipped with all technical equipment and 75 medical experts from the U.S.


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