‘Military Profession Not a Bed of Roses’


Army Chief of Staff (COS), Brigadier General Daniel Dee Ziankahn, has cautioned new graduates of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) not to see the military profession as a “bed of roses,” but as a service full of sacrifices rather than a job.

Gen. Ziankahn made the admonition to the new recruits over the weekend following the graduation ceremony of 134 of them from their Initial Entry Training (IET) into the AFL.

“You must see yourselves as privileged and lucky to be part of the chosen few who are good enough to be in the AFL. You are honored with the responsibility of staying awake as other citizens of our dear country sleep well,” COS Ziankahn declared to the graduates.

According to the Brigadier General, the 134 graduates had gone through 12 weeks of intensive training that covered both practical and theoretical instructions in the various aspects of military science. Military science is the theory, method, and practice of producing military capability in a manner consistent with national defense policy

The recruits had also completed drill ceremony, basic soldiering, international humanitarian law and instructional courses on Liberian Civics and the Constitution.

The present recruits are the first of three batches to be trained by the AFL.

“As we continue to strive to professionalize the new AFL so they can effectively combat contemporary challenges, the strength of the force needs to be enhanced to adequately perform their constitutional responsibilities of protecting the territorial integrity of the country and performing other assigned duties.

For his part, Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, Saint Jerome Larballe, expressed gratitude to BGen. Ziankahn for his leadership role and guidance of the graduating recruits.

He then welcomed the graduates and urged them to work along with their superior officers to attain the objective of the AFL as a “Force for Good.”

During the ceremony, five of the graduates who performed extraordinarily were honored by the military top brass and the MOD authority.


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