LNP Gets New Deputy Inspector General


Following the dismissal of Deputy Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Rose Stryker, the LNP now has a new Deputy Inspector General for Administration and Commandant of the National Police Training Academy (NPTA) as well as other newly appointed officials.

The newly appointed officers of the LNP include: William K. Mulbah, Deputy Inspector General for Administration, J. Titus Kimba, Commandant of the National Police Training Academy (NPTA), Weah B. Goll, Chief of Human Resource among others.

At the official turn and takeover ceremony at the LNP headquarters on Tuesday June 3, the Inspector General of Police, Col. Chris C. Massaquoi, said he was glad that the newly appointed officers have served the police for more than 20 years and have the required experiences.

Col. Massaquoi said the outgoing officers of the LNP were not dismissed, charged with corruption or did they commit any form of violations, but a decision of restructuring the police force as planned.   

According to him, the previous Deputy Inspector General, Rose E. Stryker and Commandant Samuel F. Dakana of the LNP have served the LNP with all necessary contributions and were happy that history will remember them for works done.

Speaking at the ceremony, the newly appointed Deputy Inspector General for Administration, William K. Mulbah said he will ensure that the welfare of the police officers including insurance, health benefits, and decent working environment is met as well as the image of the police is built.

The newly appointed Deputy Inspector General said, he will ensure that asset control of the LNP including the handling of vehicles is fully managed, warning that violators’ salaries will be cut and other punishments instituted.

Mr. Mulbah said, “Accountability and transparency will be visible at the LNP, we will be accountable to the people, ensure that police community partnership is restored for public confidence. We will positively engage the public and acquaint them with the work of the police throughout the country.”

Mr. Mulbah said attendance of the police would be keenly monitored to ensure that all officers are at work and doing the right thing to build the reputation of the police.

 He added that fighting crime in all communities of the country is a major priority for the police, stressing that supervisors will be held accountable for the action of their men.

According to Mr. Mulbah, he will justify the confidence as Deputy Inspector General and work to ensure that the police force is fully prepared to take over from UNMIL when it shall have left the country.  

The new Deputy Inspector General said he was glad for the farsightedness of the police boss for looking within to have him recommended to serve the country and people at another level in the LNP. 

“This is a big challenge for all of you police officers, you can become what I am today when you humble yourself, remain hardworking and have respect for everyone whether big or small,” he said.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the outgoing Commandant of NPTA, Samuel F. Dakana said he was pleased with the opportunity given to serve the LNP and called on the newly appointed officers to give the best in serving their people as well as the country.

According to the outgoing commandant, his administration was marked by changes including the training capacity from 150 to 300 and four dormitories “2 for boys and two for the girls at the NPTA.”


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