Dulay Port of Entry Lacks Basic Facility


The Dulay Port of Entry in Nimba County is said to be without any basic facilities to aid the work of security forces in their fight against crime and efforts to collect government revenue.

During the  December 29 confidence-building border patrol exercise across Nimba, headed by Nimba Police Superintendent Tito Loden, it was discovered that since the Dulay Border office’s construction in 2010 by the UNMIL Quick Impact project, it is yet to be fully equipped with office supplies for effective operation.

The border, which has two entry points from The Ivory Coast, is manned by two immigration officers with a customs officer assigned to collect government revenue.

The Commander at Dulay Port, Anthony Lowleh, said, “We have only two officers assigned here, and have no  to logistical support to effectively do our work.”

Dulay Port of Entry has been one of the leading rural ports in Nimba, prior to the 14-year civil war.

It has two entry areas with one custom post or office where all security apparatuses responsible for revenue collection and other border security activities, are assigned.

There is no sign of any form of collection of government revenue owing to what the citizens as well as the BIN officers label as poor road conditions.

“The bridge linking one leading Ivorian town to Liberia is said to have collapsed; making it difficult for cars to reach main crossing-points for goods,” one of the citizens from Dulay told this paper.

The confidence building border patrol was intended to ensure security along the border to enhance coordination and collaboration with the citizens in fighting crime.

It is a self-initiative program organized by the local authorities in Nimba and backed by UNMIL.

The Nimba Security Council last month began a security patrol across Liberia to ascertain unfolding security situations at the borderline in Nimba County.

In November the security team visited, Behwalay, the home of former SSS Director Benjamin Yeaten, and other bordering towns around Buutuo.

Dulay is strategic security point because it is situated at the border with both Ivory Coast and Guinea on the Eastern side of Mount Nimba. It is also significant because of the role it played during the civil crisis in 1992; back then a splinter group of rebels under the moniker of the “Nimba Defense Council” used the bordering area to invade Nimba to dislodge Charles Taylor’s NPFL from the county.


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