DEA Seizes Marijuana Valued at L$1.5 Million


On February 10th, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Nimba County, seized a large quantity of marijuana, weighing 508 kilograms. The illegal substance was arrested at the Ganta Immigration Check Point.

The DEA said the owner was taking the banned substance to Monrovia.

DEA officers told the Daily Observer that the marijuana was aboard a mini truck or “Kia motor” bearing the license plate number TP – 1551.

According to the DEA, upon the discovery of the marijuana cache in the truck, the driver, carboys and conductor all fled the scene and are still in hidden.

DEA Deputy Nimba Commander William Faryah estimated the street value of the marijuana to be close to L$ 1,452, 000, and revealed the drugs are currently being kept in the custody of the DEA.

“The whereabouts of the driver, the conductor and owner of the marijuana are yet to be identified. The vehicle is currently parked at the checkpoint while we still wait for information regarding its owner,” he said.

“The drug bust was initiated based on a tipoff we received from a man in Tappita District that this particular car was loading several bags of marijuana heading to Monrovia,” he explained.

Faryah explained, “It was based on this tipoff that we deployed our men to stop and search this car, and fortunately for us, the car was stopped at around 7:30 p.m. as they headed for Monrovia.”  

Every year, the DEA carries out a series of arrests in Nimba, especially close to the Ganta Check Point, but what becomes of the perpetrators or the cases when they are taken to court is yet to be established.

On the  29th July 2013, a consignment of marijuana worth over L$435,000 was seized at the Ganta Check Point by an agent of the DEA in Nimba on board another Kia motor hidden by  farm products.

In this recent arrest, the DEA said this particular consignment of marijuana was concealed under plantain, banana including other farms products.

All the bags identified by the DEA as marijuana confiscated on the 10th February, were placed in “balawalah” bags sealed with black tape.

Nimba County is becoming one of the major marijuana producing counties in Liberia. To combat the traffickers in absence of suitable logistics remains a major challenge for the DEA.


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