Attempted Suicide ‘for Hardship’ Gets Man, 26, in More Trouble


A man believed to be about 26 year of age reportedly attempted committing suicide due to the unbearable hardship, the Daily Observer has gathered. The incident, according to a report on Radio Saclepea, occurred in the Boe-Quillah Administrative District, Nimba County.

A dialect program on Radio Saclepea (a community radio station) reported on Thursday, May 23, 2019 that the man, only identified as Nuahn, with his family, was on their farm when he reportedly attempted the act.

“While on the farm at about 6 p.m. on Monday, May 19, 2019, Nuah told his wife that he was tired living in hardship, therefore he is going to kill himself,” the report said.

Immediately, according to the report, his wife, identified as Mamie, advised him to abort his ill-conceived plan. Shortly after their interaction, she began to call on nearby villagers to intervene. But while she went to find help, the man took his gun, filled it with rounds and fled into the bushes in an effort to take his own life.

“As soon the man entered the bushes, about 20 minutes later,” the woman said, “we heard the gun sound and everybody believed that he had taken his own life already.”

After the gun sound came the villagers, who answered the woman’s call and decided to go and search for his body. According to the report, about 100 men from the nearby villages went in search of Nuah, but could not see him until it was dark. Therefore, they decided to suspend their search and resume the following morning.

But to their surprise, at about midnight, the man returned to town, while people were asleep.
He went to his house and knocked for his wife to open the door for him, but his wife raised alarms, and residents came and apprehended him to the Community Watch Forum, where he was detained until the next morning.

The chiefs and elders of Sarlay Town fined him with three bags of clean rice, some cattle, gallons of red oil for creating animosity, and carrying on “unlawful attitude” that could put the entire community into trouble.

However, Nuahn and his father (not named) have agreed to pay the fine at the end of this month.

Suicide was on the increase among death related cases in Nimba in 2018, where several persons reportedly took their own lives.


  1. He wanted to commit suicide because of hardship, and yet, he was fined to bring items that, I am sure, he did not have. Irony.


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